Video: New GOP Ad Hits Stephanie Cutter Upside the Head For Super PAC Lies

And poor, poor Stephanie Cutter is really taking it on the chin on Twitter: Boom! Awesomely brutal GOP ad slams Stephanie Cutter for moving her lips:

Like the rest of Team Obama, Cutter shamelessly feigned ignorance of the story former steelworker Joe Soptic told about his wife’s illness in this week’s Priorities USA ad. You know, the despicable Obama super PAC ad that falsely linked Soptic’s wife’s death to GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

“I don’t know the facts of when Joe Soptic’s wife got sick or when she died,” Cutter told CNN.

But of course, Cutter was intimately familiar with the details, having used him as a campaign prop on a conference call earlier this year. She even thanked him for “sharing his experiences.” Not only that, the campaign featured Soptic in two ads.

Cutter’s rank dishonesty is captured in a beautifully executed new ad from the Republican National Committee that asks, “What else are they lying about?”

See also at Twitchy:

Radio silence at Stephanie Cutter’s Twitter page; Update: She’s back!

#FireLiarStef: Meet Stephanie Cutter, lying liar who lies

#BillBurtonsBeliefs: Lanny Davis, citizens call out Obama SuperPAC’s Bill Burton for his repugnant lies



Beandog-Like Attacks on Conservative Female Bloggers Linked to Kimberlin Krew.

Rauhauser’s “beandogs”:

Using his “WingNutWatch” Twitter account, Rauhauser had “organized a group of E-Thugs meant to harass, threaten, provoke, disparage, intimidate, verbally assault, berate & employ hate-speech against those not in agreement with his brand of politics,” as conservative blogger Patrick Read said at the time.

When my blog was submitted to the  Circle of Moms Top 25 Political Moms contest last Spring, it had already been going on for days, and I had been promoting The Lonely Conservative on Twitter. No thanks, I told the contest organizer, “take my name out of contention.” I wasn’t interested in being last place in some online contest.

Unfortunately for The Lonely Conservative, she has been under siege by far left lunatics ever since she entered the contest.  Zilla of the Resistance, another a contender in the contest, has also suffered abuse such as identity theft  from people who take these things way, way too seriously. Contests are supposed to be fun, right? But when the left gets involved, it turns into a nightmare.

Karen (The Lonely Conservative) writes:

It all started when a few of us conservative bloggers noticed that the progressive bloggers were extremely far-left and they were telling their readers to vote for their blogs because they wouldn’t want a conservative winning and spreading “dangerous family values.” Well, that got our ire up a little bit, so we responded in kind, and dubbed some of them “commie mommies.” It’s not like one or two of them didn’t already refer to themselves that way, so we didn’t see any harm in it. No big deal, right? To make a long story short, they tried to get us disqualified, so we all agreed to remove any negative posts about the competition.

You would think the story would have ended there, but it didn’t. That’s where it begins. (This is the “civil” left we’re dealing with, remember.) Before the contest ended, people using fake IP addresses started trying to post vile, rotten comments here. The comments all were put in a cue awaiting moderation and each was automatically emailed to me individually. On the night I found out I had won the contest I was at an event at my son’s school. I checked my email and the first one that appeared was a comment calling me the “c” word, and it wasn’t “commie mommy.” It turns out that was one of the nicer comments they’ve left.

Since then I’ve amassed nearly one hundred pages of disgusting, hateful and threatening messages. They’ve said that I (and all of you conservative readers) have no place in this world. They’ve told me to slit my own throat. They’ve called me every foul name you can think of. They’ve insulted my husband, accused me of molesting my children and threatened to report me to my local school board. They impersonated my husband and contacted a local divorce attorney. They tried to have pornographic sex toys catalogues sent to my home. They have sent emails on my behalf to my elected representatives advocating for policies I disagree with completely. They’ve signed me up for more email spam than anyone could possibly do in his or her spare time. (As of this moment I have 1630 emails in my spam folder.) They’ve called my home using Caller ID spoofing software or websites. They’ve let me know they know where I live. There isn’t time to list everything, but you get the gist of it.

The blog that came in second is Monologues of Dissent, written by Heather Dubois Bourenane. The Lonely Conservative discovered that  Heather is good friends with a woman named Jeanne Devon, who is the editor and founder of The Mudflats. 

Here is where the linkage comes in:

Jeanne attended Netroots 2010 with Brad Friedman, who is also a contributor to her Mudflats site. Brad’s blog is linked on Heather’s blogroll. It looks like a pretty tight knit group.

Now, if you’ve been following Stacy’s coverage of this story you’ll know that Brad is tied to Neal Rauhauser. Rauhauser is an online menace, hacker, Democrat operative and associate of Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin. He has bragged about teaching his techniques of online terror to other liberal activists. He was a featured speaker at the same 2010 conference that Brad and Jeanne attended. Can I prove that my harassers are tied to Heather, Jeanne and Brad? No, at least not yet. I strongly suspect that they are, and someone is bound to screw up sooner or later, which brings me to what happened yesterday.

Zilla takes it from there:

The freaks who have terrorized Karen (and even attacked her family) have been stepping up their cruelty. Earlier this week, they sent her a fake email “from” Wombat-socho of The Other McCain that supposedly contained an excerpt of an email that was “from” Stacy McCain which said vile and disturbing things about Karen, obviously in the hopes that it would destroy friendships and ruin Stacy’s reputation as well. The identity thieving stalker trolls likely expected for Karen to see it and publicly lash out at Stacy in response, but these criminals underestimated their targets and the hoax was quickly debunked, and important clues about who may be behind the criminal acts that have been ongoing since April have revealed themselves. The vile cretins failed in their wicked ploy. Here are some responses from the Dextrosphere to these latest acts of evil:

Wombat says that those jerks have messed with the WRONG people and now it’s Game ON.

Stacy holds Neal Rauhauser personally responsible, and invokes the dreaded War Oath of Clan Cameron: How’s Your Gaelic, Neal Rauhauser? Also be sure to read the following related posts at The Other McCain: Because Liars Hate Truth, Poison Pen E-Mail and the Harassment of The Lonely Conservative, and of course, The Kimberlin Files.

WJ Hoge correctly calls those responsible for this wickedness Cowardly Thugs.

Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook has been brought up to speed about all of this, and she is not amused. Read: Harassed and Hacked (Hacked Off): Unreal Saga for My Blogging Friends.

Your humble blogress has so far been left mostly unscathed by these lowlifes. Perhaps they think I’m too “nice” to attack, lol.

I have had one rather disgusting correspondent in the DC area who doesn’t like to see his Lord and Master Obama criticized. He’s left comments that are so disturbingly vile, they require an immediate deletion and IP ban, but since the IP constantly changes, the banhammer has needed to come down again and again on the same creature (I won’t call this thing human, if you saw the comments, you’d understand.)

But that’s the demented, unhinged  left for you. You just never know what the hell you’re dealing with.

Zilla has started a Roll Call list of bloggers who are banding together to support fellow bloggers under siege by left-wing online predators.

We need to stand together with those who are fighting for freedom, and for good against evil. We need to make sure that they know that not only do we have their backs, but also, we need to show those who will stoop to the lowest of low tactics to destroy the righteous that we will not be cowed.

Please join me in showing support for The Lonely Conservative, who is being unjustly attacked, by sharing, Tweeting, emailing, re-blogging the message that the enemies of freedom will never ever silence the truth tellers. Send me your name (or username) and/or the name of your blog (if you have one) and I will update this post with a roll call of those who stand in solidarity for goodness and against evil. You can post in the comments section to this post, at the A-C page or the Zilla page on facebook where this post will appear, you can Tweet me or email me to say you want to be listed here and I will add you to the roll. I will make sure that Karen knows that we are with her. Also, please keep in mind that another great way to encourage a blogger is by rocking that blogger’s tip jar.

And don’t forget Zilla’s tipjar as she continues to battle systemic Lyme disease.

Linked by Zilla of The Resistance, The Lonely Conservative, Liberty’s Torch, Linkiest and The Other McCain, thanks!

By the way, Stacy, I wasn’t the first blogger to invoke “beandogs”…

The Latest on the Kimberlin Saga: “WWIII” + A Victory For Free Speech In Georgia

In a move that may prove extremely unwise, the Kimberlin kabal have gone after a well known and well regarded Republican activist and his family –
Suspected Kimberlin site, “Breitbart Unmasked” has published a photo and the address of Ali’s mother’s home in Texas in what Stacy McCain calls “a viciously mendacious attack”: Ali Akbar Says, ‘World War Three’:

Does the phrase “Don’t mess with Texas” ring a bell? Maryland courts have been incredibly lenient with the Kimberlin/Rauhauser axis, but Ali assures me that Texas won’t take too kindly to the purposeful harassment of one of its law-abiding citizens. Ali’s mother has harmed no one, and whoever thought up this sick stunt might find themselves prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law — Texas law. IYKWIMAITYD.

As to the absurd delusions propagated by “Breitbart Unmasked” that the National Bloggers Club is rolling in mega-bucks from Republican fat cats — it’s simply not true.

Read on…

The irony, of course is that Kimberlin’s non-profit is attempting to sue the National Bloggers Club purportedly using money from his Tides Foundation and Barbra Streisand money.

More from Twitchy: National Bloggers Club president targeted by Brett Kimberlin supporters; National Day of Blogger Silence planned for Friday:

Supporters of convicted bomber and online terrorist Brett Kimberlin have gone after another conservative activist and his family with their anti-free speech thuggery.

Ali Akbar is the president of the National Bloggers Club, the group that organized the fund to support Kimberlin’s targets. He reported the attack on Twitter this afternoon.

Ace of Spades is calling for a National Day of Blogger Silence — This Friday:

On Friday, this site will be absolutely dead-silent, which is what Brett Kimberlin and his stalker crew seeks, and what the media and our supposed Representatives in Congress would permit.
The only post on Friday will be a bold-faced Open Letter to Congress, urging them to act and not attempt to pass the buck to others.
They are our representatives; we would like some representation.
They vowed to defend and protect the Constitution; they can honor that vow now.
I will post links of Congressmen’s and Senator’s email addresses and offices and phone numbers, and urge every concerned American citizen to let them know, in no uncertain terms, that a crime in progress against the First Amendment (and people’s safety) is occurring, and we humbly request they take this seriously.
They are literally going to get someone killed. That is their endgame here.
Will the media and Congress pretend “we didn’t know” when this happens?
ABCNews knows.
The Weekly Standard knows.
The Daily Caller knows.
And many, but not yet all, Congressmen and Senators know.

The intimidation tactics are escalating — Paul H Lemmon of An Excon’s View claims to have confronted a young man photographing his apartment, car and apartment building.

He emails:

“Asked what he was doing, he got in his car and fled … His auto has an Obama 2012 sticker on it.”

He posted a preemptive strike: To the Idiots Photographing My Home Today …

Meanwhile, Patterico has  Kimberlin Harassment Update: Kimberlin’s Latest Documented Lies Told Under Oath:

David Hogberg of Investor’s Business Daily sheds light on the issuance of the warrant for Aaron Walker’s arrest:

I went back to the District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County on Friday to get a copy of the warrant for Walker. I have uploaded it here (addresses and phone numbers are redacted).

The warrant was filed by Kimberlin on Sunday, and from it a few things are now clear that I got wrong in the post from last week. First, Kimberlin claims that Walker violated the second peace order Kimberlin filed against Walker, not the first. Kimberlin filed the second peace order on May 22, and it is “temporarily” in effect until the hearing on May 29th. In it, Kimberlin basically claims that the blog posts Walker wrote between May 22 and May 27 constitute a violation of the peace order (more on that in a bit).

Also, in the blog I wrote that the “court apparently agreed (that Walker had violated the peace order) and Walker was arrested.” That leaves the impression that the judge had Walker arrested. He did not. Rather, the warrant was carried out by a Montgomery County Sheriff, as is clear from the first page of the warrant. The easiest way for a sheriff to arrest someone is to know exactly where he is, and the sheriff obviously knew Walker would be in court that day.

Hit the link to see the easily provable lies of Kimberlin, the serial perjurer.

The truth will catch up to the Kimberlin/Rauhauser axis of disinformation, but it’s going to take a concerted effort on our part to wake Congress  and the media up to the dangers of their malicious lies and threats.

On a positive note, the lawfare case of Rashad Richey vs Andre Walker in Georgia was dismissed, yesterday — a victory for free speech!

Georgia Democratic Party Staffer Voluntarily Dismisses Lawsuit Against Blogger:

A few moments ago, my attorney, John Sparks, sent word that the libel lawsuit filed by Georgia Democratic Party political director Rashad Richey against this site was voluntarily dismissed by the Plaintiff.

Rashad Richey Lawsuit Dismissal

A huge load off of Andre’s chest, I’m sure. Not that Richey ever had a case – it was  the legal hassles and fees associated with having to defend himself in court against a frivolous law suit that was at issue.

This probably means that the Georgia Unfiltered Legal Defense Fund will become a legal offense fund as Walker seeks attorney’s fees from Richey. Consider donating today to preserve free speech.


It gets better….

Andre Walker’s attorney  bills Democrat Political Director $17K in fees

Linked by Michelle Malkin, and Doug Ross, thanks!


Oversight and Reform: Faces of Forced Union Political Contributions (Videos)

Last week, the Committee on Government Oversight and Reform turned its attention to the injustice of forced union membership, focusing on the appalling union practice of forcing American workers to give money to partisan political activity they oppose.

Via an Oversight and Reform press release:

On February 8th, three of these workers testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform about how forced political contributions violate their freedom and rights.  But Terry Bowman, Claire Waites and Sally Coomer are not alone: many workers are not even informed of their right to control their own hard-earned money, facing threats and intimidation when they are brave enough to speak out against this unfair loss of workplace freedom and fairness.  These are the faces of forced contributions to the union special interest agenda.

SALLY COOMER: Denied the Right to Choose by SEIU Leaders:

 “We were required at the end of 2009 to quit our agency employment and transfer over to a system that is unionized by the SEIU, called the Individual Provider System.  Caring for my daughter is not a job that requires union intervention…The thing that is very discouraging for me is every month, you know, I’m seeing close to $95 a month being taken out of the check for union dues, going to causes I do not support.  For me, that $95 a month would provide an additional 9 to 10 hours of care for Becky directly…. I feel very strongly that any type of union that a person belongs to that if the union is going to take out union dues that that employee should be well-aware of what those dues are being spent for. And that, if they are using it for political purposes that they should be aware of that and they should be able to make a choice as to whether or not that that is what they want their union dues to be spent on.”


Terry Bowman, United Auto Workers (UAW) Member from Ypsilanti, Mich:

“You know, the United States government has given labor unions the ability to trump an individual’s First Amendment right and force the seizure of an individual’s personal property – their wages – for simply exercising their pursuit of happiness by applying for a job.  I really would like my first amendment right of freedom of association back. I do not have the ability to exercise that right in a forced union state. Unfortunately the union dues that I am forced to pay, much of that goes to political reasons that I disagree with.  To the people who are actually pulling my dues out, you do not have to right to use my money as you so choose to use it. The fact that my plant chairman, at a union meeting, will stand up there and point to all of us and say you all better be voting for democrats is not what a union was created to do and is not what it was meant to do.  So unions have lost their way. They realized that compulsion was not the way to go, but when they smelled the potential hundreds of millions of dollars from forced unionism, they had to go that route. I think it’s quite unfortunate.”

Claire Waites, National Education Association (NEA) Member from Daphne, Ala:

“I am in the Baldwin County Teacher’s Association, the Alabama Education Association, and the National Education Association because there are no other carriers for liability insurance for teachers in the state of Alabama.  The NEA Fund for Children, you’d think it’s a fund for children and it’ll go to actually classroom expenses or classroom projects or teacher grants or actually go to underprivileged children. In reality, the NEA Fund for Children goes to political action groups that they choose. We have no voice. They choose who they would like the money to go to… Right now in the economy, classroom teachers need money. This is the third year that I’ve bought my own classroom supplies. For the $180 that I gave to the Children’s Fund, that’s three classroom labs in my room.  My message to NEA is that if you’re going to have a children’s fund have a children’s fund. If you’re going to have a PAC fund, have a PAC fund. Don’t trick me to give to your PAC fund by making it named a children’s fund.”

   REPORT: “Workplace Freedom and Fairness: Are Workers Forced to Fund Political Causes They Oppose?”


Video: Scott Walker CPAC 2012 Speech vs Bob Chanin NEA Convention 2009 Speech – Support Governor Walker!

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spoke at the CPAC convention in Washington DC on Feb. 10, 2012. He outlined his plan for fiscal responsibility by requiring the corrupt public unions to “pay their fair share” for their  pension and benefit plans.

I like the fact that someone took the time to compare Walker’s speech with NEA Chief Counsel Bob Chanin’s speech at the NRA convention, July 6, 2009 because it provides an amazing contrast.

One speech is gracious,  informed and about promoting personal freedom –  the other one is an unconcealed tribute to raw power. Because that is the thing that motivates liberals more than anything else.


To no one’s surprise widespread fraud is being uncovered in the recall effort.

The Mental Recession: Wisconsin Recall Petitions Show Serious Problems:

Via True the Vote:

The integrity of Wisconsin elections is on the verge of implosion, as United Wisconsin’s coordinated effort to recall six Wisconsin officials has led to the submission of more than 1,000,000 petition signatures. In an effort to audit these signatures True the Vote is discovering significant errors, including duplicate signatures, incorrect addresses, and the like.

Thus far, the organization has found discrepancies for nearly 9,000 petition signatures.

Please read the press release below and consider volunteering your support.  As we’re learning almost on a daily basis – protecting the integrity of the election process can only be done if the people still care about that process.

Do you?

True the Vote.

The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama has been pushing hard for their  $100,000 Money Bomb to DEFEAT the RECALL.

We thought we were going to hit our first milestone of $75,000 – but thanks to everyone’s support we are now just over $85,000.

This means we can reach the goal of $100,000 within the next 24 hours (by the end of the day on Monday).  Think of it this way, if just 150 people contribute $100 or more we’ll have surpassed the goal!

Once again, here is singer/songwriter and Wisconsinite Glen Shulfer’s excellent musical  tribute to Governor Walker:

Stand With Scott Walker © 2012 Glen Shulfer

When we faced an uphill climb, with a future not too bright,
there was one man for the time, who was promising to fight.
He would stand up for “us all” when he tamed the status quo.
Now he’s standing 10-feet tall from Ashland to Monroe.

We will stand with Governor Walker.
Because he does what he says; not just a big fancy talker.
We will stand with Governor Walker.
We got to keep moving ahead, all the way, with Governor Walker.

He took on the deficit, and asked the union folks to pay
just a teeny-tiny bit, to make it fair in every way.
A balanced budget, he can claim without taxing you and me.
And in the end it wasn’t shame, but a total victory.

We will stand with Governor Walker.
Because he does what he says; not just a big fancy talker.
We will stand with Governor Walker.
We got to keep moving ahead, all the way, with Governor Walker.
Oh no we can’t go back again.
We got to keep moving ahead with Governor Walker.
Mr. Scott Walker, our Wisconsin Governor.

We are proud of Governor Walker.
We can never, ever, never let him down;
we got to keep him in MAD Town.
We will stand with Governor Walker.
And we’re not going back. No way!
We got to keep Governor Walker.

Former Obama Staffer Charged With Identity Theft In Scheme To Smear IA Republican Sec. Of State

Iowa blogger Shane Vander Hart has more, including this mug shot of Zachary Edwards, a Democratic operative.

I hope that headline got your attention because this story is everything it implies and more.

John Hinderaker at Powerline has the scoop: Not Just A Democrat Dirty Trick, But A Crime:

A few years ago, as part of its strategy of facilitating voter fraud as a means of winning close elections, the Democratic Party undertook a campaign to secure as many Secretary of State offices in swing states as possible. From those perches, the Democrats would be in a position to oversee elections and enforce (or decline to enforce) election laws. That strategy has been quite successful, but the Democrats suffered a setback in Iowa in 2010 when conservative Republican Matt Schultz won an upset victory in the Secretary of State race. Since then, Iowa Democrats have targeted Schultz.

That targeting has taken a sinister turn–a criminal one, in fact–as the Des Moines Register reports:

A Des Moines man has been arrested after police say he used, or tried to use, the identity of Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz in a scheme to falsely implicate Schultz in perceived unethical behavior in office.

Zachary Edwards was arrested Friday and charged with identity theft.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety issued a news release saying Schultz’s office discovered the scheme on June 24, 2011 and notified authorities.

Edwards is a former Obama staffer who directed “new media operations” for Obama in five states during the 2008 primaries. Thereafter, he was Obama’s Director of New Media for the State of Iowa. In the Democratic Party’s lexicon, “new media” apparently includes identity theft.

Finish reading at Powerline.

A good companion to this story:

Peter Ferrara, The American Spectator: The Che Guevara Democrat Party:

Those who contribute to, vote for, or otherwise support today’s Democrat party need to catch up to the curve. These are not your father’s Democrats. George McGovern would be a moderate in this party.

This is the party that rejected Hillary Clinton because she was not left enough. Instead it literally took a Marxist street agitator from the Chicago political machine and put him in the White House. Barack Obama was actually teaching the social manipulation methods of openly communist revolutionary Saul Alinsky to other Marxist revolutionaries for the radical communist front group ACORN. His weird name reflects his personal rejection of American culture. This is the person today’s Democrat party wanted for President.

Keep reading.

God help us all if this bunch is successful in stealing the 2012 election.

New RNC Ad: Obama’s Failed Promises

This new RNC video, via Jim Geraghty, is a reminder of what Obama was telling voters four years ago, juxtaposed with today’s reality:

Indeed, once upon a time, the “Obamessiah’s” soaring rhetoric inspired near-euphoria in liberals:

“Democrats, independents and Republicans who are tired of the division and distraction that has clouded Washington, who know that we can disagree without being disagreeable, who understand that, if we mobilize our voices to challenge the money and influence that stood in our way and challenge ourselves to reach for something better, there is no problem we cannot solve, there is no destiny that we cannot fulfill.”

As Geraghty dryly notes, ‘three years later, he’s calling his opponents “hostage takers.”

But that barely scrapes the surface of how divisive this President has been. The “hope and change” candidate who was sold as having “a first class temperament”, has proven to be a petty, thin skinned, whiny, vindictive dictator.

He started off his Presidency by telling Republicans “not to do a lot of talking”, to “get out of the way”, or “grab a broom” and help him clean up the mess they made. He mocked opponents of Obamacare, during his victory lap after its passage. He told Republicans to “get in the back seat”, and  accused them a sipping slurpies while he did the hard work of getting “the car out of the ditch” not once, but dozens of times.. As the car sunk further and further into the ditch, he continued to blame Bush, and the “do nothing congress” even though Democrats had total control for two full years and every damn thing they did made things worse.

For the first time in our nation’s history, we have a President who has denigrated protesters by calling them, “teabaggers”,  and said that, instead of protesting his destructive policies, “they should be thanking me”.  While stumping in 2010, he  extorted a Hispanic audience to “punish their enemies” at the ballot box. His administration actually  encourages citizens to inform on each other. He’s turned the DOJ into an arm of the radicalized left - a political weapon to use against his enemies, (which happens to include the rule of law), and is seemingly intent on helping Obama steal the election in November. I’ve lost count of the number of (Republican leaning) states they’ve sued over voter ID laws and immigration policy. Anyone keeping a running tab? Fast and Furious, (along with a number of other, smaller gunwalking programs) is the worst scandal in American history, not that anyone would know because the MSM refuses to push the story.

Obama flouts his disregard for the Constitution, after assuring people that however tempting, he would never do things on his own:

“Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works,”

As Geraghty rightly observed back in 2008 – all Obama statements come with an expiration date. ALL OF THEM.

Is any of this normal?

Monty Pererin says we’re Accelerating Toward Totalitarianism:

The seriousness of our decline in terms of honoring the Constitution and the Rule of Law cannot be overestimated. The US is slowly seeing its form of government disappear and the rate of deterioration is suddenly accelerating.

Massive change rarely comes all at once. It comes in small increments, almost unnoticed, until one day it is recognized but too late to reverse. That is exactly how the institutional metamorphosis from the most cultured nation in the world degenerated into Nazi Germany.


The acceleration of this decline under President Obama is frightening. From Doug Ross@Journalcomes this list of likely abuses of the Constitution and usurping of powers never intended.

If you’ve not yet seen Doug’s list, I urge you to hit the link.

It’s not just a few excitable right wing bloggers who are alarmed. No less than the highly esteemed, Charles Krauthammer, was moved to call Obama “more of a Hugo Chavez than a Teddy Roosevelt”, after his class warfare speech in December.

Why isn’t the RNC tapping into any of this? The unpresidential sneers,  name-calling, race-baiting, class warfare rhetoric, and obnoxious victory laps? They need to find a way to expose the alarming totalitarian impulses of this administration in an ad designed to wake up a populous more interested in Snooky’s latest exploits, or this week’s American Idol winner — Not yet another “this is what he said then and this is what he says now” run of the mill, politics as usual kind of ad. Most voters understand that politicians lie and flip flop. Everybody knows the economy sucks.


It hasn’t been “politics as usual” under Obama. It has been a degree or two worse.

The ad gets a D+


I’d like to see an ad introducing voters to what an Obama second term would look like:

The Left’s growing support for a soft authoritarianism is reminiscent of the 1930s, when many on both right and left looked favorably at either Stalin’s Soviet experiment or its fascist and National Socialist rivals. Tom Friedman of the New York Times recently praised Chinese-style authoritarianism for advancing the green agenda. The “reasonably enlightened group” running China, he asserted, was superior to our messy democracy in such things as subsidizing green industry. Steven Rattner, the investment banker and former Obama car czar, dismisses the problems posed by China’s economic and environmental foibles and declares himself “staunchly optimistic” about the future of that country’s Communist Party dictatorship. And it’s not just the gentry liberals identifying China as their model: labor leader Andy Stern, formerly the president of the Service Employees International Union and a close ally of the White House, celebrates Chinese authoritarianism and says that our capitalistic pluralism is headed for “the trash heap of history.” The Chinese, Stern argues, get things done.

A victorious Obama administration could embrace a soft version of the Chinese model. The mechanisms of control already exist. The bureaucratic apparatus, the array of policy czars and regulatory enforcers commissioned by the executive branch, has grown dramatically under Obama. Their ability to control and prosecute people for violations relating to issues like labor and the environment—once largely the province of states and localities—can be further enhanced. In the post-election environment, the president, using agencies like the EPA, could successfully strangle whole industries—notably the burgeoning oil and natural gas sector—and drag whole regions into recession. The newly announced EPA rules on extremely small levels of mercury and other toxins, for example, will sharply raise electricity rates in much of the country, particularly in the industrial heartland; greenhouse-gas policy, including, perhaps, an administratively imposed “cap and trade,” would greatly impact entrepreneurs and new investors forced to purchase credits from existing polluters. On a host of social issues, the new progressive regime could employ the Justice Department to impose national rulings well out of sync with local sentiments. Expansions of affirmative action, gay rights, and abortion rights could become mandated from Washington even in areas, such as the South, where such views are anathema.

This future can already been seen in fiscally challenged California. The state should be leading a recovery, not lagging behind the rest of the country. But in a place where Obama-style progressives rule without effective opposition, the clerisy has already enacted a score of regulatory mandates that are chasing businesses, particularly in manufacturing, out of the state. It has also passed land-use policies designed to enforce density, in effect eliminating the dream of single-family homes for all but the very rich in much of the state.

A nightmare scenario would be a constitutional crisis pitting a relentless executive power against a disgruntled, alienated opposition lacking strong, intelligent leadership. Over time, the new authoritarians would elicit even more opposition from the “dodos” who make up the majority of Americans residing in the great landmass outside the coastal strips and Chicago. The legacy of the Obama years—once so breathlessly associated with hope and reconciliation—may instead be growing pessimism and polarization.

Americans need to be scared to the polls in November.

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#OWS Protesters Plan Direct Actions Thursday To “Take Down Wall Street, Subways, Foley Park, and Times Square”; Unions Plan To Shut Down US Bridges (UPDATED- Will Storm Wall Street in Business Suits)

#Occupy activists on Wall Street are going ahead with the much proclaimed International Day of Action threatening to take down Wall Street, subways, Foley Park, and Times Square. The official OWS site encourages other OWS encampments and groups to take similar action. A breakfast on Wall Street, and a luncheon on various key subway platforms. Sounds lovely. BTW, it’s another peaceful event touted as a celebration. The whole world’s watching.

On Thursday November 17th, the two month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, we call upon the 99% to participate in a national day of direct action and celebration!
BREAKFAST: Shut Down Wall Street – 7:00 a.m.

Enough of this economy that exploits and divides us. It’s time we put an end to Wall Street’s reign of terror and begin building an economy that works for all. We will gather in Liberty Square at 7:00 a.m., before the ring of the Trading Floor Bell, to prepare to confront Wall Street with the stories of people on the frontlines of economic injustice. There, before the Stock Exchange, we will exchange stories rather than stocks.
LUNCH: Occupy The Subways – 3:00 p.m.

We will start by Occupying Our Blocks! Then throughout the five boroughs, we will gather at 16 central subway hubs and take our own stories to the trains, using the “People’s Mic”.

Fordham Rd
3rd Ave, 138th Street
163rd and Southern Blvd
161st and River – Yankee Stadium
Broadway Junction
Borough Hall
301 Grove Street
St Jose Patron Church,185 Suydam St, Bushwick
Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave.
Jamaica Center/Parsons/Archer
92-10 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights
125th St. A,B,C,D
Union Sq. (Mass student strike)
23rd St and 8th Ave
Staten Island
St. George, Staten Island Ferry Terminal
479 Port Richmond Avenue, Port Richmond

DINNER: Take The Square – 5:00 p.m.

Read More Here from the @OWS Official Site

John E at AoSHQ watched the #occupy “general assembly, last night, and said it was every bit as creepy and bizarre as you’d expect.

The tone on their websites is much more up-twinkly benign occupation talk, but there were multiple calls to “shut down” this or that and to “confront the fascist police forces” in the streets during the assembly (check out the #N17 hash for more). That message appears to be resonating. Like he says, they want to “burn the city to the ground”. When Occupy Wall Street started many on the right were warning Democrats to avoid encouraging or embracing it, not because it was going to end up being a political liability to them, but because it had the potential to spiral out of control. Democrat mayors and politicians are attempting to dial it back, but it may be too late. Within 24 hours, I think we’ll have our answer.


Meanwhile Obama’s union shock troops  are planning a pro-Obama “Bridge Action Day” – Will Shut Down Bridges & Harass US Workers on Thursday.

Hot Air: OWS Day of Action: Storm Wall Street disguised in … business suits:

So this has been the marketing strategy for Mens Wearhouse all along, huh?

The “day of action” is to begin early, with protesters converging on Wall Street camouflaged in business suits hoping to blend in with office workers trooping out of the subway.

“We will rise from beneath. They can’t stop all of us. It’s going to get crazy,” vowed one organizer. “They took the first shot Tuesday night. [Thursday] we return fire. We will be peaceful, but we will resist.”

The city said it was bracing for tens of thousands of people in the streets.

“The protesters are calling for a massive event aimed at disrupting major parts of the city,” said Howard Wolfson, deputy mayor for governmental affairs. “We will be prepared for that.”

  WABC’s live video feed shows police cordoning off the Wall Street area and providing only limited access today, a task for which they are well rehearsed — and thanks to the loose lips in the Occupy movement, well prepared.

Chances are good that this will be another Occu-FAIL.

See Hot Air for more.

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Video: #OccupyDenver Moonbats Invade #BlogCon11

One arrest has been made (thus far)

This guy appeared to be the leader, he led the chants

We knew they were coming but the disheveled horde from OccupyDenver occupied the lobby, at the Crowne Center Hotel here at BlogCon a little sooner than we had bargained for. Expected at 5:00pm, they invaded BlogCon at approximately 2:00pm.

Pandemonium ensued, with camera lights flashing on both sides, cameras trained on each other. For some reason, the occupiers were preoccupied (no pun intended) on the Koch brothers, who help fund Americans For Prosperity, not Freedomworks.

Part one:

Part two:

I’m still uploading – more pictures and videos to come.


Part three:

Part Four:

Featuring one of the occupiers getting arrested.

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DaTechGuy’s Blog:

Voices of the Occupy Movement Jason of Occupy Denver

Mr. DaTechGuy & Blogcon meets the Occupy Denver movement

Didn’t we see this movie already? Mr. DaTechGuy & Blogcon meets Occupy Denver again

Occupy Denver vs Blogcon round 3. OccupyFail squared!





What A Real Mob Looks Like

-#OccupyDC pic via The Daily Caller

RS McCain was in the thick of the action, last weekend in DC, when the #OccupyDC “hippie horde” mobbed attendees of the Americans For Prosperity Defending the American Dream Summit. His first-hand account of what transpired and his additional thoughts can be read at the American Spectator: The Mob That Came To Dinner.



The rhythmic chant, kept in time by the accompaniment of a drummer, eventually deteriorated into chaotic shouting as the mob crowded around the entrance to the Washington Convention Center. A young woman held aloft her homemade 11-by-17-inch sign: “OCCUPY” with three red stars, a crude simulation of the District of Columbia flag. Flashes from dozens of digital cameras intermittently illuminated the frenzied scene by the glass doors, which were guarded by Metropolitan Police officers attempting to prevent the Occupy DC protesters from shoving their way inside.

“Peaceful! Peaceful!” some of the mob members shouted, as the self-declared “99 percent” were clearly on the verge of a full-scale riot Friday night outside the venue where the Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Foundation was holding its annual Defending the American Dream Summit. Before the evening was over, elderly women attending the “Tribute to Ronald Reagan” dinner would be shoved to the ground and three Occupiers would be struck by a car, but those incidents transpired later, after the protesters attempted to storm the doors of the Convention Center.

Here’s video taken by Kerry Pickett from the Washington Times:

Occupy DC protesters attempted to bust into the Washington DC Convention Center on Friday night, where an Americans for Prosperity dinner was taking place. Protesters aimed their ire at AFP donors Charles and David Koch throughout the night. Interestingly, David walked through the crowd of protesters with friends and associates of his and went completely unnoticed by the Occupy DC crowd. I captured video of a throng of protesters trying to muscle past security at the DC Convention Center to no avail.

Twenty two year old Laurel Buckley also wrote of her struggle to leave the convention center after a long, tiring day of “meeting endless individuals to plead for names, email addresses, and donations to the 501(c)(3) that I work for.”

I’m directed to yet another exit. Picking up my load I follow several terrified elderly women being helped by their senior husbands up stairs, through a corridor, and down another flight of stairs only to face another door full of twenty-somethings blocking the exit.

At this point I was getting a little irritated. An irritation that grew when I was pushed back inside and had fists shaken in my face by men much bigger and physically stronger than me. I know D.C. is not known for its chivalry, but never before in my life have I faced little boys, posing as men, using physical force to intimidate women. Perhaps it was the long workday, perhaps it was the wine from dinner, maybe it was my feet tired from walking all over the D.C. convention center in heels, but this was the point at which I lost it. I screamed in frustration for these little punks to quite protesting and get a job. I yelled for them to just let me go home after doing an honest day’s work. I received the mature response of curses, being flipped off, and the ever so classy, chest exposure. (What does that even mean?)

Finally, I was directed to an open exit. Out the building and on my way home. Past a group of young male protesters, still hurling their insults.

All I could think was what a waste. What did this pathetic protest accomplish? Occupy D.C., was it your mission to terrify elderly women? Was it your goal to make a 22-year-old, unarmed woman fear leaving work and getting home on her own — in her own neighborhood? Was it to entrap hundreds of convention goers inside the convention center so that next time you could burn the place down with them inside?

If I could I would have told them: I hope I’m not the only one-percenter. I will go to bed tonight praying that there are no more that 1% of you in the world. Because if I have to believe that there are more like you, more selfish punks with a complete, criminal disregard for other people, I dread what the future holds in store for our generation — and our country.

78-year-old Dolores Broderson was one of two women injured by the protesters outside the Americans for Prosperity Dinner, Friday night. She went to the emergency room with a bloody nose and bruises on her hand and leg.

According to The Daily Caller Koch group staffers and event attendees say  911 hung up On them four times during occupy DC mob:

“I was about to call ‘show’ and realized that we had a lot of protesters during the middle of program,” Engdahl said in a Saturday afternoon interview. “We realized it had gotten to the point where, even though the convention center had been calling and working with [Metropolitan Police Department], we needed to call them and make sure we had a game plan for people to get out of the building safely and back to their rooms or to their home.”

Engdahl said she called 911 in the middle of the show and told them the protesters appeared organized with a plan of attack as they had all the convention center exits blocked.

“I did mention [on the 911 call] how coordinated I thought the protesters’ effort was, as well as how ill-prepared both MPD and the Convention Center were in communicating together on how best to solve the problem,” she explained.

“I said that I didn’t want it to rise to where we had a confrontation or other problems – and they hung up on me,” Engdahl said, adding that she and other AFP staffers and volunteers had made at least four 911 calls from inside the convention center asking for help.

Remember how we laughed when the left and the MSM (but I repeat myself) kept saying the Tea Party was a “mob”.

Remember how we giggled when Team Obama called out the SWAT team to restrain the Quincy’s geriatric  tea partiers?:

Regardless of the incessant MSM scaremongering,  the tea party never erupted into violence. Not once. The very idea was mock-worthy and mock we did.

Now, tea partiers, after years of being accused by liberals in the media of being on the verge of mob violence,  are treated to the spectacle of the same  MSM down-playing the truly grotesque, and scary mob behavior of the #Occupy crowd.

How much MSM play did  the #OccupyDC mob violence get over the weekend? I’m guessing what little coverage it got was cushioned with assurances that the #occupy movement is “mostly peaceful”.

Why does the MSM keep downplaying the violence at these  protests?

In his post about the need for rape shelters at #OWS protests, even Allahpundit is floored by the galling  media double standard:

This can’t be repeated enough: With a few exceptions, foremost among them the New York Post, the coverage of OWS protests compared to the coverage of tea-party protests is the worst media double standard in recent history.

I’ve been tracking it all at Left-Wing Institute For Civil Discourse, and trust me, this is not a peaceful, mainstream movement.   There’s so much insanity happening on so many fronts, I’ve been struggling to keep up. I’ve added a new feature – Moonbat Headlines which can be seen at the top of the right sidebar. (I’ve also expanded header.)

As RS McCain summed up in his post at The American Spectator, the Occupy movement’s claim to represent the economic grievances of the American majority is belied by their thuggish behavior.

Their convergence at the AFP event only accentuated the contrast between the protest mob’s barbarism and the civilized behavior of their targets. The Tea Party represents the law-abiding, tax-paying, middle-class mainstream while Occupy DC represents an unpopular radical fringe. Despite their chants, the Occupiers are not the 99 percent, and perhaps not even 9 percent.

Yet a recent online poll of 1,005 American adults reveals that 35 percent still have a positive impression of the Occupy movement, while just 29 percent hold a favorable view of the tea party. A result that sick and  twisted does not happen without a lot of help from the MSM.

Linked by SondraK, thanks!

RE: The Thug Who Pushed The Denver Cop’s Motorcycle: Frank Roper and his “Facial Lacerations”

Last weekend, we saw #OccupyDenver protesters skirmish with police in a melee that resulted in about six people getting arrested and pepper-sprayed.

One of the activists arrested was Frank Roper, after he pushed an officer’s motorcycle as it rode by:

Immediately after Roper shoved the officer’s bike, he was tackled to the ground and cuffed.

Here’s a typical left-wing description of what happened:

A Denver motorcycle policeman frustrated with protesters in his way decided to charge the impeding crowd with his motorcycle, running directly into Mr. Roper with his motorcycle. Mr. Roper reacted by shoving the motorcycle, followed by a brief sprint when he saw that the officer was turning around for him. Mr. Roper made it about 10 yards before being gang tackled by police and severely beaten resulting in multiple lacerations to his face. He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Footage of the incident is in the sidebar.

Just look at the “multiple lacerations” on poor Frankie’s face, omg:

“Warning,” the blogger cautions us — this video is graphic because “Frankie’s face was split open”, and “due to the blows to his face that he received, he could not sit up — he basically passed out.” Frankie is “one of the more loveable protesters” he’s been following:

Now, we already knew that Frankie wasn’t “severely beaten” by police because videos had appeared on Youtube showing what happened after Roper and his friends crowded and obstructed the officer on the motorcycle. When the cop refused to yield, Roper angrily shoved the bike as it went by, then darted away with the cop in pursuit, who quickly tackled him like a linebacker. The police hogtied Roper’s hands and feet, and removed him from the park. There was no beating what-so-ever. The only question was, how did the lacerations get on his face – did he hit a jagged rock when he hit the ground?

Thanks to El Marco’s excellent camera work, we now have a much better idea of what happened at the October 29 “leftist lawfare campaign of uncivil agitation” in Denver:

Denver, like other cities that have Occupy manifestations, is faced by a core of protesters from anarchist groups, labor unions, and communist organizations, often obscuring their affiliations, mixed in with a mishmash of confused students, concerned citizen activists, children, and all sorts of evil clowns.

Not to mention zombies. Don’t forget the evil ZOMBIES:

It turns out, our “loveable” hero is a zombie practitioner of lawfare. Those gashes on his face were not the result of his scuffle with the police. It was ZOMBIE MAKE-UP.

El Marco reported:

He was released immediately from the hospital, as he was actually uninjured. No doubt the makeup is what got him into the hospital rather than into jail.

This is what the “loveable protester” had been up to earlier in the day:

Lawfare is “the use of law as a weapon of war.” It is one of several alternative war-making concepts outlined in a 1999 Chinese book that set forth new types of offensive actions available to an international actor that seeks to undermine a military force. The international left has become adept at using lawfare in many arenas including against law enforcement. Both congressman John Conyers and Weather Underground terrorist Bernadette Dohrn are or have been members of the guild. Radicals are trained to harass the police and disobey every attempt of law-enforcement to control a deliberately orchestrated volatile mob action.

The trouble started when El Comandante (above, to left of statue) veered off the permitted march route, gesticulating wildly that the marchers should follow him up the steps to the Capitol. This created confusion on Broadway, and split the march, with about half following El Comandante (Spendley), and the other half returning as planned to Civic Center Park.

The marchers around me verbally expressed surprise when El Comandante summoned them off the route to the park, and led them up to the Capitol Building. I estimate the entire march of October 29 to have numbered no more than 1,000 although the DLEM claims 2,000. Protesters told me earlier that OD’s permit was for a march to support medical marijuana legislation.

I scampered up the stairs and found that the verbal abuse of cops had already begun. The man on the right, with the kaffiya and armband, is an Occupy Denver “official security anarchist.” Frankie Roper can be seen, with the orange bandana, launching into his confrontation with State Troopers. The trooper walking towards the camera will soon be the target of Roper’s insanity. It seemed to me that the troopers were taken by surprise.

Jeannie Hartley [gave] instructions while Frankie hurls abuse at State Troopers. The National Lawyers’ Guild films the developing confrontation, looking for evidence to use against the troopers in court. Anarchists can be seen streaming forward, screeching, and soon the mob wil reach a number between 400 and 500, howling abuse at the troopers. I’m immediately struck by the zen-like calm and mild humor with which the troopers absorb the abuse without reacting.

Frankie Roper, zombie from Colorado Springs, made repeated attempts to push his way through the thin blue line. He soon singled out the thinnest part of the line, and possibly the oldest of the troopers, on whom he spewed very personal venom.

 The protesters were repeatedly told they were not allowed in or near the Capitol Building, as they had no permit to demonstrate there. Up and down the line, troopers were singled out by individual protesters, who concentrated on breaking through the line. The smiley-faced man in the center of the photo above is using a crossed-arm technique developed in Cuba by people to resist Fidel Castro’s goon squads. In Cuba, the difference being that the people are resisting totalitarian communist state agents, while here communists and anarchists are using it on police in an attempt to get their way by undemocratic means.

Roper repeatedly tried to advance through the line in order to provoke the police for the Lawyers’ Guild cameras, which were trained on this scene for over twenty minutes

The troopers really showed their training and courage as they held the line and waited for reinforcements. Note how the protesters carefully avoid laying hands on law enforcement. They have been schooled in the art of how to provoke by yelling, screaming, and shoving — right up to the line of what would be considered assault.

Can a regular citizen appreciate what these officers are now facing around the world from this Occupy movement? In Europe, officers are being butchered and incinerated (Rome: 40, Athens: 100′s) by Occupy communists and anarchists. While liberal polititians and media coddle and support the radicals, these officers’ lives will be in danger as this lunatic fringe gains ground.

The calm courage of the troopers only seemed to infuriate some of the protesters even more as they tried every foul combination of words to incite trouble.

Roper’s zombie buddies were also harassing individual officers. Hey liberals, try staring at a living, screaming, leftist zombie who’s showering spittle in your face for twenty minutes and see if you like it. Where is it written that a citizen has a right to do this to anyone?

Later on , one of the #OccupyDenver organizers, Jeannie Hartley appeared on Olbermann:

Olbermann: Tell me about the scene on Saturday. The protesters were described as unruly. Are the police being truthful in that statement?

Hartley: To be honest, I have to tell you what I saw. What I witnessed was not anyone being unruly. What I saw was several police officers chasing en masse into the park, running towards one little guy in a tree, and then chasing after another man and throwing him down onto the ground, and putting him in a choke hold, with officers surrounding him. I saw tear gas being dispersed, I saw rubber pellets being shot into the crowd towards people that from my vision were not being unruly. …who from where I was standing were not being unruly at all. We’d had a perfectly peaceful march a perfectly peaceful rally and it turned into something much worse.

… It was extraordinary, the amount of police force that was present, before anything was, by their definition, unruly…

KO: Is there any thought of going to the in Denver or the state courts?

H: Yes, That is something that is in the works. We have an amazing legal team. We are also working with the National Lawyer’s Guild. I can’t address (details) as I’m not an attorney, but I can promise you that’s in the works.

JH: People are in the streets because of injustice. So for the police force to inflict more injustice upon us is not going to make us leave, it’s going to make more people come into the streets.

When they say “Fox News lies”, you now know it’s pure projection, right?

Be sure to read El Marco’s full report. There’s much more.


Video: #OccupyDenver: “You’re Asking for a Military Defeat You F*cking Pigs”

Video: Another Angle of #OccupyDenver Thug Pushing Cop’s Motorcycle

Riot Police Scuffle With #OccupyDenver After Occupiers Kick Officers and Knock One Off His Motorcycle

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Pure Genius: MSNBC’s Schultz Says Reason Obama’s Poll Numbers Are Down Is Because “Nobody in the White House is Talking Like James Hoffa”

Sergeant Schultz was giddy because when Union boss James Hoffa said he wanted to take out those sons of bitches in the tea party, he was “spot on!”

Schultz proceeded to make some truly absurd remarks about how there was nothing wrong with what Hoffa said because of things previously uttered by conservatives such as former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

I guess he forgot about all the calls for civility in political discourse – including from himself! – following the tragic January shootings in Tucson.

Missing his own hypocrisy, Schultz actually told his viewers that President Obama’s poll numbers are down “because liberals in many parts of the country are very frustrated that nobody in the White House is talking like James Hoffa.”

Yeah, he really said that.

Note, he even took time to slam the Republican “young guns” ( Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan) because “young guns” is somehow a troublesome nickname, while glorifying Hoffa’s violent rhetoric.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Schultz brought Hoffa on via satellite to ask the burning question, “Do you think the Republicans are sons of b—hes?”

Hoffa responded, “Well, I think they are if they’re trying to take away food out of the mouth of working people.”

Well yes, that’s the thinking man’s answer. Of course middle class tea partiers (who work for a living, too) “want to take food away from the mouths of working people.” That makes perfect sense.
After listing off a litany of tea party offenses from wanting to take away public union “collective bargaining rights” (guilty!) to “basically (wanting to)take away their pensions” (make modest cuts), he declares, “that’s a BAD person!”
You can count me among the legions BAD persons and SOBs out there who aren’t down with the Obama/big labor/CPUSA agenda.


Obama Still Poised To Silence Critics

Very early in Obama’s presidency, on February 19, 2009 to be exact, I wrote a  post about how this thin skinned president was poised to silence critics of his regime.

We already knew about Obama’s history of intimidation, and character assassination.  We knew how he had tried to destroy his political enemies – at least regular readers of this site know, because I covered it while it was happening, here, and here, and here. While projecting an outward appearance of near messianic magnanimity, his underlings, lawyers, and political allies were always working feverishly to steamroll over critics, (and plaintiffs).

Mark Hyman of  The American Spectator wrote about Obama’s Chicago brand of hardball politics, recently in an article entitled, Obama’s Enemies List. As many of us feared, the “Chicago way” has found a home in The White House:

In only his third full day as the 44th president Obama personally went on the offensive against a media personality. On January 23rd, Obama warned Congressional Republicans against listening to Rush Limbaugh. The man who offered to sit down with Holocaust denier and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without any preconditions whatsoever views an American radio talk show host as a dangerous threat.

In precedent-setting action, Obama moved his director of political affairs, a highly partisan post, from the Old Executive Office Building into the West Wing. Political operative Patrick Gaspard was given White House access not experienced by his predecessors. Obama official Shauna Daly, a non-lawyer and career opposition researcher described as a “partisan dirt-digger,” was assigned to the White House counsel office. The move signals not only a new low in partisan activities, but suggests the office assignment may be intended to hide Daly’s political activities under the guise of the counsel’s attorney-client privileges.

Fast forward over two years later, and nobody even bats an eye at White House enemies lists, lies, threats, intimidation, bullying, corruption, and  opposition research of anyone who looks like a threat to His Highness.

This is the new normal.

So, nothing weird about this report from The Daily Caller, at all:

HuffPo’s Sam Stein writes that Jesse Lee, a member of the Obama administration’s new media department, will take on a new role in replying — at times aggressively — to stories that paint the administration in a bad light.

In a preview of what his duties may be, Lee blasted Fox News commentator Glenn Beck in a White House blog post, accusing Beck of lying and engaging in a “partisan attack to boost ratings.”

“This week, Jesse Lee will move from the new media department into a role in the communications department as Director of Progressive Media & Online Response,” said Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer in an internal memo obtained by the Huffington Post.

Director of “Progressive” Media.  Wonderful.

Bryan Preston calls him, “The Pushback Czar”.

I call him the “Shut-up Czar”, a government paid hack whose job it is  to silence critics.

This comment at the Daily Caller said it all:

When are we going to hear something – better yet, see something – from Obama about jobs??? Today he’s Irish. Last week he was lighting the fuse in Israel. He’s diddling around with his image on twitter and the net. Moats with alligators. Yammering about oil company profits. IT’S THE ECONOMY STOOOPID! This country will remain constipated until we squeeze this disgraceful @#$% from our White House.


This will be a government sanctioned White House version of Obama’s farcical campaign propaganda website,  “Fight the Smears” which  corrected supposed “smears” and “misinformation”, (often just inconvenient truths), with  half truths,  misinformation, and flat out lies of its own.

I plan to hit back twice as hard.

Linked by RD Brewer in Ace of Spades  Headlines, and Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, Doug Ross in Larwyn’s Links, and The Other McCain in Live at Five, and Pirate’s Cove, thanks!


Nobody’s laughing….

Obama Jokes in Ireland: I Should ‘Paddle’ Bad Members of Congress

Members of Congress beware. If you misbehave, you could be getting visit from Barack Obama and his new hurling stick.

After meeting with Ireland’s prime minister yesterday and receiving the stick as a gift, Obama immediately suggested one use unrelated to its place in the native Irish sport of hurling.

He bounced the flat-paddled, wooden club in his hands like a Louisville Slugger and suggested it might make a good weapon for spanking uncooperative representatives and senators.

“If Congress doesn’t behave,” he said, taking a playful swing with his new toy. “I’m going to give them a little paddle, a little hurl.”

With any other President that would be a cute joke. But with this bully in the pulpit, it has ominous implications.


Uh oh — Lee’s wife, Nita Chaudary, behind the “Betray Us” Ad? Googling Jesse Lee

Lee is married to Nita Chaudary. Here is a CSPAN transcriptfrom Sep. 10, 2007, wherein Chaudary represents — and ardently defends — for publishing the Petraeus smear ad prior to Petraeus speaking a word before Congress.Says Chaudary:

We want to make sure the truth gets out there in advance of this testimony.

I found the following bio for Chaudary from 2008:

Nita Chaudhary, Campaign Director at Political Action: Nita leads MoveOn’s campaigns on the Iraq War, Constitutional Liberties as well as running the fundraising program for MoveOn’s 2008 electoral effort. In the past she was the Director of Online organizing for the DNC. She’s also held several positions at People for the American Way, including Media Research Analyst, Web Editor, and Online Organizer.

I think it fairly safe to hypothesize that Chaudary may own that ad: as the leader of MoveOn’s campaigns regarding the Iraq war, the ad as conceived may be her work.


ACORN Reanimating Under New Names – In Time For 2012 Elections

A new book by Matthew Vadum, “Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers”  has been called “0ne of the most comprehensive compilations of evidence against ACORN available,” by Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa). The G-Man calls it “dynamite with a short fuse.”

In The American Spectator, Vadum writes that ACORN is much worse than everything we’ve heard: “It celebrates and promotes the worst pathologies in society in an effort to kill the American experiment in self-governance”.

And it’s in the process of restructuring just in time for the 2012 elections:

ACORN chief organizer Bertha Lewis has created a group called the Black Institute whose agenda is essentially identical to ACORN’s. ACORN founder Wade Rathke is spreading the gospel of Marxist social justice around the world through his offshoot group ACORN International (also known as Community Organizations International).

State chapters have incorporated themselves under new names. New York became New York Communities for Change. California became Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment. Texas became Texas Organizing Project. ACORN’s vote manufacturing division, Project Vote, still operates under the same name and small-c communist Frances Fox Piven still sits on its board. ACORN’s housing bubble generator, ACORN Housing, changed its name to Affordable Housing Centers of America. It’s the same people in the same offices and it just goes on and on.

ACORN insiders have admitted that the “new” groups will re-federate under a new name soon.

Vadum appeared on the “G. Gordon Liddy Show” on May 12, 2011 to discuss his new book.

Vadum’s right – a RICO investigation  and charges of racketeering are in order for ACORN, but the chance of that happening under our radical, community organizing President and his corrupt, enabling Attorney General,  is obviously less than 0. And see, there’s the rub. These Zombie ACORN groups can do a lot of damage to the country before we see a Republican White House – and in fact could help  prevent one through massive voter fraud.

That’s why citizen journalists across the nation need to be on the lookout for these reanimated ACORN groups, and apply the most effective disinfectant – sunlight – on them whenever possible.


Union Whistleblowers Beaten And Harassed By Thugs

Ken Goldfield for News

Sebastian Taravella and Salvatore DiStefano are among several phone company employees who claim they were beaten or threatened.

Wow –  anyone surprised that workers who expose their union bosses’ corrupt,  money grubbing ways are finding their asses in a sling - literally? Union+thug go together like peaches and cream.

The NY Daily News reports:

Unionized phone company employees say they were beaten or threatened after they accused their labor bosses of looting their coffers through various scams.

One member of Communications Workers of America Local 1101 said that after he reported a time-sheet padding scheme, a thug beat him so badly his spine was injured.

Another says he found a dead rat in his locker, while a third said a union officer warned that suspected informants should be brought off company property and “taken care of.”

The threats come to light as the U.S. Labor Department is probing charges that union bosses lined their pockets at the rank-and-file’s expense.

Accusations include an unauthorized 401(k) plan union officers gave themselves funded with members’ dues, along with hefty weekly allowances, lavish expense accounts and six-figure salaries, union documents show.

The feds are also looking into allegations that double-dipping union bosses illegally received pay from Verizon and the local for the same hours, sources said.

“This was union greed and that’s worse than corporate greed,” said Kevin Condy, a reform movement leader of the 6,700-member local that represents mostly Verizon workers in Manhattan and the Bronx. “These guys acted like they felt they were entitled.”

And, some members charge, the bosses retaliated when threatened with exposure.

This is just lovely:

DiStefano told the Daily News he was “attacked by a union thug” as he started the morning shift at a Verizon garage in the Bronx in April 2009. “He pounded me with his fists, he spit on me, he choked me and threw me down to the floor,” he said.

DiStefano said he suffered two herniated discs and had knee problems that required surgery. He got workers’ compensation as a result, records show.

Taravella said a dead rat was put in his locker with “a note tied to his tail” that said “Rest in Peace, Sebbie.”

The NY Daily News reports that the Labor Department would not comment on the story.

More good news for workers in  California . Doug Ross reports Card Check is about to be signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown.

ThIf SB104 passes, it could have major ramifications for California agriculture… The card-check bill, sponsored by the United Farm Workers Union, effectively eliminates secret ballot elections for union certification. A labor organization would be certified as the workers’ bargaining representative by submitting cards bearing the signatures of a majority of the employees…

Opponents of the bill believe eliminating secret ballot elections will give a green light to worker intimidation, coercion and bullying from union leaders…

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