Video: The Union Goon Who Attacked Crowder Had Spewed Profanities at Him Earlier in the Day

Via FTR Radio, another exclusive video of the menacing mob behavior that eventually brought down the AFP tent.
Most of us have seen the attack on Steven Crowder by the union thug. This video shows the guy approaching Crowder about an hour before the punch while he was debating pro-union protesters in front of the tent. According to eye witness, Thomas La Duke of FTR Radio, this video provides strong evidence that the guy was looking for a fight…
Go to 1:57 to 3:30: (Language warning):
La Duke: “Note to MSM or anyone else. This is UNEDITED video so try to keep that spin to a minimum.”

Video: Hannity Guest Tells Steven Crowder: ‘You Deserved What You Got’

On his Fox show, Wednesday night, Hannity pit Steven Crowder against a union supporter who said Crowder deserved what he got when he was sucker punched several times in the face by an enraged union thug.  His guest, Andy Sullivan of Blue Collar Corner, charged that Crowder incited the violence by pushing the thug down, which is a narrative that I’m guessing the left has latched on to, since the thug had gone down right before he lunged at Crowder, throwing punches.

As should be obvious, however, Crowder wasn’t there for a physical fight – one guy against a crowd of hundreds. His arms were up in the air most of the time, to show that he was peaceful.

“He did go down, he was attacking a tent!” Crowder exclaimed.

“It was a melee!”, he explained, “everyone was grabbing and pulling, and trying to keep the tent from being torn down….”

The guy was either pushed to the ground – or lost balance and fell – during the scuffle between the Right to Work supporters defending the tent, and the union goons trying to knock it down. In other words – defensive actions vs offensive actions….It’s unclear to me whether or not Crowder had a hand in knocking him off balance, while he trying to keep a tent with women and children inside from being knocked down. Crowder doesn’t seem to know, himself – like he said, “it was a melee.”

New Unedited Videos Show AFP Tent Being Attacked by Union Thugs as Lefties Claim “False Flag” (Video)

Thomas La Duke of FTR Radio released more video this morning of the rabid melee that took place in Lansing, MI, yesterday as the Right to Work bill was signed into law. As was widely reported, a union supporting Michigan Democrat promised that “there would be blood, “giving license to the unionistas to get violent, and Teamsters boss, James Hoffa predicted, “we’re going to have a civil war”, adding fuel to the fire. Right-to-Work supporters were assaulted multiple times by the union mob, and pro-union thugs destroyed the Americans for Prosperity tent while people were inside…
As news of the union thuggery circulated, the left-wing spin machine sprung into action – The Teamsters put up a post on their website  that claimed the video of union supporters destroying the AFP tent was a “False Flag” operation to make unions look bad… (As if they needed any help.)

Soon, a dozen or so left-wing blogs were reporting the same thing – Memorandum shows a number of collectivist blogs signing on to “the Breitbart folks faked the violence” meme. According to one blogger: Breitbart Folks Appear to Fake Violence in Lansing:
When I saw this video-claiming that a “violent mob” destroyed the tent the Koch brothers had paid for in front of the Michigan Capitol-I knew right away it was likely a false flag.  After all, Stranahan, James O’Keefe’s buddy, first posted it.
Predictably, MSNBC’s resident intellectual, Ed Schultz is also running interference for the union goons with this report: At Michigan protest, charges of violence, dirty tricks:

…one eyewitness tells he thinks there may be more to the story. Thomas Duckworth, a Michigan resident and lifelong union member, said he’d been at the AFP tent earlier in the day, when he noticed a man in an NRA hat. Later, he said, he saw the man deliberately loosening the ropes holding the tent up. Duckworth acknowledged that labor supporters had cheered the tent’s collapse, but suggested that AFP had deliberately helped initiate the it, in order to depict their adversaries as an unruly mob.The progressive communications group Progress Michigan also conducted an interview with Duckworth. You can find the video on their YouTube page.

A photo of Duckworth is credited to an MSNBC’s writer, but was taken inside the Progress Michigan offices, suggesting that the two organizations coordinated.

Thomas La Duke’s first video shows the inside of the tent as an incredulous La Duke and Steven Crowder are holding up a corner  as the unionistas bum rushed the tent for the first time. An AFP official can be heard outside the tent speaking through a bullhorn asking the union thugs to respect their right to free speech and their property rights and repeatedly asking that they “please step away from the tent.” La Duke claims the tent was rushed three times before it came down.

This  video of the back of the tent was filmed in the area where Crowder got punched. La Duke didn’t catch that shot because he was focusing on the lil fella who was kicking in the corner of the tent.
In one of the videos, a unionista can be heard yelling that AFP people should have been ‘Aborted” and laughing about it.
The State police showed up AFTER the tent had  come down.
La Duke: “NONE of the videos is edited so that the leftists pushing that crap can kiss it.”
More “False Flag” hijinks?
Obviously the work of  racist teabaggers  trying to make the noble, peace-loving  union members look bad.

Barack Obama – Call Off Your Dogs


It has been said that two things trump everything else in Obama’s mind: redistributing the wealth and empowering labor unions. When he succeeds in  driving us over the fiscal cliff, our first Marxist President’s scheme to turn America into a Socialist paradise will be nearly complete.

In an odd turn of events, though, even as Socialism in America is in ascendance, its shock troops, the unions, are becoming less popular and less powerful. Today in Lansing, MI, as a right to work bill was signed into law,  union thugs, threw a massive temper tantrum reminiscent of what happened nearly two years ago in Wisconsin. “There Will Be Blood:” a Michigan Legislator threatened, and the state’s union goons obliged….

Right-to-Work supporters were assaulted multiple times by the union mob.

Jimmy Hoffa: We’re Going To Have a “Civil War” in Michigan…

The pro-union thugs destroyed the Americans for Prosperity tent while people were inside..

Union thugs assaulted Steven Crowder who was reporting on the scene:

He talked about the assault on Dana Loesch’s show, this afternoon, where he said that he would  have been torn limb from limb if he had fought back.

“When assaulted during mob rule, you just gotta to kind of turtle and let them whale on you..and that’s what happened, today….this wasn’t an isolated incident – the Dark Knight Rises has nothing on this as far as mob rule….I’ve never seen anything like it…”

More ugliness: SICK… Union Thugs Destroy AFP Tent on Michigan Capitol Lawn Then Cut It & Divvy Up the Spoils (Video)

As you may remember, Obama once told the SEIU audience “your agenda’s been my agenda….” and during the first year of his nightmare reign, SEIU union chief Andy Stern was the most common visitor to the Obama White House.

Since Stern stepped down, Obama’s new best friend is Richard Trumka, the head of the AFL-CIO.

Richard Trumka was asked in a meeting “How often do you get to have conversations with the White House?” to which Trumka replied “Conversations or be at the White House?” followed by nervous laughter. Trumka then replied “I’m at the White House a couple times a week…two, three times a week.”

Then Trumka clarified “I have conversations everyday with someone in the White House or in the administration, EVERYDAY.”

It’s no secret that the Communist Party USA openly and actively collaborates with the Democrat National Committee, Obama’s personal campaign (Organizing for America),, Rock the Vote and the AFL-CIO.

Obama and big labor share the same hard left (Communist) agenda and are joined at the hip.

Joel Pollak of Big Government maintains Obama owes the peaceful right to work demonstrators who were assaulted in Michigan, today, an apology:

Obama traveled to Michigan yesterday to support the unions’ protest against the laws, which would allow most workers to decline union membership. Currently, many workers in Michigan are forced to join unions as a condition of employment. Republicans sought to change the law to make the state more competitive. Right-to-work states typically enjoy faster economic growth, higher job creation and lower unemployment rates.

Fellow Democrat Doug Geiss, a state legislator, had vowed earlier that “there will be blood” if the legislation passed; he failed to apologize, merely stating that he supported “nonviolence” in union protests. No Democrat or union representative, as of this writing, has apologized for the violence that took place today in Lansing.

In the past, conservatives have been held to account for random acts of violence that were entirely unrelated to anything they had said or done. In January 2011, for example, Gov. Sarah Palin was held responsible by media commentators for Jared Loughner’s crazed shooting spree in Arizona, merely because she previously used a political map with targets on it, indicating places where she focused her efforts in the 2010 elections.

In this case, the connection with Obama is direct. He went to Michigan to encourage the unions and oppose the state government; the unions turned out to protest and attacked those who had come to support the right-to-work legislation. In addition to the assault on Crowder, union members tore down a tent that had been pitched by Americans for Prosperity; Breitbart News’ Lee Stranahan captured the union members’ attack as the tent collapsed, with people inside, as union marshals looked on.

Pollak calls on the president to “live up to the commitment to “civility” he promised after Tucson, admonish his union allies, and apologize.”

The leader of the free world was also expected to condemn the Islamist President Morsi’s power grab in Egypyt.

He was expected to admonish James Hoffa when he told a crowd of union supporters to “Let’s Take These Son of a Bitches Out”.

And I’ve been saying for four years that Obama should condemn the use of his image on American flags.

We’re still waiting….


The union goon who sucker punched Crowder has been identified:

Gateway Pundit:UNION THUG Who Beat Steven Crowder ID’ed – His Name Is Tony Camargo (Updated)


Neil Munro, The Daily Caller: White House declines to condemn union violence in Michigan:

White House spokesman Jay Carney declined to condemn the increasing violence and threats by union members in Michigan, merely telling reporters Tuesday that “the president believes in debate that’s civil.”

When asked by a reporter about a claim by Michigan state Democrat that “there will be blood” should Republicans pass a union-choice law in Michigan, Carney professed ignorance and then downplayed the comment.

“I haven’t see those comments, and I’m not sure they mean what someone interprets them to mean,” he said.

Those comparisons some people (me) made of Obama to the Dark Knight character, Bane, are looking pretty prescient, right now…
This seems to be the Facebook page of one of the tent attackers from listener   Lorraine. Chris Opalewski, going by his physical appearance and name stitched onto his jacket and present on the back of his helmet, screamed “He’s got a gun!” “I’ll kill a [the?] motherfucker with a gun! I killed 20 motherfuckers with a gun!”
You are going to love this….
Believe it or not, there’s now a Memorandum thread with a number of collectivist blogs signing on to “the Breitbart folks faked the violence” meme.
When I saw this video-claiming that a “violent mob” destroyed the tent the Koch brothers had paid for in front of the Michigan Capitol-I knew right away it was likely a false flag.  After all, Stranahan, James O’Keefe’s buddy, first posted it.
Depressingly enough – the drones actually buy this BS.


Michelle Malkin: Video gallery of union thuggery in Michigan; Updated

Video: Obama Supporters Paid $11 an Hour by SEIU to Protest Romney Rally in PA

So this is the same protest near Cleveland Ohio, where those  two Mensa recipients were caught on tape gushing about Obama’s free phones, and saying that our Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens deserved what he got. I said that guy looked like a union goon, didn’t I?

This video should go viral because it exposes the type of astroturf in which the organized left specializes. The Community Organizer in Chief”s partner in political thuggery, the SEIU actually pays people to protest Mitt Romney at his appearances.

Does America want these repulsive people to win in November?


Gateway Pundit reports that the SEIU is also paying their goons in FL to harass Allen West:  Allen West Stalkers  Barge in on Rally Unfurl Banner and Scream on Bullhorns (Video)


Video: Why Chicago Teachers are Striking

Why are They Striking? – Created by Ben Howe for the

Via CNN: The official reasons they’re striking:

Q. What’s the sticking point?

A. Among the major issues, the teachers are negotiating over the length of the school day, objecting to their evaluations being tied to performance and fretting about potential job losses.

Q. How would the length of school days change?

A. Elementary students would gain 75 minutes to create a seven-hour school day. High school students would gain 30 minutes to create a seven-and-a-half-hour school day. Teachers wants additional .money to teach the additional hours.

They are also asking for a hefty 30% pay raise in a city where only 15 percent of fourth graders are proficient in reading, and only 56 percent actually graduate from high school:

Some facts you may not have seen (unless, of course, you’ve been reading the Foundry): the average Chicago teacher makes $71,000 a year before benefits. That’s $24,000 more than the average Chicago resident, and second only to New York City in teachers’ salaries.

Who Owns May Day?

The once innocent placing of May Day baskets and the celebration of Spring  has been secreted away only to be replaced by events for every wannabe occupy group from Oakland to NYC and beyond .  What is the attraction to May Day? While it is a holiday in other countries and the communist worker’s day,  groups here are trying to use May Day to revitalize the occupy passion again after it fizzled out in a slow degradation of health and safety issues at most encampments.

A sampling of posters and event schedules suggests that anyone can claim the day; immigrant rights, gay rights, free education, labor unions, anti corporate greed, anti Wall Street greed. Some roll it into a more enigmatic phrase, 99% Spring. Most art or graffiti is a call to return to the glory of the camp. All agree that no one should work, shop, attend school or have fun.  That’s what they’ve  always had in common anyway. Emphasis this year is put on students and teachers to abandon school, or better yet,  bring the whole class to Occupy.

“No single day, park, or effort can contain our vision; instead, we propose and will struggle to make all our universities places of free education, inquiry, and access to knowledge for all. We demand that our society put forward the necessary resources to provide such an education for all”.

Not all posters claim May Day peace and love. There are always the unspecified threats from Anonymous seen in this depiction.

” …official websites announce plans to “occupy” Manhattan-bound bridges and tunnels as well as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Tuesday. Besides street protests, sympathizers are asked to engage in a U.S. general strike to “shut it down,” referring to the country’s economy”.


Some posters display weapons or torching.  The headless cop is by far the most provocative. Many advocate picket lines, sit-ins, road blocks, and shut downs, the usual fare.  Seattle is bracing for violence cited in the Mayor’s press release.  LA activists claim they will shut down the flow of capital.

SEIU will be right in the middle again but will disavow any knowledge of property damage or violence. Expect the police to be blamed if people get hurt.

Of course, there will be drum circles and after parties.

By Mr. Nice Deb

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Video: Workforce Fairness Institute Spokesman discusses Obama’s NLRB Demand That Employers Hand Over Employee Personal Info to Union Bosses on Fox Business

The Workforce Fairness Institute’s Fred Wszolek discussed the NLRB’s latest overreach that would require employers to hand over a worker’s personal information to a union boss on FBC Varney & Company. It’s inconceivable to me that anyone in their right minds would think that forcing employers to hand over their employees’ private contact info to people who are known for their intimidation tactics, would be a good idea.

Thankfully, new legislation is already being considered by Congress to circumvent this: H.R. 3991, the Keeping Employees’ Emails & Phones Secure Act (KEEP Secure Act)

Recent Proposal To Revise The Excelsior Rule

The ink was hardly dry on President Obama’s recess appointments of three new Board members, when the NLRB Chairman Mark Pearce announced that he would ask the newly-formed Board to adopt the balance of the Board’s originally proposed Election Rule including its proposed revisions to the Excelsior Rule that would require the disclosure of employees’ personal contact information.

The KEEP Secure Act Will Protect Employee Privacy

To the extent employees provide their employer with their personal e-mail addresses and telephone numbers it is with the expectation that that information will be used for the purposes for which it was provided, which more often than not, is to contact the employee or his/her family in the event of emergency.  There is no federal law; however, that protects such private contact information from unwanted disclosure to third parties.  The KEEP Secure Act will fill that void during a union organizing campaign by making the requirements of the Board’s existing Excelsior Rule a matter of federal statutory law.

Forcing employers to turn over their employees’ personal contact information is not only inconsistent with employees’ privacy expectations; it is also ruinous public policy.  Whether to unionize or not is one of the most important decisions an employee will make.  It is a difficult question and for that reason, union elections are often contentious with strong feelings being expressed on both sides of the question.  Employees need their private space to calmly consider the issue.  Providing union leadership with the personal contact information of workers, however, will enable a union to invade that space and rob employees of the opportunity to carefully consider the union question free from undue influence.  Such access could also tempt some unions to use it to pressure, even intimidate and coerce an employee.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

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POTU (President of the Unions) Visits Wisconsin – ‘Seizes on Positive Economic Report’

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker presents President Barack Obama with a Milwaukee Brewers baseball jersey upon his arrival at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Obama made a taxpayer-funded campaign trip to Wisconsin where he tried to take credit for Walker’s success in growing the state’s economy.  Obama hopes to see Walker defeated  in the Recall effort, thereby re-energizing his left-wing base that is so vital to his winning Wisconsin and its 10 Electoral College points in November.
In spite of those tensions, The Washington Times reports that Gov.Walker  greeted the president at the airport in Milwaukee and presented him with a Brewers baseball jersey.

But the governor bowed out of the planned Master Lock tour with Mr. Obama, saying he had a stomach flu. Mr. Walker said his decision not to accompany the president to the plant had nothing to do with politics.

“If it was politics, I wouldn’t have greeted him here,” Mr. Walker told a pool reporter traveling with the president. “Today’s the president’s day. I’m appreciative he’s in Wisconsin, appreciative he’s focused on manufacturing. We’ll leave politics for another day.”

Mr. Walker is the target of a recall election that could come in the spring or summer. Both sides in the debate are portraying the recall election as a test of how Mr. Obama will fare in Wisconsin this year.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, a native of Wisconsin, called Mr. Obama’s visit “nothing more than yet another taxpayer-paid … campaign stop by the president.”

Coinciding with his speech on the economy, Mr. Obama seized on a positive economic report Wednesday showing that manufacturing production rose 0.7 percent in January.

“Our job is to seize this moment of opportunity to create new American jobs and American manufacturing,” the president said. “And the place to start is our tax code.”

It’s been Walker’s conservative, pro-growth policies that have been helping Wisconsin dig out of the hole, not anything Obama did. The fact that he would try to horn in on Walker’s success, while on a taxpayer funded campaign stop, while his union supporters are working tirelessly to unseat the Governor — is almost too much to take.
The Tea Party Express is asking for donations to help spread the word about Gov Walker’s conservative achievements, and fight back against Obama and his failed policies.
Join the Tea Party Express and send Obama a message: We the People will NOT be bullied and we will NOT be silenced! We are here to fight for our country and defend the principles she was founded on!
Donate $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or even more! Click here to contribute now!

Oversight and Reform: Faces of Forced Union Political Contributions (Videos)

Last week, the Committee on Government Oversight and Reform turned its attention to the injustice of forced union membership, focusing on the appalling union practice of forcing American workers to give money to partisan political activity they oppose.

Via an Oversight and Reform press release:

On February 8th, three of these workers testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform about how forced political contributions violate their freedom and rights.  But Terry Bowman, Claire Waites and Sally Coomer are not alone: many workers are not even informed of their right to control their own hard-earned money, facing threats and intimidation when they are brave enough to speak out against this unfair loss of workplace freedom and fairness.  These are the faces of forced contributions to the union special interest agenda.

SALLY COOMER: Denied the Right to Choose by SEIU Leaders:

 “We were required at the end of 2009 to quit our agency employment and transfer over to a system that is unionized by the SEIU, called the Individual Provider System.  Caring for my daughter is not a job that requires union intervention…The thing that is very discouraging for me is every month, you know, I’m seeing close to $95 a month being taken out of the check for union dues, going to causes I do not support.  For me, that $95 a month would provide an additional 9 to 10 hours of care for Becky directly…. I feel very strongly that any type of union that a person belongs to that if the union is going to take out union dues that that employee should be well-aware of what those dues are being spent for. And that, if they are using it for political purposes that they should be aware of that and they should be able to make a choice as to whether or not that that is what they want their union dues to be spent on.”


Terry Bowman, United Auto Workers (UAW) Member from Ypsilanti, Mich:

“You know, the United States government has given labor unions the ability to trump an individual’s First Amendment right and force the seizure of an individual’s personal property – their wages – for simply exercising their pursuit of happiness by applying for a job.  I really would like my first amendment right of freedom of association back. I do not have the ability to exercise that right in a forced union state. Unfortunately the union dues that I am forced to pay, much of that goes to political reasons that I disagree with.  To the people who are actually pulling my dues out, you do not have to right to use my money as you so choose to use it. The fact that my plant chairman, at a union meeting, will stand up there and point to all of us and say you all better be voting for democrats is not what a union was created to do and is not what it was meant to do.  So unions have lost their way. They realized that compulsion was not the way to go, but when they smelled the potential hundreds of millions of dollars from forced unionism, they had to go that route. I think it’s quite unfortunate.”

Claire Waites, National Education Association (NEA) Member from Daphne, Ala:

“I am in the Baldwin County Teacher’s Association, the Alabama Education Association, and the National Education Association because there are no other carriers for liability insurance for teachers in the state of Alabama.  The NEA Fund for Children, you’d think it’s a fund for children and it’ll go to actually classroom expenses or classroom projects or teacher grants or actually go to underprivileged children. In reality, the NEA Fund for Children goes to political action groups that they choose. We have no voice. They choose who they would like the money to go to… Right now in the economy, classroom teachers need money. This is the third year that I’ve bought my own classroom supplies. For the $180 that I gave to the Children’s Fund, that’s three classroom labs in my room.  My message to NEA is that if you’re going to have a children’s fund have a children’s fund. If you’re going to have a PAC fund, have a PAC fund. Don’t trick me to give to your PAC fund by making it named a children’s fund.”

   REPORT: “Workplace Freedom and Fairness: Are Workers Forced to Fund Political Causes They Oppose?”


Video: Scott Walker CPAC 2012 Speech vs Bob Chanin NEA Convention 2009 Speech – Support Governor Walker!

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spoke at the CPAC convention in Washington DC on Feb. 10, 2012. He outlined his plan for fiscal responsibility by requiring the corrupt public unions to “pay their fair share” for their  pension and benefit plans.

I like the fact that someone took the time to compare Walker’s speech with NEA Chief Counsel Bob Chanin’s speech at the NRA convention, July 6, 2009 because it provides an amazing contrast.

One speech is gracious,  informed and about promoting personal freedom -  the other one is an unconcealed tribute to raw power. Because that is the thing that motivates liberals more than anything else.


To no one’s surprise widespread fraud is being uncovered in the recall effort.

The Mental Recession: Wisconsin Recall Petitions Show Serious Problems:

Via True the Vote:

The integrity of Wisconsin elections is on the verge of implosion, as United Wisconsin’s coordinated effort to recall six Wisconsin officials has led to the submission of more than 1,000,000 petition signatures. In an effort to audit these signatures True the Vote is discovering significant errors, including duplicate signatures, incorrect addresses, and the like.

Thus far, the organization has found discrepancies for nearly 9,000 petition signatures.

Please read the press release below and consider volunteering your support.  As we’re learning almost on a daily basis – protecting the integrity of the election process can only be done if the people still care about that process.

Do you?

True the Vote.

The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama has been pushing hard for their  $100,000 Money Bomb to DEFEAT the RECALL.

We thought we were going to hit our first milestone of $75,000 – but thanks to everyone’s support we are now just over $85,000.

This means we can reach the goal of $100,000 within the next 24 hours (by the end of the day on Monday).  Think of it this way, if just 150 people contribute $100 or more we’ll have surpassed the goal!

Once again, here is singer/songwriter and Wisconsinite Glen Shulfer’s excellent musical  tribute to Governor Walker:

Stand With Scott Walker © 2012 Glen Shulfer

When we faced an uphill climb, with a future not too bright,
there was one man for the time, who was promising to fight.
He would stand up for “us all” when he tamed the status quo.
Now he’s standing 10-feet tall from Ashland to Monroe.

We will stand with Governor Walker.
Because he does what he says; not just a big fancy talker.
We will stand with Governor Walker.
We got to keep moving ahead, all the way, with Governor Walker.

He took on the deficit, and asked the union folks to pay
just a teeny-tiny bit, to make it fair in every way.
A balanced budget, he can claim without taxing you and me.
And in the end it wasn’t shame, but a total victory.

We will stand with Governor Walker.
Because he does what he says; not just a big fancy talker.
We will stand with Governor Walker.
We got to keep moving ahead, all the way, with Governor Walker.
Oh no we can’t go back again.
We got to keep moving ahead with Governor Walker.
Mr. Scott Walker, our Wisconsin Governor.

We are proud of Governor Walker.
We can never, ever, never let him down;
we got to keep him in MAD Town.
We will stand with Governor Walker.
And we’re not going back. No way!
We got to keep Governor Walker.

Issa Blasts NLRB In Letter For Deliberately Withholding Documents Regarding Boeing Case

Via Oversight and Reform:

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, sent a letter to the National Labor Relations Board on Monday, October 17th, stating that the NLRB is deliberately withholding documents from the committee regarding the NRLB case against the Boeing Company.

Investors Business Daily reported:

A powerful House Republican committee chairman accused the National Labor Relations Board of being a “rogue agency” in a letter to its general counsel Monday. The chairman claimed the NLRB knowingly withheld damaging documents relating to his committee’s probe of the agency’s controversial Boeing (BA) complaint.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darryl Issa, R-Calif., in a letter to Lafe Solomon, NLRB acting general counsel, said the withheld documents “demonstrate that the NLRB is acting as a rogue agency that believes it does not have to fully answer to Congress.”

Issa was referring to a cache of emails obtained earlier this month by the watchdog group Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act.

He expressed anger that the emails were not turned over to his committee first and said the messages demonstrated the agency’s lack of impartiality. He further alleged that some of them contradicted claims NLRB staffers made as part of his committee’s probe.

NLRB spokeswoman Nancy Cleland said the agency had not withheld the emails. She said that the committee’s requests and the FOIA requests that produced the emails were handled separately by different people and that caused confusion.

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Video: Some Videos For The #OccupyWallstreet Crowd

I’m reaching out to the #occupywallstreet crowd with some videos because some people learn better through imagery.

There is a reason many in the center-right have been ridiculing #occupywallstreet as clueless, incoherent children who don’t seem to have seem to have the slightest idea how detached from reality their  message/argument/vision – whatever is.

LaborUnionReport recently posted a basic synopsis of the current economic crisis which they are wanting to blame on “corporate greed”, instead of the risk aversion created by Barack Obama’s attacks on job creators, and essentially all of  the  leftist policies they support.

…NY Governor Andrew Cuomo gave birth to the subprime mortgage meltdown and the Great Recession.

As the Village Voice stated in 2008:

Andrew Cuomo, the youngest Housing and Urban Development secretary in history, made a series of decisions between 1997 and 2001 that gave birth to the country’s current crisis. He took actions that—in combination with many other factors—helped plunge Fannie and Freddie into the subprime markets without putting in place the means to monitor their increasingly risky investments.

Of course, let us not forget  Barack Obama’s ACORN, and its role in sowing the seeds to the crisis:

THE seeds of today’s financial meltdown lie in the Community Reinvestment Act – a law passed in 1977 and made riskier by unwise amendments and regulatory rulings in later decades.

CRA was meant to encourage banks to make loans to high-risk borrowers, often minorities living in unstable neighborhoods. That has provided an opening to radical groups like ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) to abuse the law by forcing banks to make hundreds of millions of dollars in “subprime” loans to often uncreditworthy poor and minority customers.

However, since most of the neo-Coms camping in Zuccotti Park were still in diapers when Bill Clinton was in office, they are likely too young to remember the Clinton era [Monica, who?]. Moreover, to them, Carter is likely just that cool old dude that likes negotiating with comrades overseas.

Either too young, or they are too indoctrinated in their Marxist ideologies, too lazy to investigate, or just too stupid to care that the ‘corporatism’ they are fighting is, in reality, the result of government interventionism propagated by the same union Leftists they have been clamoring for approval from.

Hear  your compatriots in Congress defend a mortgage program that was doomed to fail:


Here’s a dirty little secret: Corporations are in business to make money. Yep, I said it. There’s no denying that. But here’s the cool thing:  Amazing innovations that contribute to the betterment of society come from the private sector. Like the cell phones you’ve been using, (to use the obvious example) Or like The Esteem Hearing Implant, a product of the eeeevil corporation,  Envoy Medical:

Envoy Medical Corporation was founded – originally as St. Croix Medical – in 1995 to design, manufacture, and bring to market the world’s first, and only, fully implantable hearing restoration device not to use a microphone or speaker. Envoy Medical began its operations in March of 1996 and spent its first several years developing the breakthrough technology that has become Esteem® – The Hearing ImplantTM.

Envoy Medical successfully completed a feasibility study in 2002. After a few improvements to the product design, pivotal clinical trials were initiated in 2004 in both the European Union and the United States. Envoy Medical received its CE Mark approval to market the Esteem® in the European Union in May of 2006.

In August of 2009, Envoy Medical completed its Esteem® premarket approval (“PMA”) application and submitted it to the Food and Drug Administration. On August 27, 2009, the FDA notified Envoy Medical that they had received the Esteem® PMA application and decided to grant the application expedited processing for the following reason:

“We believe that the Esteem Totally Implantable Hearing System represents a breakthrough technology, which provides an alternative to non-implantable and partially implantable hearing aid technology.”

On March 17, 2010, Envoy Medical received the formal premarket approval letter from the FDA granting approval for commercial distribution of the Esteem®.


Do you understand that this amazing breakthrough in technology would never be possible under the onerous taxes and regulations you would see inflicted on corporations, or under a government run bureaucracy? The #occupyWallstreet endorsed  President is already making it more difficult for corporations like Envoy by adding hundreds of more jobs and innovation crushing red tape on their businesses.

How is that good? How does that help the economy? Do you not understand that the more government gets involved in our day to day affairs, the less freedom to innovate and achieve excellence occurs?

I’ll leave you with the brilliant economist, Milton Friedman, who famously addressed the topic of “greed” on the Phil Donahue Show, many years ago:


Video: Ed Schultz Lies About Ohio Union Reform Bill, Calls Proponents “Sons Of Bitches”

The first half of this edifying video shows you the union fueled demagoguery that Schultz is regurgitating, (without actually reading Ohio’s SB 5, himself.) In the second half, the journalist interviews the “son of a bitch” who authored the legislation”, Sen. Shannon Jones. She tells him her bill actually provides stronger safety protections for fighters and policemen than the existing law:

Will Schultz take  Sen. Jones’ advice and actually read the bill? He would if he were interested in the truth, but obviously, the MSNBC host is much more interested in towing the Obamacentric pro-union line, so the drones will have to continue in  their ignorance.

Via Breitbart TV.


Pure Genius: MSNBC’s Schultz Says Reason Obama’s Poll Numbers Are Down Is Because “Nobody in the White House is Talking Like James Hoffa”

Sergeant Schultz was giddy because when Union boss James Hoffa said he wanted to take out those sons of bitches in the tea party, he was “spot on!”

Schultz proceeded to make some truly absurd remarks about how there was nothing wrong with what Hoffa said because of things previously uttered by conservatives such as former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

I guess he forgot about all the calls for civility in political discourse – including from himself! – following the tragic January shootings in Tucson.

Missing his own hypocrisy, Schultz actually told his viewers that President Obama’s poll numbers are down “because liberals in many parts of the country are very frustrated that nobody in the White House is talking like James Hoffa.”

Yeah, he really said that.

Note, he even took time to slam the Republican “young guns” ( Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan) because “young guns” is somehow a troublesome nickname, while glorifying Hoffa’s violent rhetoric.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Schultz brought Hoffa on via satellite to ask the burning question, “Do you think the Republicans are sons of b—hes?”

Hoffa responded, “Well, I think they are if they’re trying to take away food out of the mouth of working people.”

Well yes, that’s the thinking man’s answer. Of course middle class tea partiers (who work for a living, too) “want to take food away from the mouths of working people.” That makes perfect sense.
After listing off a litany of tea party offenses from wanting to take away public union “collective bargaining rights” (guilty!) to “basically (wanting to)take away their pensions” (make modest cuts), he declares, “that’s a BAD person!”
You can count me among the legions BAD persons and SOBs out there who aren’t down with the Obama/big labor/CPUSA agenda.


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