Greta Van Susteren: Obama’s News Police Meant to Intimidate, Stifle and Chill Speech (Video)

On Wednesday night’s On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, a panel discussed the Obama Regime’s latest power grab – an FCC pilot program that would send “researchers” to newsrooms to grill reporters, editors and station owners about how they decide which stories to run. Former FCC Commissioner AJIT PAI wrote about the plan in his Wall Street Journal piece, The FCC Wades Into the Newsroom.

The purpose of the CIN, according to the FCC, is to ferret out information from television and radio broadcasters about “the process by which stories are selected” and how often stations cover “critical information needs,” along with “perceived station bias” and “perceived responsiveness to underserved populations.”

How does the FCC plan to dig up all that information? First, the agency selected eight categories of “critical information” such as the “environment” and “economic opportunities,” that it believes local newscasters should cover. It plans to ask station managers, news directors, journalists, television anchors and on-air reporters to tell the government about their “news philosophy” and how the station ensures that the community gets critical information.

Susteren is outraged. She had on The Hill’s AB Stoddard, The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty and the Washington Examiner’s Byron York to discuss the Regime’s stealth attempt to bring back the  Fairness Doctrine, and they all agreed that it was a horrible idea that no self-respecting newsroom would tolerate.

Greta named three things that she thought she’d never see happen in her own country – the NSA spying on all American citizens, the use of drones to kill American citizens, and now this. Tumulty noted the FCC was also planning to visit newspapers which they don’t even have the power to regulate.

“You ask a news organization what their news philosophy is – it’s to cover the news and make a profit out of that”, Tumulty declared.

Greta retorted, “if they asked me, you know what I’d say? None of your business.” She went on to say she hoped any other news organization would respond the same way.

Stoddard wondered why any newsroom or newspaper would feel like they would have to comply with these FCC inquisitions. “I can’t imagine even the most liberal outfit coming from this profession being willing to share their philosophy and change the way they cover anything…” She said.

Greta asserted that the whole thing is “meant to intimidate and to stifle and to chill,” and expressed shock and horror that someone thought that this was a good idea to begin with.

AB Stoddard agreed, “it seems so ludicrous – so unAmerican – that I can’t believe that it would ever become real, but the fact that someone had an idea about it and it didn’t get slapped down – is more than strange.”

One gets the uneasy feeling that Obama looks to Communist South American Dictators who take control of the news media with great admiration and envy.


Doug Ross: NOT CREEPY AT ALL: Obama FCC Placing Government Monitors in Newsrooms to Police Media:

Every major repressive regime of the modern era has begun with an attempt to control and intimidate the press.

As Thomas Jefferson so eloquently said, “our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.”

The federal government has absolutely no business determining what stories should and should not be run, what is critical for the American public and what is not, whether it perceives a bias, and whose interests are and are not being served by the free press.

It’s an unconscionable assault on our free society.

Imagine a government monitor telling Fox News it needed to cover stories in the same way as MSNBC or Al Jazeera. Imagine an Obama Administration official walking in to the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal and telling it that the American public would be better served if it is stopped reporting on the IRS scandal or maybe that reporting on ObamaCare “glitches” is driving down enrollment.

It’s hard to imagine anything more brazenly Orwellian than government monitors in newsrooms.

Via Dick Morris: 

Surveys will be distributed to reporters, news editors, assignment editors, publishers, owners, on-air reporters, film editors and other station or newspaper staff. These are the questions they will ask:

–What is the news philosophy of the station?

–Who else in your market provides news?

–Who are your main competitors?

–Is the news produced in-house or is it provided by an outside source?

–Do you employ news people?

–How many reporters and editors do you employ?

–Do you have any reporters or editors assigned to topic “beats”? If so how many and what are the beats?

–Who decides which stories are covered?

–How much influence do reporters and anchors have in deciding which stories to cover? –How much does community input influence news coverage decisions?

–How do you define critical information that the community needs?

–How do you ensure the community gets this critical information? On-Air Staff? Reporters? Anchors?

–How much news does your station air every day?

–Have you ever suggested coverage of what you consider a story with critical information for your customers (viewers, listeners, readers) that was rejected by management? If so, can you give an example? What was the reason given for the decision? Why do you disagree?

These intrusive questions, prying into station politics and policies, can only send a chilling message to radio and television outlets.

Fox News: ‘The Kelly File’ looks at the FCC’s proposal to study newsrooms:

A Federal Communications Commission proposal to “study” how the news media operates by placing researchers in newsrooms, “The Kelly File” reported on Wednesday.

“It’s very reminiscent of the kinds of questions that were asked of my clients in the IRS matter that is currently in federal court,” said Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice. “Same kind of questioning process of content, determination on point of view, and I think this government, this administration is bent on aiming and targeting those they don’t like.”

Katie Pavlich, the news editor of, wondered why the Obama administration didn’t learn following the fallout over the Justice Department’s wiretapping of Associated Press journalists.

“Now, they want to send investigators into newsrooms all over the country,” she said. “This is about controlling what people say, and this is about intimidating the news.”

Pavlich agreed with host Megyn Kelly’s assertion that the proposal provides a window into “how the FCC is thinking” when it comes to an independent press.

I emboldened what Sekulow said because I was thinking the same thing and I think it is key.

Do a Google search on this story, and you’ll quickly notice which media outfits are the most concerned about this – the WSJ, which broke the story, Fox News, the ACLJ, Mediaite, and lots of conservative blogs.

Why do you suppose ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC,  CNN, the Washington Post and NYTs (the Democrat media complex as Andrew Breitbart used to call them) are mum? Why is this not a big story for them? Could it be because they are already voluntarily complying with the Regime’s PC requirements? Are they not already simpatico with the Regime’s Statist worldview? In 2016, can we fully expect them to run interference  for the Democrat candidate  like they did so shamelessly for Obama in 2008 and 2012? Of course they will. They pretend to be impartial, but when it counts – they will sting the Republican. It is their nature.

So who do you think is being “targeted” here? As usual, it’s the disfavored conservative leaning rabble-rousers who don’t tow the Regime’s Statist line. And the Democrat media complex is once again, looking away from a scandal,  giving the Regime their tacit approval.

Greta Van Susteren has every reason to be horrified.

Andrew Klavan, Truth Revolt: KLAVAN: A Sick Media #BOWDOWN To Their Own Oppressors:

…we don’t need a thuggish FCC to know this administration wants the media choir to sing the White House song castrato. Reporters Without Borders has already downgraded the U.S. fourteen spots to number 46 on the World Press Freedom Index this year alone. The president’s men have tapped reporters’ phones and email. And even Jill Abramson, editor of the leftist New York Times, says, “This is the most secretive White House… I have ever dealt with.”

And yet the Times and the news networks continue to play down presidential malfeasance — including that which threatens their own freedom!

It was unbelievably childish of journalists to believe, as Barbara Walters put it, that Obama was “the next messiah.” It is venal of them to turn a near-sighted eye to his IRS abuse, Benghazi cover-up and unconstitutional non-enforcement of law. But for American news people to #BOWDOWN before an administration that shows open hostility to the First Amendment — that’s just hashtag-pathological.


Last week, Reporters Without Borders dropped America in the World Press Freedom Index 2014 from 33rd to 46th. James Risen of The New York Times rightly explained, “I think 2013 will go down in history as the worst year for press freedom in the United States’ modern history.” And he’s right. The violation of press freedoms has been egregious under this administration, even as the press fetes President Obama as an honest and effective commander-in-chief.

Selective Access. President Obama has regularly granted special access to reporters who give him preferential coverage. CBS’ Steve Kroft admitted as much after a late-2012 interview with the President during which CBS clipped Obama’s explicit refusal to label Benghazi an act of terror: “(Obama) knows that we’re not going to play ‘gotcha’ with him, that we’re not going to go out of our way to make him look bad or stupid.”

Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball, got special access for a profile of Obama for Vanity Fair – but Obama insisted on redlining his quotes. Lewis explained that “the White House insisted on signing off on the quotes that would appear.” A reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle was threatened for covering an anti-Obama protest. As early as 2008, candidate Obama was kicking dissenters off planes after their outlets endorsed John McCain.

Targeting Reporters. In May 2013, the Associated Press dropped the bombshell that the Department of Justice had grabbed phone records for its reporters and editors of the course of two months. Records for 20 telephone lines belonging to the AP and reporters for it were seized between April and May of 2012. Those seizures affected over 100 journalists.

The AP’s President and CEO Gary Pruitt stated, “There can be no possible justification for such an overbroad collection of the telephone communications of The Associated Press and its reporters.” Fox News’ James Rosen was also targeted by the DOJ after running a story about North Korea nuclear development. His State Department visits were tracked and his movements were followed. His parents’ phone records were even grabbed.

Video: Obama Admin Accused Of Filing Standard and Poor’s Lawsuit In Retaliation For 2011 US Credit Downgrade

When Holder’s politically weaponized Justice Department filed a $5 billion dollar fraud lawsuit against S&P a year ago, who didn’t think it was political retaliation for crossing Obama?  Now, according to claims made in their multi-billion dollar lawsuit, S&P  have removed all doubt.

Via Fox News Insider:

The financial services firm, Standard & Poor’s, threw down a stunning challenge in court claiming that former U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner threatened the chairman of S&P’s parent company in a phone call that warned of consequences after the downgrade came.

It came just days after S&P angered the White House by downgrading the U.S. credit rating in the middle of the 2011 debt ceiling debate.

Harold McGraw III said, according to the sworn legal declaration, “[Geithner] said that, ‘you have done an enormous disservice to yourselves and to your country.’”

He went to attribute the following threats from Geithner, “S&P’s conduct would be ‘looked at very carefully’ he said. Such behavior could not occur, he said, without a response from the government.”

The Justice Department filed a $5 billion dollar fraud lawsuit about a year ago, accusing S&P of lying about the credit worthiness of complicated financial instruments in the run out to the 2008 financial crisis.

Megyn Kelly opened her show, last night, with the bombshell allegations. She had on Chief Counsel from the ACLJ, Jay Sekulow, and Chris Stirewalt of the Washington Examiner to talk about it.

Stirewalt noted that the man making the allegation, Harold McGraw III “ain’t Glenn Beck….. he’s not a conservative activist, not somebody who is known for his criticism of any political figures – or anyone at all. What he’s known for is being a white shoe, elite, New York, big business, Chamber of Commerce, gives money to Democrats and Republicans kind of guy. He’s not someone who you would ever expect to hear criticizing anyone in power from either party.”

Fox News Exclusive: Transcripts Show Obama Knew Benghazi Was A Terrorist Attack – Not A Spontaneous Demonstration – Right From the Beginning

Fox News has the exclusive on the 450 pages of sworn testimony, under wraps until now, that reveal  what America’s highest ranking officers and the president knew about Benghazi from the earliest moments.

The transcripts reveal that top defense officials briefed Obama on an attack – not a reaction to video or a demonstration.

James Rosen reported:

Minutes after the American consulate in Benghazi came under assault on Sept. 11, 2012, the nation’s top civilian and uniformed defense officials — headed for a previously scheduled Oval Office session with President Obama — were informed that the event was a “terrorist attack,” declassified documents show. The new evidence raises the question of why the top military men, one of whom was a member of the president’s Cabinet, allowed him and other senior Obama administration officials to press a false narrative of the Benghazi attacks for two weeks afterward.

Gen. Carter Ham, who at the time was head of AFRICOM, the Defense Department combatant command with jurisdiction over Libya, told the House in classified testimony last year that it was him who broke the news about the unfolding situation in Benghazi to then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The tense briefing — in which it was already known that U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens had been targeted and had gone missing — occurred just before the two senior officials departed the Pentagon for their session with the commander in chief.

According to declassified testimony obtained by Fox News, Ham — who was working out of his Pentagon office on the afternoon of Sept. 11 — said he learned about the assault on the consulate compound within 15 minutes of its commencement, at 9:42 p.m. Libya time, through a call he received from the AFRICOM Command Center.

“My first call was to General Dempsey, General Dempsey’s office, to say, ‘Hey, I am headed down the hall. I need to see him right away,’” Ham told lawmakers on the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation on June 26 of last year. “I told him what I knew. We immediately walked upstairs to meet with Secretary Panetta.”

No these guys didn’t politicize national security at all….

Reminder of Jay Carney’s pathetic BS spin circa Sept 19, 2012, repeating the Administration line that it was not a pre-planned attack just “bad actors” who had come on the scene of a protest armed with RPGs and mortars. “We prefer to have an investigation…” he told reporters, hoping to ward off more questions.

One reporter, clearly not buying it, said, “so a random crowd that had come together with their heavy weapons – got insulted by the film, and decided to – you know – blow up…”

Carney doubled down with, “there has certainly been precedent in the past where bad actors  -  extremists who are heavily armed who have exploited situations that have developed in order to attack Americans…”

Via my report from last May:  After Months of Dishonest Spinning on Benghazi, Jay Carney Clings to ARB Report (Video) for more of JC’s dishonest spinning. Go ahead, click on the link and relive the lies.

Thanks, MSM for doing your due diligence on that story.

How is it that this mendacious miscreant can still hold his head high in DC. Why is anything he says in that WH briefing room still taken seriously?

See Also:

Fox News Insider: Poll: Majority of Americans Believe White House ‘Deliberately Misled’ on Benghazi:

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton reacted this morning to a new poll that points to deep distrust between the American people and the Obama administration over the Benghazi attack.

In a Quinnipiac University survey this week, 52% said they believe the American people were deliberately misled by the government about what happened on Sept. 11, 2012, when four Americans were killed in an attack on the U.S. consulate.

Fox News Insiders: Democrats Play For Keeps, Republicans Play Beanbag (Video)

On Sunday’s edition of Political Insiders, Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen, and John LeBoutillier with Harris Faulkner discussed “Duty”, the explosive new book by Bob Gates, and Chris Christie’s BridgeGate scandal.

Schoen characterized the reaction to Gates’ book as a firestorm because of the revelation that political aides have been making foreign policy in unprecedented ways. Caddell reminded viewers of what he said about Tom Donilon being the chief leaker in 2012, when foreign policy secrets  were pouring out of the White House to help the president. Gates accused Donilon of having poisoned the atmosphere – and having the nerve to call 4 Star Generals – something absolutely unheard of before now.

“It is unbelievable how political this was,” Caddell said. Also unbelievable was how the media avoided covering the WH leaks like the major scandal it was.

LeBoutillier added,  “the idea of political people involving themselves in national security issues for political reasons is really a corruption of the system.”

He noted that back in the day someone like Henry Kissinger ran foreign policy.

“He wasn’t over in campaign meetings, deciding campaign strategy.” He said there was a wall between the two things, “until this administration.”

Faulkner brought up some text from the book that should come as no surprise to anyone who has been studying this president’s character, or lack thereof over the years: “one quality I missed in Obama, was passion, especially when it came to the two wars. In my presence, Bush, unlike his father, was pretty unsentimental… but he was passionate about the war in Iraq; and on occasion, at a Medal of Honor ceremony, or the like, I would see his eyes well up. I worked for Obama longer than Bush, and I never saw his eyes well up.”

Just a devastating indictment, that. 3/4 of the casualties in Afghanistan have been under his dry-eyed watch.

Caddell went on to ask the $64,000 question: “why didn’t Gates resign? When is somebody going to resign over principle the way Cy Vance did?

They segued over to the Christie scandal about which  LeBoutillier thought the biggest take-away was how muted the Republicans have been in defense of the embattled governor.

“In New Jersey, they (the Republicans) don’t like him, and they’re afraid of him, he claimed. “He’s steamrolled over a lot of Republicans….”

Democrat Doug Schoen piped in , “isn’t it John, that they’re seeing a guy who embraced President Obama during the last week of the election, during the hurricane clean up? He’s a moderate Republican, and this is, bottom line - payback.”

“But in New Jersey,” Leboutllier insisted, “Republicans have had a tough relationship with him.”

And the fact of the matter is – Republicans don’t know for sure whether or not Christie’s hands are clean in this. It may turn out that they’re not. One thing Republicans have, which the vast majority of  Democrats lack, is integrity. We’re not circling the wagons for someone who may turn out to be corrupt. And yeah – the romantic interlude on the NJ beach with Obama didn’t help him with fellow Republicans, either.

Leave it to Caddell, though, to cut to the chase. “What STUNS me about it though – and this really bothers me,” he said, “is the Democratic party is going after Christie with hook and tong – the DOJ, they’re talking impeachment….” Compared to all of Obama’s scandals, Caddell suggested it was no big shakes, but the Republicans investigate Obama’s scandals like the “three blind mice.”

“The fury with which the Democrats are going after Christ Christie in four days, just like that!” Leboutllier insisted, snapping his fingers. “They’ve got committees, subpoenas flying all over the place…..we’re NINE months into the IRS scandal. We’re a year and a half since Benghazi, we have 179 Congressmen saying ‘please, Speaker Boehner, have a Select Committee to get to the bottom of it – and by the way, it might hurt Hillary’, and they they don’t do a thing.”

Schoen concluded, “the Democrats play for keeps, the Republicans play beanbag.”

Sure wish I understood why.

Video via Johnny Dollar


The Conversation: Chairman Issa To Pursue IRS, Benghazi and Fast And Furious Scandals In 2014:

The Hill is reporting that Rep. Darrell Issa will be pursuing the IRS scandal, the Benghazi attack and the lethally stupid Fast and Furious operation in 2014 – which will likely be his last year as the House GOP’s chief investigator.

 Issa sounded a cautionary note that the investigations might not conclude while he has the gavel.

“The administration wraps up investigations. We are done when we are done … there shouldn’t be any sort of effort to load in or unload” before his term limit of six years as the top Republican on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee ends in December.

Rep. John Mica (Fla.), who is the favorite to replace Issa as Chairman, told The Hill that he hopes to “have a shot at” the gavel if he gets reelected, and the GOP continues to control the House.

Key Oversight and Reform member Rep. Jason Chaffetz  told the Hill that “there’s a lot more to come” on Benghazi, as well as “investigations from healthcare to the IRS to Fast and Furious.”

Issa said, “I’d like to have Fast and Furious be a closed case,” noting that the courts are still reviewing access-to-documents disputes between Republicans and the administration.



Saturday Movie Matinee: Obama Makes Everything Worse

John Sexton, The Conversation: Laszewski on Kelly File: ‘This just makes everything so much worse’:

Megyn Kelly teed up Laszewski with a series of video clips of various White House surrogates suggesting the cancellation letters are a merely a business decision being made by insurance companies. But as Laszewski pointed out, that claim is completely undercut by the President’s offer of a “fix.”

“If the insurance companies didn’t have to cancel people then why did the President give a press conference and announce that insurance companies don’t have to cancel people?” Laszewski asked. “The administration just changed the rules so the insurance companies don’t have to cancel people” he continued, adding “Well, I guess they had to before then, didn’t they Megyn?”


John Hayward, The Conversation: Another ObamaCare talking point is dead and gone:

Bob Laszewski must have one of the cleanest backgrounds in America, because he’s going to be investigated by every federal agency by the time he’s done shooting his mouth off.  His IRS audits will be epic.  They’ll be subpoenaing rental records from defunct Blockbuster stores to find out if he’s ever returned a video late.  If he’s got a tomato plant in his backyard, it’s going to be swarming with Department of Agriculture inspectors.  I’m surprised the left-wing blogger hit squad hasn’t pushed character-assassin articles about him into the mainstream media yet.  At the very least, we’re probably going to end up hearing a lot about how rich he is.

As to the point he made to Megyn Kelly, why yes,, that would seem to be a bit of checkmate, wouldn’t it?  The moldering skeletons of so many dead-and-gone Democrat talking points lie half-buried in the sands of time behind us, a trail of bones leading back across the eternity of the last five weeks, but at one point theywere rather loudly insisting that nothing in ObamaCare compelled any provider to cancel any insurance plans.  Every stooge in the liberal blogosphere repeated this talking point a thousand times.  And now it’s gone, gone, gone… just another yellowed skull grinning at them from the trail of dead propaganda, already fading into the mists of history, and they’ll grow angry if anyone remembers that they passionately believed it just 48 hours ago.

Obamacare, Deconstructed:

Political Fallout – Effect Obamacare Will Have On Presidency – Charles Krauthammer -The Kelly File:

Rep Trey Gowdy answers – Can Americans really get cancelled coverage back – It’s All About Politics:

Joel Pollak, The Conversation: So, When Does Ted Cruz Get His Apology?

That crazy Ted Cruz. The Texas freshman Senator (R-Tea Party) tried to defund Obamacare, then accepted a one-year delay in the individual mandate as a compromise position. But you can’t govern from one House of Congress, and the one he’s in is one the Republicans don’t govern anyway. Obama and the Democrats held all the cards. So Cruz caved–it was only a matter of time, right?–and Republicans got blamed for everything.

Fast-forward a few weeks….

Highlights from Ted Cruz’s ‘Obamacare’ Filibuster:


Hot Air: Quotes of the Day:

That the administration knew [of the cancellations] and failed to anticipate the inevitable outcry is political malpractice of the highest order. That policyholders who received cancellation notices didn’t have a functional Web site on which to seek alternatives makes that preexisting condition exponentially worse…

Listening to the president Thursday was painful. He acknowledged the need “to win back some credibility.” He “fumbled the rollout” of health care. He is “letting . . . down” congressional Democrats who took the risk of supporting Obamacare. Although he’s sometimes been “slapped around a little bit unjustly,” the president said, “This one’s deserved, all right? It’s on us.”

Can he recover? I’m sorry to say: I’m not at all confident.

National Journal: Obamacare’s Problems Could Haunt Democrats for Years:

President Obama’s health care law is now compounding a political problem it was meant to solve: the generation-long loss of faith in government activism, particularly among the white middle class.

For decades, Democratic strategists have viewed universal health care as their best opportunity to reverse the doubt among many voters, especially whites, that government programs can tangibly benefit their families. Now the catastrophic rollout of the health law threatens instead to reinforce those doubts. That outcome could threaten Democratic priorities for years.

Even before its disastrous launch, the health care law faced anxiety about its goals. On the plan’s best days, polls found Americans split almost evenly on whether reform would benefit the country overall. But even then, nothing approaching a majority ever said the law would help their own families; among whites, fewer than one-third said they expected to personally benefit. Far more whites said the law would help the poor or uninsured. That meant, as the law debuted, most whites viewed health care more like food stamps than Social Security.

Noah Rothman, For Democrats, Obamacare Unfolding Like a Greek Tragedy:

A great tragedy is unfolding within Democratic ranks. The party and their leader, PresidentBarack Obama, are scrambling to mitigate the damage the Affordable Care Act is doing to the Democratic brand. In their rush, they are striking glancing blows against a law which is already teetering on its unsound foundations. In a Euripidean twist, it is Democrats, not Republicans, who are meting out potentially fatal blows to the project which had once represented their greatest hopes.

Passed along party lines by appealing to methods unbecoming of the democratic process, the president secured his signature achievement in 2010. It was all downhill from there. A scandalous number of waivers, carve-outs and bailouts later, the ACA went into effect in October amid the self-flagellating protests of Republicans. Defeated at last, the law’s opponents stepped aside. Without a distraction, the press and the public focused on the effects of the law itself. What they saw was grotesque.

Mediaite: Rush Limbaugh Touts Obamacare Ads as Vindication for Sandra Fluke ‘Slut’ Remarks:

You may recall kind of a big controversy from last year when Rush Limbaugh called Georgetown student Sandra Fluke a slut, making her representative of a movement he argued wants the government to help pay for their sex lives. And while in retrospect today, Limbaugh regretted being inartful, he argued that a spate of new ads “promoting promiscuity” essentially vindicate what he was saying.

The ads in question, from the makers of “Brosurance,” basically have the not-so-subtle message that Obamacare will help you get your freak on in a safe, responsible manner. Limbaugh said that back when he talked about Fluke, he said Obamacare would promote “promiscuity” and it “caused a lot of people to freak out.”

Fox News: CIA personnel asked to sign additional non-disclosure form after Benghazi attack:

At least five CIA personnel, including government contractors, were asked to sign a second non-disclosure agreement after the Benghazi terrorist attack, Fox News has learned.

While the three-page NDA, obtained by Fox News, does not contain specific references to the 2012 attack which killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, it does contain standard language that unauthorized disclosures could lead to “temporary loss of pay or termination” and “in some circumstances, constitute a criminal offense.”

Sources not authorized to speak on the record, given the sensitivity of this week’s closed-door testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, said the five CIA personnel did not feel pressure to sign the document. But they felt the request for a second non-disclosure agreement after the terrorist attack was odd and not standard practice because their original NDA’s were still in effect, and only some in the group were undergoing contract modifications that might require a new NDA.

 Jean Claude Van Damme Split: Jean Claude Van Damme Volvo Trucks Commercial – The Epic Split:

John Hayward notes at the Conversation that the ad “contains no special effects trickery whatsoever… and he got it right on the first take.  JCVD is 53 years old.”


Bat Kid Saves the Day:

Baby and cat cuddle in crib:

Allen West: Impeach Him Already!

impeach_obama_2An “Impeach Obama” Billboard currently on display in Georgia

Via Weasel Zippers, Lt. Col. Allen West  pleads with Congress to do something about this power-mad Alinsky-ite in the White House.

Clearly, the Rule of Law is not applicable in Obama’s world, it’s just a framework which he feels he can fundamentally transform at his will. But America does not live by imperial edict granted from on high by his highness. Heck, that’s why we had a revolution in the first place.

In Boston, Obama said these plans were junk and the insurance companies were bad apples. His own henchwoman, HHS Secretary Sebelius issued a decree making these plans non-compliant. But now the Emperor waves his hand and presto change-o, they are in compliance — in other words our Dear Leader is granting his permission.

This man is a manipulative liar. His arrogance is beyond comprehension. He has, in true Alinsky-esque fashion, picked the individual insurance market to demonize and set up the industry for blame. [...]

If Americans do not finally see the arrogant lawlessness of this person who no longer holds regard for the Office of the Presidency, then God help us, for He shall certainly not bless us. What more do people need to see and endure? This disgraceful era must now end.

The president is in violation of his oath and yes, he should be removed from office by impeachment. Let the call ring across the land from sea to shining sea.

He also called on Americans to engage in civil disobedience in regards to ObamaCare, which he no longer sees as a law – but the bidding of a narcissistic  megalomanic.


Walid Shoebat: Impeachment of Obama in Sight:

The (un)affordable care act is the only signature legislation Obama passed in his first term when he had a filibuster-proof senate and a majority in the House. It is unlikely that Obama will wish to budge even if it means sacrificing his party’s fortunes in 2014. He is a true believer in socialist dogma and in his mind the healthcare act is actually working or going to work the way he wishes even though we know it is a disaster. Obama is delusional when it comes to everything he stands for even when it proves that it is failing. Look at his foreign policies. They are a complete failure. Yet, as bad as they are, Obama continues to follow the same failed policies over and over again with similar results.

If Obama opts for stubbornness and I believe that will be the case, this will lead to a probable 129 million policy cancellations, or huge premium increases with worse coverage for the money. The Democrat caucuses – both in the House and Senate – will not only wish to distance themselves from the president but may well go against him in an impeachment purge when the polls show that 15 – 20 senate seats will go up in smoke and the House may also lose more ground in the 2014 elections. Politics is war and maybe these 15 – 20 Democratic senators may wish to gain at least revenge and force impeachment before they get thrown out. Twenty-two Democratic senators with the Republican forty-five are enough to convict. Dianne Feinstein, who is not up for reelection, is already turning tail because of huge pressure from her constituents, so things could fall into place if Obama stands his ground and says no to any reform. This may be repeated in many more blue states, which is ticking off their own supporters which may be the nail in Obama’s presidency.

If the Democratic party goes in to full revolt because of Obamacare, it will be felt first in the Liberal media, as they will lead the charge. When the mainstream media leads the revolt and the full rigor of “proper and good” journalism returns, it will be as good as over for the Bamster.

And a second video has dropped from Project Veritas on Obama’s community organizing navigator friends in Texas.


  • Encouraging people not to report income.
  • Obamacare Navigator can’t get on the website to sign himself up!!!

And there are more to come. James O’Keefe says his favorite is yet to come.

Anyone else sick of the constant, mind-blowing corruption, and graft coming out of this Regime?

A related righteous rant from David Limbaugh on Twitter:


Clearly, the Rule of Law is not applicable in Obama’s world, it’s just a framework which he feels he can fundamentally transform at his will. But America does not live by imperial edict granted from on high by his highness. Heck, that’s why we had a revolution in the first place.

In Boston, Obama said these plans were junk and the insurance companies were bad apples. His own henchwoman, HHS Secretary Sebelius issued a decree making these plans non-compliant. But now the Emperor waves his hand and presto change-o, they are in compliance — in other words our Dear Leader is granting his permission.

This man is a manipulative liar. His arrogance is beyond comprehension. He has, in true Alinsky-esque fashion, picked the individual insurance market to demonize and set up the industry for blame.

Obama has once again demonstrated his disdain for America, Americans, and our Constitution. I say now is the time for good ol’ fashioned American civil disobedience. From today, let no one sign up for Obamacare. It’s not a law, just the bidding of a narcissistic megalomaniac.

Clearly, the Rule of Law is not applicable in Obama’s world, it’s just a framework which he feels he can fundamentally transform at his will. But America does not live by imperial edict granted from on high by his highness. Heck, that’s why we had a revolution in the first place.

In Boston, Obama said these plans were junk and the insurance companies were bad apples. His own henchwoman, HHS Secretary Sebelius issued a decree making these plans non-compliant. But now the Emperor waves his hand and presto change-o, they are in compliance — in other words our Dear Leader is granting his permission.

This man is a manipulative liar. His arrogance is beyond comprehension. He has, in true Alinsky-esque fashion, picked the individual insurance market to demonize and set up the industry for blame.

Obama has once again demonstrated his disdain for America, Americans, and our Constitution. I say now is the time for good ol’ fashioned American civil disobedience. From today, let no one sign up for Obamacare. It’s not a law, just the bidding of a narcissistic megalomaniac.

Clearly, the Rule of Law is not applicable in Obama’s world, it’s just a framework which he feels he can fundamentally transform at his will. But America does not live by imperial edict granted from on high by his highness. Heck, that’s why we had a revolution in the first place.

In Boston, Obama said these plans were junk and the insurance companies were bad apples. His own henchwoman, HHS Secretary Sebelius issued a decree making these plans non-compliant. But now the Emperor waves his hand and presto change-o, they are in compliance — in other words our Dear Leader is granting his permission.

This man is a manipulative liar. His arrogance is beyond comprehension. He has, in true Alinsky-esque fashion, picked the individual insurance market to demonize and set up the industry for blame.

Obama has once again demonstrated his disdain for America, Americans, and our Constitution. I say now is the time for good ol’ fashioned American civil disobedience. From today, let no one sign up for Obamacare. It’s not a law, just the bidding of a narcissistic megalomaniac.

That’s been my clarion call for the past five (but especially last) years.

Obama Whacked By WaPo Fact-Checker Again: 3 Pinocchios For Blaming Insurers For Canceled Health Plans…

After giving Obama 4 pinocchios for his repeated pledge to America that no one would take away” their health plans, Glenn Kessler, the Washington Post factchecker has “double tapped” the president with 3 more pinocchios for trying to  scapegoat  insurance companies.

Via Weasel Zippers:

The Pinocchio Test

Blaming the insurance companies can only go so far. First of all, the administration wrote the rules that set the conditions under which plans lose their grandfather status. But more important, the law has an effective date so far in the past that it virtually guaranteed that the vast majority of people currently in the individual market would end up with a notice saying they needed to buy insurance on the Obamacare exchanges.

The administration’s effort to pin the blame on insurance companies is a classic case of misdirection. Between 75 and 95 percent of the problem stems from the effective date, but the White House chooses to keep the focus elsewhere.


I’ve thought this (and said it) before, but it really does look like the media is finally turning on the SCOAMF.

In other ObamaCrap News:

Ace: Sebelius to Speak in Atlanta Tomorrow to Make an “Important Announcement” About Obamacare:

I think the “direct” and “spicy” meeting with Senate Democrats might have included the threat, “Give us a delay or we’ll start voting with the Republicans on the If You Like Your Plan You Can Keep It bill,” which would of course destroy Obamacare (and the American insurance industry, too, at least until Obama permitted the repeal of his horrible law).

Except Obama was in Dallas, last night, where he implored his loyal volunteers and navigators “to stick with it.”

“As challenging as this may seem sometimes, as frustrating as may be sometimes, we are going to get his done,” Obama said.

That sounds like someone who is doubling down – not on the verge delaying his deformed health care law for another year.

John Nolte, The Conversation: Unless Website Is Fixed, In 38 Days Many Who Lost Insurance Are Screwed:

There is a potential catastrophe looming for thousands, if not millions of Americans, and no one in the media is acknowledging it, much less pressing the White House for an answer.

According to the Associated Press, 3.5 million Americans have already received cancellation notices from their health insurance companies. Before the end of the year, that number could double.

Not all, but too many of these people are being thrown onto the federal ObamaCare exchange which, as you might have heard, is not working.

In order to be insured before your now-cancelled insurance expires on January 1, you  have to enroll through the ObamaCare site no later than December 15. That is a mere 38 days away.

The Conversation: Harry Reid Finds ObamaCare Complaints Amusing – They Make Him Laugh (Video)

The Senate Majority Leader did himself proud, today, on the Senate floor where he suggested that Republican complaints about ObamaCare were not valid criticisms, but “jokes” that make he and his colleagues laugh.

Via The Daily Caller:

In a speech on the Senate floor Thursday, the Nevada Democrat didn’t address any of the GOP’s specific complaints about the law. But he playfully suggested that Republicans, in order to save time, just “number their one through 50 criticisms of Obamacare” and yell out a number when they want to reference a specific complaint.

“We’ve heard things so many times, we would immediately laugh because basically they’re jokes,” Reid said.

I’m just wondering what part of people getting kicked off their plans and having to pay higher premiums under ObamaCare, is funny to him?

Hot Air: Chief tech officer at HHS resigns — after failing to sign off on security for in September:

When asked whether he jumped or was pushed, HHS said simply that “Tony [Trenkle] made a decision that he was going to move to the private sector.” Memo to Darrell Issa: Subpoena this man.

CBS News has learned that [Tony] Trenkle, the Chief Information Officer for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), was originally supposed to sign off on security for the glitch-ridden website before its Oct. 1 launch, but didn’t. Instead, the authorization on September 27 was given by Trenkle’s boss, CMS administrator Marilyn Tavenner…

Trenkle and two other CMS officials, including Chief Operating Officer Michelle Snyder, signed an unusual “risk acknowledgement” saying that the agency’s mitigation plan for rigorous monitoring and ongoing tests did “not reduce the (security) risk to the … system itself going into operation on October 1, 2013.”…

Wednesday, an HHS spokesman said that the reason Tavenner, not Trenkle, signed the security authorization is because is “a high-profile project and CMS felt it warranted having the administrator sign the authority to operate memo.” HHS also says there is an aggressive risk mitigation plan in effect, “the privacy and security of consumers personal information is a top priority for us” and personal information is “protected by stringent security standards.”

Ace had a series of ObamaCare shocks, last night:

1. Shock: Obama Also, Get This, Lying About Only “Cut Rate,” “Bad Apple” Insurance Being Canceled

2. Another Shock: Obama Will Rewrite Obamacare Rules to Spare His Union Allies a $63 Per Year Per Policy Tax, But Meanwhile No Relief For Non-Union Individually-Insured People Paying $5000 or Even $10,000 More Per Year Due to Obamacare

3. The Last Shock

4. Oh. My. God.

GOP Video: A Promise He Couldn’t Keep

Well, it’s a promise he couldn’t keep and one he never had any intention of keeping.

Via The House Conference:

Here’s one via the TheNRCC:

Putting out videos is the very least they should be doing. Now would be a very good time to be presenting to the American people an alternative to this trainwreck.

Not that it isn’t fun watching the Regime squirm.

The debate on the O’Reilly Factor, tonight was whether or not Obama knew when he was making that promise over and over and over again,  he was wrong. O’Reilly thinks that Obama simply chose not to know the gory details in order to retain some degree of “plausible deniablity.”

But Krauthammer thinks Obama did know. He said that after meeting him twice, it is his impression that Obama is fairly informed about these things, and he went on to note that Obama had no problem telling the absurd lie that Benghazi was a demonstration about a YouTube video that had gone wrong.

Obviously, O’Reilly is missing the boat, here. The NBC News story has already established that the Regime knew. Would his policy wonks have him go out there and mislead the public over and over and over again, without saying, “er Chief? Might want to stop saying that. It’s going to come back to haunt you…”

And a salient point they both missed that Ace keeps making is, the HHS regulations that are causing people to be dropped from their plans can be rewritten by the executive branch at any time.

Obama has it within his power to call up the HHS reg-writers and instruct them to honor the promise he made time and again for two years. And he doesn’t want people to know this, because he is determined to break that promise.

That promise was always a lie, and not a meaningless lie at the periphery, but a central lie propping up the political campaign for ObamaCare. Had he told Americans that they would be losing their current health care in order to be dumped into what is effectively a high-risk pool, so that they could subsidize high-risk clients, the public would have rejected the law even more strongly than he did.

O’Reilly is under the impression that the Obama administration is imploding – this health care roll-out is a huge debacle for them, and the media is no longer reporting like the obedient lapdogs they’ve been for the past five years. The Regime is unraveling (or something.)  He had Bernard Goldberg on to talk about the huge lack of credibility Obama (and his spokes-thing Jay Carney) now has with the public. Asked if he thought Jay Carney was serving the American people well, (as his salary is paid by the people), Goldberg answered, “no”.  Jay Carney only serves one person, and that’s Barack Obama. It’s a disgrace.

Yet they stumble on… knowing damn well that after Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS and DOJ scandals – they can get away with pretty much anything.

Check out this Politifact from October 2012, (keeping in mind that they ruled Obama’s promise that “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it”, half true)

Under scrutiny, here: Mitt Romney’s bold assertion, “Right now, the (Congressional Budget Office) says up to 20 million people will lose their insurance as Obamacare goes into effect next year.”

Romney said, “Right now, the (Congressional Budget Office) says up to 20 million people will lose their insurance as Obamacare goes into effect next year.”

That number is cherry-picked, and many of those 20 million will be leaving employer coverage voluntarily for better options. Romney also ignores that under the status quo, many more people today “lose” coverage than even the highest, cherry-picked CBO estimate. We rate his statement False.

Actually Romney and the CBO were pretty accurate in their prediction.

When we have a media this corrupt, and in the tank for a party, it’s over. We don’t have a fair and impartial media – but worse – we have a populous that doesn’t seem to mind being lied to.

A plurality of Americans know they are being lied to, and the Regime doesn’t care… They’re either people he has nothing but contempt for, or they’re his Alinskyite supporters who accept the dishonesty with a wink and a nod because they know ends justify the means.

Those people Obama dropped off their plans? They’re mainly self employed or early retirement people (mainly Republicans). Obama gets to kill two birds with one stone – move us toward Single payer, and punish his enemies.

Obama has  grown the dependency class to the point where any Republican running for President is going to have a built in uphill – nearly impossible, battle. The man knows exactly what he’s doing.

The Republican plan to deal with ObamaCare as far as I can tell:

Step 1: Run in 2014 on repealing it.

Step 2: Win the House and the Senate.

Step 3: ?????

There is no plan out there yet that congressional Republicans have unified behind. Which is unforgivable because they have had five years to work on a free market alternative to Obamacare. You know what would be a huge win for the Republican party, right NOW? If they had a free market based plan that they could announce to the public that doesn’t dump people off their insurance plans and doesn’t cause premiums to skyrocket, with a respected Republican like Paul Ryan, who has credibility on both sides of the isle, explaining it. They could capitalize on the massive FUBAR failures of the Obamacare rollout, and the confirmation that Obama is a lying SCOAMF, and win the American people (who were never in love with ObamaCare to begin with) over to our side. Instead, I predict they are going to be too paralyzed with political fear to remove all those new Democrats off of their brand new subsidies…

If they manage to win both Houses in 2014, they’ll likely just nibble around the edges of ObamaCare because Obama will still be president who will veto anything they come up with.

In the meantime, they have found time to work on Amnesty which would put the nail in the coffin of their political viability.

You could say, I disagree with O’Reilly that the Regime is “unraveling.” They’ve been in worse fixes, and with a helpful and compliant media, and a weak opposing party, they’ve managed to bounce back easily.

Here is Krauthammer predicting yesterday, he thinks ObamaCare is going to “collapse on its own.”

I wish I believed him. But I don’t. I’m pretty sure the remedy for this mess is going to be more government. The demonization of the private Insurance companies phase has already begun. It will intensify, next year.


Neil Cavuto summed up the feelings of millions of Americans, today on Your World: One Too Many Promises Broke:


Ushanka: Status Report:

Obama, trying to redistribute the courage of George W. Bush when he pursued the “surge” in the Iraq war, announced that he’ll lead a “surge” in the ObamaCare website fixes.  We’ve hesitated to say why this is the exact wrong thing to do as we don’t want our dear leader to enjoy any success from our comments.  But, he and his ilk are products of the public school and have stopped reading by this point.

A little trivia about your host, Karl.  He has an extensive background, both Fortune 500 and in startups, in the management of complex software design, development and maintenance.  A technology project manager, Karl will tell you that a “surge” is stupid.  Here is why:

Unlike construction or other infrastructure projects, technology projects accelerate when the technology team(s) is reduced in size.  If a construction project is running late, an option is to add more drywall labor, roofers, or whatever labor-intensive task is presenting a long duration to the project timeline.  In software development, especially in business-process automation (vs “dot com”) projects like a national health insurance exchange, it is the opposite.  Layers of decision-makers and swarms of developers only compound duration forecasts as they add layers of communication and responsibilities to a project.  The failures of the ObamaCare website are in direct relation to the failures of a “surge” mentality within the project team.  And the project team is only reflecting the inefficiencies consistent with a government operation.  The only solution to fixing the ObamaCare website is the only option our dear leader and his like-minded minions will never do: streamline the team and their responsibilities, flatten the team to just one or two levels of management, and empower the lower leaders of the team to make decisions in real-time.  In other words, treat the project as a private-sector company would. – See more at:


Obama, trying to redistribute the courage of George W. Bush when he pursued the “surge” in the Iraq war, announced that he’ll lead a “surge” in the ObamaCare website fixes.  We’ve hesitated to say why this is the exact wrong thing to do as we don’t want our dear leader to enjoy any success from our comments.  But, he and his ilk are products of the public school and have stopped reading by this point.

A little trivia about your host, Karl.  He has an extensive background, both Fortune 500 and in startups, in the management of complex software design, development and maintenance.  A technology project manager, Karl will tell you that a “surge” is stupid.  Here is why:

Unlike construction or other infrastructure projects, technology projects accelerate when the technology team(s) is reduced in size.  If a construction project is running late, an option is to add more drywall labor, roofers, or whatever labor-intensive task is presenting a long duration to the project timeline.  In software development, especially in business-process automation (vs “dot com”) projects like a national health insurance exchange, it is the opposite.  Layers of decision-makers and swarms of developers only compound duration forecasts as they add layers of communication and responsibilities to a project.  The failures of the ObamaCare website are in direct relation to the failures of a “surge” mentality within the project team.  And the project team is only reflecting the inefficiencies consistent with a government operation.  The only solution to fixing the ObamaCare website is the only option our dear leader and his like-minded minions will never do: streamline the team and their responsibilities, flatten the team to just one or two levels of management, and empower the lower leaders of the team to make decisions in real-time.  In other words, treat the project as a private-sector company would. – See more at:


Status Report: ObamaCare.Gov

Regime Slaps JP Morgan With $13 Billion Fine After CEO Criticizes Obama (Video)

This is how fascist governments work. You play nice with the Regime, or you pay.  JP Morgan learned the hard way according to FOX Business Network senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino. He says the Obama Regime  targeted  JP Morgan and fined them $13 billion because their CEO Jamie Dimon criticized Obama’s failed economic policies.

Sounds about right.

Gateway Pundit reported:

“This is something, most of it, that JP Morgan did not do. This was something they inherited. They were asked to buy Bear Stearns. They were asked to buy Washington Mutual. During the financial crisis of 2008. Asked by the US government by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. I know this for a fact because Paulson once told me this…Here’s why they’re doing it. Jamie Dimon went from being the greatest banker of all time, leading his company through the financial time, doing the government a favor to a critic of the Obama administration.

And, you do not have to be a conspiracy theorist to put those two things together. The minute you start ramping up his critique of Obamanomics, of Dodd-Frank… that’s when the hammer started coming down on them. This is all about vindictiveness and it’s really bad for the American political system.

We’ve got 3 more years of this left, folks. More, if Pant Suits is elected in 2016.

FLASHBACK to March 2011:

Keep in mind that Obama and his “Purple Army”, the SEIU are joined at the hip.

Caught On Tape: A Former SEIU Official’s Plan to Destroy US Capitalism And Redistribute Wealth And Power:

This is shocking stuff – not the fact that some forces on the left would try to achieve its goals using a strategy like this, but the fact that the former official of the  SEIU was caught on tape, frankly discussing his plan to destroy the US economy at a Pace University forum, last weekend.

The Business Insider reports:

The plan is designed to destroy JP Morgan, nuke the stock market, and weaken Wall Street’s grip on power, thus creating the conditions necessary for a redistribution of wealth and a change in government.

The former SEIU official, Stephen Lerner, spoke in a closed session at a Pace University forum last weekend.

The Blaze procured what appears to be a tape of Lerner’s remarks. Many Americans will undoubtely sympathize with and support them. Still, the “destabilization” plan is startling in its specificity, especially coming so close on the heels of the financial crisis.

Lerner said that unions and community organizations are, for all intents and purposes, dead. The only way to achieve their goals, therefore–the redistribution of wealth and the return of “$17 trillion” stolen from the middle class by Wall Street–is to “destabilize the country.”


Lerner’s plan is to organize a mass, coordinated “strike” on mortgage, student loan, and local government debt payments–thus bringing the banks to the edge of insolvency and forcing them to renegotiate the terms of the loans.  This destabilization and turmoil, Lerner hopes, will also crash the stock market, isolating the banking class and allowing for a transfer of power.

Lerner’s plan starts by attacking JP Morgan Chase in early May, with demonstrations on Wall Street, protests at the annual shareholder meeting, and then calls for a coordinated mortgage strike.

Lerner also says explicitly that, although the attack will benefit labor unions, it cannot be seen as being organized by them. It must therefore be run by community organizations.

Lerner was ousted from SEIU last November, reportedly for spending millions of the union’s dollars trying to pursue a plan like the one he details here.  It is not clear what, if any, power and influence he currently wields. His main message–that Wall Street won the financial crisis, that inequality in this country is hitting record levels, and that there appears to be no other way to stop the trend–will almost certainly resonate.

You can read the entire transcript at Business Insider, and watch the uncut video at The Blaze.

Thanks to  ‏@BeccaJLower for the reminder.

Friday Free-For All: Convoy of Truckers, Vietnam Vets Head For DC – Shutdown Theater Flops – The Threat We Face


Convoy of trucks headed south toward DC in Pennsylvania

Mediaite: Trucker Tells Megyn Kelly D.C. Trucker Protest is America’s ‘Egypt Moment’:

10/10/13 – On Thursday night, Megyn Kelly spoke to two people outraged over the government shutdown: a trucker organizing a protest, and a man who actually spent his time mowing the grass outside the Lincoln Memorial. Ernest Lee is one of the many truckers backing the Ride for the Constitution protest to “get the attention of our unrepresenting representatives” by “causing the world’s biggest traffic jam” in DC. Lee said, “This is an Egypt moment for the entire country to say ‘We have had enough.’”

truckers 2

Via Truckers for the Constitution FB page.

The link, Ride for the seems to be down. 

The Daily Mail featured Chris Cox in a sympathetic piece: ‘Our veterans deserve a clean lawn’: Shutdown-busting gardener tells how he was ordered off Lincoln Memorial by ‘bully robocops’

A kind-hearted South Carolina volunteer who has mowed lawns, cleared a fallen tree and emptied ‘hundreds of trash cans’ up and down the National Mall since the federal government partially shut down told MailOnline that an aggressive, ‘bully’ of a U.S. Park Police officer who ‘looked like Robocop’ today ordered him to leave the Lincoln Memorial.

Chris Cox, the one-man landscaping crew, calls himself the Memorial Militia. He said he has been on a mission to spruce up the lawns, trees and trash bins near America’s grandest memorials before the weekend, because a ‘Million Vet March’ event is expected to bring scores of retired servicemen and women to the nation’s capital.


Via the Truckers Ride for the Constitution FB page.


Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment: Constitution Convoy Rally Denver:

Men, women, and children gather on a Denver I25 Overpass 10/9/13 in support of the truckers on their way to DC. Obama has told truck drivers and Americans alike, “It’s MY WAY or the HIGHWAY!” Well the people on this bridge and the truckers heading to DC choose THE HIGHWAY! Support their strike, buy nothing Oct. 11-13. Follow them at

TPN: Million Vet March on D.C. also in many States:


The main Million Vet March will be in Washington this Sunday at 9 am, Oct. 13th. But I want readers here to know that if they can’t get to D.C., there will be various rallies of veterans and their supporters in many states. You can find these events at

Views From Liberty Hollow: Defiance to Tyranny:

It appears that military veterans have had enough of the present administration, and intend to visit the WW2 memorial on the national Mall at 9:00 AM this coming Sunday October 13th.

See links here and here.I have never been to the World War 2 memorial, but I have decided that this Sunday will be the day, and I intend to see that memorial along with anybody else that wants to see it. Especially any veteran and most especially any WW2 veteran, regardless of what any shit-eating toady or jackbooted thug thinks about it, and regardless of what tyrannical diktat is excreted by those illegitimately exercising authority.  If you are within driving distance of the District of Criminals, AKA Mordor-on-the-Potomac, I encourage you to come and educate a few clueless polishitians about what trying to govern without consent or legitimacy means.

Gateway Pundit: Jay Carney: Tea Party Wants Obama to Resign to End Shutdown (Video)


President Obama’s meeting with certain House Republicans, Carney said, would not be a negotiation: “he’s not going to pay ransom to the Tea Party so that the government opens or the government doesn’t default.”

The Guardian Media Blog: Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the ‘pathetic’ American media:

This is a fascinating interview that a lot of people missed because of all of the shutdown drama. Hersh is an “investigative journalist who has been the nemesis of US presidents since the 1960s and who was once described by the Republican party as ‘the closest thing American journalism has to a terrorist’”.

He is angry about the timidity of journalists in America, their failure to challenge the White House and be an unpopular messenger of truth.

Don’t even get him started on the New York Times which, he says, spends “so much more time carrying water for Obama than I ever thought they would” – or the death of Osama bin Laden. “Nothing’s been done about that story, it’s one big lie, not one word of it is true,” he says of the dramatic US Navy Seals raid in 2011 [see footnote].

Hersh is writing a book about national security and has devoted a chapter to the bin Laden killing. He says a recent report put out by an “independent” Pakistani commission about life in the Abottabad compound in which Bin Laden was holed up would not stand up to scrutiny. “The Pakistanis put out a report, don’t get me going on it. Let’s put it this way, it was done with considerable American input. It’s a bullshit report,” he says hinting of revelations to come in his book.

The Obama administration lies systematically, he claims, yet none of the leviathans of American media, the TV networks or big print titles, challenge him.

“It’s pathetic, they are more than obsequious, they are afraid to pick on this guy [Obama],” he declares in an interview with the Guardian.

“It used to be when you were in a situation when something very dramatic happened, the president and the minions around the president had control of the narrative, you would pretty much know they would do the best they could to tell the story straight. Now that doesn’t happen any more. Now they take advantage of something like that and they work out how to re-elect the president.

The Footnote:

Hersh has pointed out that he was in no way suggesting that Osama bin Laden was not killed in Pakistan, as reported, upon the president’s authority: he was saying that it was in the aftermath that the lying began. Finally, the interview took place in the month of July, 2013.

Can’t wait for the book to come out….

David Horowitz, FrontPageMag: The Threat We Face:

People on the left may be delusional but they are not stupid. They know what they can say and get away with, and what they can’t. Barack Obama is a born and bred member of the left and not coincidentally is the most brazen and compulsive liar ever to occupy the American White House. What other politician could have successfully explained away the fact that two of his closest political confidantes over a twenty-year period were an anti-American racist, Jeremiah Wright and an anti-American terrorist William Ayers?

There is a marked difference between the radicals of the Sixties and the radical movement Obama is part of. In the Sixties, as radicals we said what we thought and blurted out what we wanted. We wanted a revolution, and we wanted it now. It was actually very decent of us to warn others as to what we intended. But because we blurted out our goal, we didn’t get very far. Americans were onto us. Those who remained on the left when the Sixties were over, learned from their experience. They learned to lie. The strategy of the lie is progressives’ new gospel. It is what the progressive bible — Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals — is all about. Alinsky is the acknowledged political mentor to Obama and Hillary, to the service and teacher unions, and to the progressive rank and file. Alinsky understood the mistake Sixties’ radicals had made. His message to this generation is easily summed up: Don’t telegraph your goals; infiltrate their institutions and subvert them; moral principles are disposable fictions; the end justifies the means; and never forget that your political goal is always power.

An SDS radical wrote in the Sixties: “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.” The Alinsky version is this: The issue is never the issue; the issue is always power: How to wring power out of the democratic process, how turn the process into an instrument of progressive control. How to use it to fundamentally transform the United States of America — which is exactly what Barack Obama warned he would do on the eve of his election.

The chosen legislative instrument to begin this transformation was Obamacare. It was presented as an act of charity, a plan to cover the uninsured. That was the “issue” as they presented it. But the actual goal of Obamacare’s socialist sponsors was a “single payer system” – government healthcare — which would put the state in control of the lives of every American, man, woman and child. That is the reason that none of the promises made about Obamacare was true, beginning with his campaign lie that Obamacare government health care was not a program he would support. Obamacare will not cover 30 million uninsured Americans, as Obama and the Democrats said it would; Obamacare will not lower costs, as they promised it would; Obamacare will deprive many Americans of their doctors and healthcare plans, as they assured everyone it would not; Obamacare is a new tax, as they swore it wouldn’t be. All these promises Obama and the Democrats made were false because they were only a camouflage for their real goal actual goal, which was universal control.

Hugh Hewitt: The Article II President Doesn’t Dictate To The Article I House Who Goes Where:

RealClearPolitics has an article headlined “White House Bristles As Boehner Trims GOP Invite List.”

The president wanted a nice setting in which to chide or worse the GOP conference.  He has puled that trick before, and the Speaker isn’t falling for it again.  Good.

Let’s hope the Speaker doesn’t fall for the “short term” debt ceiling hike or CR either –the one my pals at the Washington Examiner, David Drucker and Byron York, are reporting would be 6 to 8 weeks long.  That would be a disaster for the GOP –a momentum ending, deflating knock-down of the resolve of the House GOP to stand behind the Speaker and force some compromise on the “I won’t negotitate president.”

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew spent the Sunday shows imitating Susan Rice and furiously peddling nonsense talking points, only this year it was “October 17th is doomsday” and last year it was “a video caused Benghazi.”  The false immediacy of the October 17th deadline should be punctured and another lesson taught the public about the president’s men (and women) and their credibility.

The Daily Caller: Obama equivocates on Boehner debt-ceiling pact:

White House spokesman Jay Carney dismissed the GOP’s latest proposal to end the budget impasse, but he didn’t completely reject the olive branch.

The proposal suggested by House Speaker John Boehner would raise the government’s credit-card limit to allow continued deficit spending for an additional six weeks.

But the proposal would not include a 2014 budget, which is stalled because Obama and his Senate allies want extra taxes and spending, and also oppose any GOP budget that includes popular reforms of the Obamacare takeover of the nation’s health-care sector.


UPDATE: A statement issued by the White House Thursday evening seems contradict the New York Times’ initial report that Obama rejected the GOP’s short-term debt limit plan. The White House says “no specific determination was made” during the meeting.

Either way, the two sides still have been unable to reach an agreement.

Read the entire statement below:

“The President had a good meeting with members of the House Republican Leadership this evening; the meeting lasted approximately an hour and a half.  The President, along with the Vice President, Treasury Secretary Lew, Denis McDonough and Rob Nabors listened to the Republicans present their proposal.  After a discussion about potential paths forward, no specific determination was made.  The President looks forward to making continued progress with members on both sides of the aisle.  The President’s goal remains to ensure we pay the bills we’ve incurred, reopen the government and get back to the business of growing the economy, creating jobs and strengthening the middle class.”

National Review: Krauthammer’s Take: Talks Could Be a Trap for GOP:

“Boehner has his offer, he goes in to see the president. You would expect that you would then have [a] six week extension and discuss all of these issues,” Krauthammer said onSpecial Report. “What seems to have happened is there are now demands from the president on the reopening of the government, which was not what they had said earlier in the week.”

SHTF: Obamus Caesar: “No Limits On the Power of the President if He Calls for a National Catastrophe”:

The important thing to understand is that President Barack Obama relishes the power. This is evidenced by his desperate need to monitor and command drone strikes from the White House himself. He likes the thrill of being the decision maker and holding the lives of others in his hands.

He has already passed scores of executive orders, including restrictions on firearms accessories and ammunition, as well as provisions that would allow the U.S. government to take over all domestic resources, including the labor force, should a national catastrophe be declared.

Make no mistake. They want total control.

And they will let no crisis go to waste. For them, the debt ceiling negotiations reaching  a stalemate may well be the outcome they are looking for, because it will justify the administration’s invocation of Executive Order and rule by decree.

The debt ceiling debate will likely have a resolution, just as it has twice in as many years under the Obama administration, but if it doesn’t you can fully expect the Executive Branch to take whatever action they deem necessary to “protect” the American people.

Fox News Channel’s Ed Henry pressed White House Press Secretary Jay Carney over the suspension of military death benefits in response to the government shutdown.

Carney hedged when Henry pressed about when the president was informed that benefits weren’t being paid to the families of fallen soldiers, saying simply, “When the president found out, he was disturbed.”

Carney added that Obama asked lawyers and the OMB to take action.

Carney later accused Henry of “trying to make a partisan issue out of it,” to which Henry responded, “Nice try, except you won’t tell us a simple fact of when the president learned.”

Now that we’re a little more than a week on from the government shutdown’s start, Americans are a beginning to feel the effects of not having a bureaucratic nightmare breathing down their necks as they make all of their major life decisions. Can the governent breathe down our necks while the website that powers the government’s own health care plan is still non-functional? Unfortunately, it can.

In order to visit a national park or memorial, you have to declare a First Amendment purpose.  If you have a complaint about a violation of your civil liberties, there’s no hotline to call. And if you picked this week to open your craft brewery, you’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer. But with 86% of the government still functioning, you can tell that these agencies were selected for closure to maximize your pain. But what about the things the government does that you’re not missing? What activities that have been designated “non-essential” really aren’t essential? Well, a lot. But here are ten things the government is currently not doing that you probably didn’t need them to do in the first place:

 Check out these anarchists wandering around this grassy field in front of the Washington Monument.



Could this be the end of Monument Syndrome? Across the country, ordinary Americans are rising up in revolt against the old Washington tactic of closing public parks and memorials during selective government “shutdowns” to score political points. Tax-paying tourists are tossing off theorange traffic cones and “Barrycades.” Enough is enough.

The movement started with waves of World War II veterans who flew to D.C. last week as part of the Honor Flight Network. (The nonprofit group brings our surviving heroes to visit the memorials that honor their service and sacrifice.) The vets and volunteers breached the fences last week, exposing the tone-deaf tactics of President Obama’s Spite House. Honor Flight visits continue this week, and more vets vowed to defy the cynical closures.

They are not alone. At Gettysburg National Military Park, tourists broke through barriers and posed for pictures on the battlefields with notes reading, “Catch us if you can.” One visitor reported that motorists formed impromptu caravans as rangers chased them. “Strength in numbers,” they tweeted.

At Mount Rushmore and in the Badlands of South Dakota, families barreled over hazard cones. Their photos went viral on Facebook. In Wisconsin, GOP Gov. Scott Walker defied the National Park Service and opened state parks that Obama-crats wanted closed because they receive some federal dollars. At the Mingo National Wildlife Refuge in southeast Missouri, a group of 20 protesters defied threats of arrest to enter the park.

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer believes that during the partial government shutdown, the bureaucracy in Washington demonstrated its willingness to punish citizens when it does not get its way.

“I think there are two issues here,” Krauthammer said on Wednesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel. “One, was it a political act? I tend to think that some of these interpretations, clearly, people seem to be always erring on the side of being rough and tough and irrational like the cordoning off of the World War II Memorial, which is open-air, and where it takes more park rangers to cordon it off than it would to accompany the aging veterans on to the site. I think there’s an element — and we saw it in the sequestration. This isn’t the first time.”

A huge bureaucracy will bully the public into funding it, Krauthammer said.

 The administration is using anything it doesn’t like as a way to punish the American people,” he continued. “But there’s a larger issue here. And that is, as the state becomes larger and larger, the bureaucracy becomes stronger and more arrogant and independent. It believes in it so, and after all, it regulates. That’s what it does. And it becomes punitive, in the sense it says, ‘Listen, you want to hold up the government. We’re going to show you who’s in charge. We’re going to shut down all the monuments, you know. And if we don’t get a blank check, we’re going to do xy and z.”

West Wing Reports :

President has signed bill restoring “death gratuities” and related survivor benefits for families of deceased military service members

Terry Jeffrey, Town Hall:  Obama Administration Prohibits Kennedy Family from Practicing Catholicism:

The Obama administration has prohibited the Kennedy family from practicing its Catholicism, and the Kennedys now intend to ask the Supreme Court to restore their First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion. Their case could become one of the most consequential in our nation’s history. The issue: Will the most fundamental liberty of all — freedom of conscience — survive in post-Obama America?

John Kennedy serves as president of Autocam and Autocam Medical, Michigan-based companies that produce automobile components and medical devices. He and his family own the companies, which employ 661 people in the United States.

The Kennedys strive to live all parts of their lives — including their business lives — in keeping with their Catholic faith.

IBD: Obama To Catholic Troops During Shutdown: No Mass!

The Shutdown: Federal closure threatens to bar priests not on active duty from conducting services on military installations or from ministering on base, and they risk being arrested if they attempt to do so.

The latest Obama shutdown shame is the news that, until it’s over, none of the families of those killed in Afghanistan can expect to receive the $100,000 death gratuity promised to reach them within 24 to 36 hours.

Grieving families also cannot expect the military to cover all the usual costs of family travel to meet their loved ones at Dover Air Force Base where they return home for burial in American-flag-draped coffins.

Catholic soldiers killed in battle might not even have a priest available to give the last rites of their church as even the religious freedoms they fought to protect are sacrificed by a petulant president who has the power to set priorities with the stroke of an executive order pen but refuses to do so.

As the Daily Caller reports, the Rev. Ray Leonard, a Catholic priest who serves a Georgia military base, was not allowed to celebrate Mass at the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay this weekend. “Shutdown: No Catholic service till further notice,” a sign posted on the chapel door said.

Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp, a Republican, released the details of Leonard’s experience after meeting with the priest on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Obama does another solid for his MB buddies…

The Muslim Brotherhood, despite being closely linked to terrorist groups, was never denied any heavy weapons. Kerry rejected any thoughtof refusing Morsi, who prayed for the destruction of Israel, his F-16s.

But the Egyptian military is getting more aid cuts, because it won’t restore the Church-burning MuslimBrotherhood to power.

The crackdown on the Brotherhood showed no signs of abating on Wednesday, as prosecutors said Mr. Morsi, Egypt’s first-ever freely elected president, would face trial on Nov. 4 for inciting his followers to kill protesters against his rule late last year.

The announcement of the aid censure marks a new low point in the already frosty relationship between the U.S. and Egypt, once one of America’s closest security partners in the Middle East.

We’ve long suspected that the NSA, the world’s premiere spy agency, was pretty good at breaking into computers. But now, thanks to an article by security expert Bruce Schneier—who is working with the Guardian to go through the Snowden documents—we have a much more detailed view of how the NSA uses exploits in order to infect the computers of targeted users. The template for attacking people with malware used by the NSA is in widespread use by criminals and fraudsters, as well as foreign intelligence agencies, so it’s important to understand and defend against this threat to avoid being a victim to the plethora of attackers out there.


It is very likely every mother’s worst nightmare. To wake up in the middle of the night, having heard a noise just outside the safety of the walls of your home and knowing that you are likely all of the protection you and your children have. A call to the police may work, but how long might it take for them to respond? Five minutes, ten? Even less may be just too long.

That is the nightmare that Toledo, Ohio mom, Betty Collins has had to live through not once… but twice in the last four months.

Four months ago it was a home invader who met Ms. Collins as he tried to kick in the front door of her home. At about five in the morning, 31-year old Kyle Caldwell began kicking at the front door of Ms. Collins home in an attempt to break in. Betty, who was already awake and wary thanks to a call from her boyfriend about a suspicious man down the block, was waiting with her .357 Magnum at the ready. After a few unsuccessful kicks, Betty yelled for the attacker to leave because she had a gun and it was loaded. He didn’t heed her advice. Finally, Ms. Collins opened the door herself and the intruder found himself inches from the barrel of the loaded .357.

Who Do You Think Students at U of CO Blame for the Government Shutdown? (Video)

This will be your feelgood story of the day/week maybe even month.

Caleb Bonham of Campus Reform asked random students at the (uber liberal)  University of Colorado who they think is to blame for the government shutdown.

Their answers will surprise you. No — they’ll shock you.

Via The Right Scoop

Where the heck were those kids in 2012?


Dingy Harry thinks the Dem plan to blame the shutdown on Republicans, is working swimmingly.

When the Mayor of DC accosted him about unlocking city funds for the District of Columbia, Wednesday, at a press conference on Capitol Hill, Dingy, ever protective of he and Obama’s Masterpiece Shutdown Theater hissed – “don’t screw it up!”

Hat tip: Brian B.

ObamaCare: It’s More Than A Glitch (Video)

Another masterpiece by RedState’s Ben Howe for the Heritage Foundation riffing on the less than smooth rollout of the ObamaCare website.

The administration was warned about the problems with “the poorly designed and not user friendly” ObamaCare website months ahead of time, CNN reported today. A health care insurance consultant said that health insurers had warned HHS officials before the rollout about the faulty system, warning them not to go ahead with the rollout, but were ignored.

Wolf Blitzer said that the Regime should accept Republicans’ advice and delay ObamaCare a year.


Andrew McCarthy, National Review: When You’ve Lost Wolf Blitzer . . .

 I think that’s what Wolf Blitzer is telling the White House: “Look, you’re losing and it is getting worse for you every day. If you cut your losses now, there’s a graceful way out: We’ll tell everyone that the system failed to anticipate how much demand there would be for the Obamacare exchanges; that the public overwhelmingly blames Republicans for the catastrophic shut-down that now threatens a default (different issue, but the rubes won’t know any better); that the Republicans failed to defund Obamacare (even though the program will be suspended); and that you, Mr. President, were big enough to realize it was best to have a delay so these unfortunate technical glitches could be resolved in time for everyone to enjoy a smooth Obamacare transition next year. But it’s time to fold — and if we turn the page now, we can move right on to how the Tea Party zealots are bent on destroying the full faith and credit of the United States. In a few days, no one will even remember the geyser stasi at Yellowstone Park.”

Obama’s America: Tourist Says Yellowstone Rangers Were Armed, Blocked Old Faithful – ‘You Could Feel The Element Of Fear’

More details have come out today about the “Gestapo tactics” used by NPS on seniors at Yellowstone this past week.

Jonathan Last of the Weekly Standard thinks the National Park Service’s acquiescence of the Regime’s “Shutdown Theater” may be the Regime’s worst scandal -  and there’s lots of competition for that honor.

The conduct of the National Park Service over the last week might be the biggest scandal of the Obama administration. This is an expansive claim, of course. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS, the NSA, the HHS mandate​—​this is an administration that has not lacked for appalling abuses of power. And we still have three years to go.

Even so, consider the actions of the National Park Service since the government shutdown began. People first noticed what the NPS was up to when the World War II Memorial on the National Mall was “closed.” Just to be clear, the memorial is an open plaza. There is nothing to operate. Sometimes there might be a ranger standing around. But he’s not collecting tickets or opening gates. Putting up barricades and posting guards to “close” the World War II Memorial takes more resources and manpower than “keeping it open.”

The closure of the World War II Memorial was just the start of the Park Service’s partisan assault on the citizenry. There’s a cute little historic site just outside of the capital in McLean, Virginia, called the Claude Moore Colonial Farm. They do historical reenactments, and once upon a time the National Park Service helped run the place. But in 1980, the NPS cut the farm out of its budget. A group of private citizens set up an endowment to take care of the farm’s expenses. Ever since, the site has operated independently through a combination of private donations and volunteer workers.

The Park Service told Claude Moore Colonial Farm to shut down.

Via Allahpundit at Hot Air:

Most of what Pat Vaillancourt says here will be familiar to you but the bit about Old Faithful is new to me. Evidently it wasn’t enough to effectively lock elderly tourists inside their hotel. To make doubly sure that no one snuck up to the geyser for a pic while it was erupting, they drove down to the site 10-15 minutes beforehand and stood guard. That’s how petty this was. Presumably even the tourists taking photos from the windows of the hotel ended up with their Old Faithful memento effectively being photobombed by the NPS. Take that, America.


Ace: Yellowstone Park Goon Squads, Media Ignorance, and Media Ideology

Issa: When Obama Attacked The Supreme Court During SOTU Speech, He Began The Process That Led To Tea Party Targeting (Video)

John Sexton at Breitbart’s Conversation reports that the Majority Staff for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has produced a memo which updates its investigation into the IRS treatment of Tea Party groups.

It concludes that media attention generated by President Obama and the Democratic Party led the IRS to treat Tea Party applications for 501(c)(4) status differently than other groups.

One of the key points of the 19-page memo is that a public campaign organized by the White House led the IRS to scrutinize Tea Party groups:

In 2010, the Obama administration and its allies orchestrated a sustained public relations campaign seeking to delegitimize the lawful political activity of conservative tax-exempt organizations and to suppress these group’s rights to assemble and speak. The impetus was a Supreme Court opinion, Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, handed down on January 21, 2010. In the wake of the Court’s decision, senior Administration officials criticized the influence of so-called “corporate” money in the political process.

As the memo points out “These calls to arms did not fall on deaf ears at the IRS.” The memo then highlights the video of Lois Lerner first published at Breitbart last month, transcribing the entire thing as evidence that the IRS was keenly aware of the political pressure around them (footnote 33 cites this story). As the memo puts it, Lerner was “echoing President Obama’s public statements.” Issa’s staff offers other examples of pressure placed on the IRS, including a memo from Dick Durbin which was distributed by IRS official Joseph Urban.

Issa appeared on Fox earlier today to talk about the report.

Martha MaCallum asked about the fact that so far a evidence  has not been found that shows a direct link between the White House and the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups.

Issa replied, “when the president shook his finger and chastised the Supreme Court in the well of the House during a state of the Union speech over Citizen’s United, he began a process of making it very clear that he had a problem with the court’s interpretation of free speech and as he and others began to show that they were offended by what the tea party was saying – in other words he respected free speech if progressives said it but not if conservatives said it because their speech was “hate speech” – I think he set up a situation that can show the IRS was sympathetic to. Their discovery, their targeting, their denying due process to tea party groups had to do with what they said – not their right to say it.”

Issa also reiterated his intention to have Lois Lerner back “to follow up on her assertions during earlier testimony” because she waived her 5th Amendment rights. But “she wasn’t alone”, Issa made sure to add. “One of the challenges we’re going to have is to get each of the individuals in – all of whom appear to be in Washington – and find out who they talked to outside of the IRS, and it’s more and more clear that they received information both publicly and privately into Washington IRS, and they acted on it.”

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

More Tales Of Woe From The Christians Of Maaloula Syria

More tales of pain and woe from the Christian people of Syria have come to light as we react in horror to the Obama administration decision to waive anti-terror laws to arm the Syrian rebels who are oppressing them.

The Christian Post reported:

Ghastly attacks on Christians mocked as “Crusaders” in Syria continued unabated as Jihadists reportedly forced one man to convert to Islam at gunpoint and slit the throat of another Christian woman’s fiancé and then told her, “Jesus didn’t come to save him.”

Residents who fled from the ancient town of Maalula in Syria told AFP that jihadists ambushed the town last week and forced a man to convert to Islam at gunpoint.

“They arrived in our town at dawn… and shouted ‘We are from the Al-Nusra Front and have come to make lives miserable for the Crusaders,” said one woman identified as Marie in Damascus, where many people from Maalula fled after rebels first attacked that town on Sept. 4.


Another Maalula resident, Rasha said the jihadists brutally murdered her fiancé Atef, who was a part of the town’s militia.

“I rang his mobile phone and one of them answered,” she said.

“Good morning, Rashrush,” a voice answered, calling her by her nickname according to AFP. “We are from the Free Syrian Army. Do you know your fiancé was a member of the shabiha (pro-regime militia) who was carrying weapons, and we have slit his throat?”

Rasha said the man told her Atef was asked to denounce his faith and convert to Islam and he refused.

“Jesus didn’t come to save him,” the rebel taunted.

That guy on the other end on the phone from the Free Syrian Army? Yeah, that would be one of the guys the Obama administration wants to arm with more weapons.

Hat tip: Walid Shoebat

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