Video: Jerome Corsi Claims Andrew Breitbart’s Last Interview Was With Joe Arpaio

What were the two biggest stories in America on March 1, 2012? One was the shocking and devastating news that Andrew Breitbart was dead, and the other was – (or should have been) Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s press conference on the results of his investigation into Barack Obama’s eligibility, because he found that the thing posted on the White House website, last April was a complete and utter forgery, as document experts have been saying since the beginning.  Unfortunately, story #1 sucked the oxygen out of story #2.

I’m gonna keep talking about story #2. I think Andrew would approve, since he was apparently interested in the story, too. It came out during Thursday’s press conference that Andrew Breitbart’s last interview may well have been with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Video via The Western Center For Journalism:

With the announcement of Andrew’s passing overnight we could not help recalling our conversation just 3 weeks ago in Washington, DC. Andrew said on Feb 9, 2012 in Washington, DC “wait til they see what happens March first.”

He’s talking about the Thursday night  CPAC blog bash – I shared a cab ride back to the hotel with the blogger who wrote those words. He was a jovial bon-vivant, “out and proud”, laughing and joking in the back seat of the cab. I asked him who he was, and he said, Larry Sinclair.


Drudge is now running the headline:'Wait til they see what happens March 1st'... (link to Info Wars.) They think he was talking about starting the roll out of the videos on that date.


Media Buzz: Chris Christie Mulling a 2012 Run

Republicans are still concerned that the current field is weak, and both Rick Perry and Romney leaves them with  doubts; Romney, because he’s  a technocrat who doesn’t have firm convictions, and Perry, because people are not sure of his ability to articulate his views.

See Breitbart T.V. for a serious discussion of a possible Christie Run on Fox News Sunday, where Wall Street Journal editor, Paul Gigot shares some insider info on the situation. He claims that there have enough people who have gone to him now and said, “look this field is weak, and none of them may be able to beat the president, we need a republican president, we think you can do it. Now is your moment….”

He says he’s thinking about it now, very carefully.

I’ve noted  the fact that Christie has repeatedly and forcefully denied that he has any interest in running in 2012 is a problem. After all, Obama did the very same thing after he was elected to the US Senate in 2004.  In his case it always looked like the White House was the ultimate goal, and the denials were less than sincere. In Christie’s case, I have no doubt that when he was elected Governor of New Jersey, he had no greater aspirations than fixing the financial mess in that state. But now he can say , with the country’s bleak economic forecast,  he’s been pulled into this thing almost against his will. We need someone who can fix the financial mess we’re in, and he’s the man to do it.

Jennifer Rubin also making the case for Christie, points to a recent speech he made at the American Enterprise Institute where he made the case for entitlement reform:

And here’s the thing about that speech at AEI: He didn’t use a teleprompter. Sitting in the audience about five or six rows back, I didn’t see a written speech. On either side of me were mainstream reporters who were entirely transfixed. His humor is dry, he treats the audience like adults and he’s refusing to parrot the usual blather that pols dole out to a cynical press corps. That room had wonks and Tea Party advocates. It had conservative and mainstream media. And to a person, the reaction to that performance was “Wow.”

Let’s consider for a moment Christie in the GOP debate. Can you imagine what he’d say about Perry’s backpedaling on Social Security? Could you imagine him letting Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) get away with nonsense about America bringing 9/11 on itself? Ooof. I imagine he’d brush off Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) with a shake of the head and a sly remark. (“Michele, that’s cuckoo land stuff. Mental retardation isn’t caused by a vaccination.”) And as for Romney, Christie would have a solid case to make that you really can govern as a full-throated conservative in a blue state.


Perhaps the best aspect to a Christie governance is his inclination to challenge conservatives, to aspire beyond rhetoric. At AEI he concluded:

[S]ome people say I’m too combative, some people say I’m too much of a fighter. Well, I’ll tell you, I’m fighting now because now is the time that matters most for New Jersey’s future and in America’s future. We are teetering on the edge of disaster. And I love when people talk about American exceptionalism but American exceptionalism has to include the courage to do the right thing. It cannot just be a belief that because we are exceptional, everything will work okay. Part of truly being exceptional is being willing to do the difficult things, is to stop playing the political games , stop looking at the bumper pool of politics and to step up and start doing the right thing. . . . See it seems to me, that what America is really all about is about a group of people who came from every corner of this earth because they wanted a chance for greatness. That’s what has made us the greatest country on Earth. Our calling for greatness at this time is to confront these issues, to say them out loud, and to stop playing around and to not waste another minute. . . .

Rubin includes more of the text from Christie’s speech in her post, which you should read to understand why people are so impressed.

One of the reasons why I was so behind a Paul Ryan run, is because people who have the gift of being able to speak brilliantly extemporaneously, are  a rare commodity. We need such a person to run against Obama to clean his clock in a debate. Obama’s slick propaganda would be reduced to the weak pablum that it is, matched against the superior rhetorical skills of a Paul Ryan or Chris Christie.

Do we really need another affable Texan stammering into the microphone about “compassionate conservatism” or some such.?

The buzz has finally reached New Media Animation. Stand by for some seriously silly speculations:

NMA touches on some of the issues in which Chris Christie differs from the base, not including his recent, almost disqualifying comments on global warming. Hopefully, he’ll look further into the issue and his position will “evolve”….

You can check his positions on major issues, here.

It appears that he is extremely weak on environmental issues:

  • Jersey shore for tourism instead of offshore drilling. (Aug 2011)
  • $157 million for Green Acres open-space acquisition. (Aug 2011)

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Rumor: Hugo Chavez Dead (Or Close To It)

I repeat this is just a rumor, reminiscent of the Fidel Castro is dead rumors of 2007, which I had so much fun covering as a novice blogger – (and which, hopefully I don’t have to tell you, turned out to be utterly untrue.)

H/T Ace:

Supposedly, the rumor goes, he went to Cuba for surgery, and died there.

I hear this from a source too, but he only hears it from his sources, and they’re not always right (he tells me).

Now reports:

One report says that Chavez is in a “critical state of health.”

A Spanish-language report quotes Venezuelan Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Temir Porras as saying that Chavez is “recuperating well.”

Chavez arrived in Cuba on June 8. Two days later, he was treated for a “”pelvic abscess.” There is also speculation that Chavez may be suffering from prostate cancer.

Chavez hasn’t been heard from for several days, adding to speculation that the normally talkative leader may be in poor health.

On June 25, Hugo Chavez and his handlers sent several messages via his Twitter account, perhaps to dispel all the rumors about his health.

The Real Cuba  translated an article from El Nuevo Herald regarding some new information reportedly provided by U.S. intelligence sources:

US intelligence sources: Hugo Chávez is undergoing a “critical clinical condition”

June 24 – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who is currently at a hospital in Havana, is undergoing a “critical clinical condition,” several U.S. intelligence sources said on Friday.

The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said they could not confirm reports that the Venezuelan president is being treated for cancer of the prostate, which is the rumor that is currently being heard with increasing frequency in Venezuela’s high places.

But the health of the Venezuelan president, who underwent surgery two weeks ago in Havana, “is in a critical state, not grave, but critical, complicated,” said one of the sources, whose identity can not be revealed due to the sensitive location where he is.

Read the rest at Babalu.

If Obama orders flags at half-staff tomorrow, we’ll know.


Fox News Latino: Report: Hugo Chávez in Critical Condition In Cuban Hospital

Jun 17: Hugo Chávez poses for a photo with Fidel and Raul Castro from his hospital room in Cuba.


Fausta on the 24th:Does Hugo Chavez have prostate cancer?

The chronology is

  • Chavez had surgery in Venezuela
  • Following the surgery, he left Venezuela and made stops in Brazil and Ecuador
  • He then flew to Cuba, where he was operated for a pelvic abscess on June 10
  • Chavez was interviewed by phone for Telesur on June 12
  • On Friday June 17, Fidel and Raul Castro dropped by Chavez’s hospital room for a photo-op
  • On June 21, Adan Chavez, Hugo’s brother, said that the president would return to Venezuela by July 4

For what it’s worth…

Here’s a very awkward Google translation of his post on Chavez:


The much heralded knee surgery was not so. It was a radical prostate removal. Vanity (manliness) of Acts led them to invent what the knee.

Biopsy result was bad post-op. We planned to travel to Cuba in CEMIC PET scan (Caracas wanted to avoid transfer to one of two private schools that are operating PET scans) to determine whether there were metastases.

To distract the attention of the disease, and against the advice of doctors, whirlwind trip was scheduled to Quito and Brasilia.

Coming to Cuba’s fever went up and took him straight to CEMIC. Upon arrival found a severe postoperative infection groin.

A few days after the infection is controlled, but the PET scan results are very encouraging to be abnormal cell activity in bone.

Determined to be treated with radiation therapy and daily sessions are set for 25 days, rest 10 days and 25 sessions.

There are many medical concerns for the subject bone and are still undecided how to treat it. Specialists from Germany, Russia and Spain have visited CEMIC.

There is much discussion about how to announce this, but are preparing contingency. Hair loss can not be overcome in the case of Chavez in a wig and his mood has been terrible, is fatalistic and believe that this is what “made” anyone. Not recommended to take your medication for depression while on radiotherapy.

There are opposing views on the secret part of the family says that people are not stupid “and know that something is very wrong, the other part of the family believes that if you know this is much more severe or the president may be unable for months there would be a war within the Chavez that no member of the family survive.

June 23, Venezuela News and Views (linked by Fausta) tells the same story from a different source: Chavez croaking?  Well, maybe…..

In short, Chavez would be suffering from a prostate cancer that has metastasized.

This already would explain several things: why Chavez never remarried; why he occasionally seems to get all bloated; why his ample clothing when he does an extended cadena as it could hide adult diapers better; why the mystery around the whole thing as prostate surgery for a macho man is tantamount to recognize that he is not that macho anymore.

Since the post of Gustavo is in Spanish, follows my interpretation of his text in English.

Apparently the “knee” problem was a way to hide the prostate surgery which today can be dealt well enough in a couple of weeks.  But if we are to believe Gustavo the post biopsy was not encouraging and they decided to do some advanced body scans which in Venezuela can only be done in a couple of private clinics.  Not only Chavez entourage would not trust the discretion of private clinics but it would have been also an admission that the “socialist” care was not as performing as the “capitalist” care since the regime had not been able to match the equipment of the private sector for “el pueblo“.  Thus the trip to Cuba.  One caveat here: where would have Chavez got prostate surgery in full discretion?  Has he set an O.R. inside Miraflores or Fuerte Tiuna?

Before, for show, Chavez stopped in Brazil and Ecuador and that must have been a mistake because he got a post op infection.  And also some people found him walking strangely well for someone with an alleged serious knee injury.  Arriving in Cuba he got feverish soon and they had to drain the abscess.  That would  have been the real “emergency” part.  In a way that was a convenient excuse to justify Chavez stay while the real stuff was being done, namely the body scans.

He seems to have recovered well enough form his infection but apparently the scans were not good and they decided to start radiotherapy.  Another caveat: why not chemotherapy?  The more so that he has metastasized.  A explanation is that under chemo he would have had to resign temporarily since you might go bonkers during the treatment.  Chavez cannot go for an interim prez to preserve his tough image of caudillo.  Whatever it is, the lone photo of him in Havana shows him rather gaunt and leaning on both Castro brothers.  Some people said it reeked of Photoshop but then again…  it matches the symptoms.

According to Gustavo’s source, the radio therapy will take 25 days twice, with a ten days rest, which explains quite well how they keep postponing the return announcement.  In fact they are trying to postpone the traditional July 5th parade to the eight which pretty much would fall in between two treatments, maybe allowing Chavez to set foot in Venezuela for a couple of days.  After all if you travel in a plane with a medical bed incorporated, well, you can manage the round trip with a minimum of damage.

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Trump-mania – Why He’s Catching On – And Is He Really Serious?

I agree with O’Reilly’s analysis of Trump’s “bombastic” entrance into Republican politics. The reason why he’s “catching on” couldn’t be more obvious:

Trump isn’t tip-toeing around issues like Obama’s birth certificate, and school records, he’s hitting them with a sledge-hammer. People are fed up with the praetorian guard (AKA the MSM) protecting this man. Frustratingly, even most in the “respectable” conservative media have been too timid to broach the subject, even though Obama’s professed personal narrative  has gaping holes, or  doesn’t add up. Finally, someone is willing to go out there and ask the questions a lot of us want answers to. I don’t know what it is that’s on his birth certificate that he doesn’t want seen, but his refusal to produce it speaks for itself. And make no mistake. Despite  the Democrat Media complex’s best efforts, the issue is no longer toxic to Republicans. It’s toxic to Obama.

CNN did an investigative report which fairly conclusively establishes that Obama was born in Hawaii, but this jumped out at me:

Obama could file a Freedom of Information Act request to view his original birth certificate and make copies. But at this point, the White House maintains, nothing will satisfy the doubters.

Don’t you think that if he had done this a long time ago, it would have satisfied the vast majority of doubters? An Army doctor who refused to deploy again to Afghanistan because he questioned Obama legitimacy, has been serving a six-month term at Ft. Leavenworth in Kansas. Wouldn’t you think that the Commander in Chief  would feel obligated to do everything in his power to prove to our men and women  in uniform, that he’s a natural born citizen?

Only 38% of U.S. citizens are willing to say they’re sure that he was born on U.S. soil. And still, Obama won’t produce the goods? What’s up with that?

The Donald has been relentless. Last night, he told Anderson Cooper at CNN, he has sources telling him that “there is no birth certificate”: Trump: Someone Told Me Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Missing Or Doesn’t Exist

“Well I’ve been told very recently, Anderson, that the birth certificate is missing,” Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper Monday. “I’ve been told that it’s not there or it doesn’t exist. And if that’s the case it’s a big problem.”

That jibes with what a Hawaiian elections clerk has been saying…

The former Hawaii elections official who maintains there’s no long-form birth certificate for Barack Obama in the Aloha State is now saying the president and his aides have been “caught fibbing” about Obama’s background, and the “embarrassing” situation is making it difficult to fess up to the truth.

Tim Adams, who was senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu during the 2008 campaign, made the statements in a two-hour interview with a group looking to disprove claims made by so-called birthers, those challenging Obama’s legal qualification to be president.

“I think people believe there’s been some kind of cover-up. And I don’t think it’s some big nefarious conspiracy. I think it’s politics as usual,” Adams said March 31 on Reality Check Radio, an Internet program on BlogTalkRadio.

“Barack Obama’s official autobiography was put out to the public for the public’s consumption and we all know politicians – they have a public persona, it’s created for consumption by the electorate – and I think that they’ve been caught fibbing, and it’s embarrassing.”

Governor Abercrombie reportedly told a friend back in January, after searching, that there are no Obama birth records in his state.

Now Trump is hammering Obama on his school records. In an interview with NBC New York, yesterday, he said:  Obama Was a Terrible Student, Terrible… Not Good Enough For Harvard:

Manhattan real estate mogul Donald Trump suggested in an interview Monday that President Barack Obama had been a poor student who did not deserve to be admitted to the Ivy League universities he attended. Trump, who is mulling a bid for the Republican presidential nomination, offered no proof for his claim but said he would continue to press the matter as he has the legitimacy of the president’s birth certificate.

“I heard he was a terrible student, terrible. How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard?” Trump said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I’m thinking about it, I’m certainly looking into it. Let him show his records.”

Doctor John Drew, Ph.D  knew Obama when he was a revolutionary Marxist at Occidental, and had this to say in a radio interview with Paul Kengor:

Drew: Yeah, my sense is because of affirmative action, guys like me were going to Occidental instead of even better schools and guys like Obama were going to Occidental instead of, uh, less challenging schools. A lot of very successful people were there, were part of Obama’s social circle at the time.

Kengor:: Now, was Occidental known for radical left politics? Would that have been an attraction for Obama?

Drew:: Yeah, I’m certain that it was. It was considered sort of the “Moscow” of southern California. There were a lot of Marxist professors, many of whom I got to know pretty well, not just there but also at Williams College in Massachusetts. Two of the same Marxist-Socialist professors were on the staff with me at Williams.

Kengor: So, that might have been an attraction for him? I’m trying to think, what would have made him go to Hawaii to Occidental? Do you think Frank Marshall Davis could somehow have been an influence in having him choose Occidental?

Drew: I don’t have any evidence of that…

Kengor: Because they won’t release his records, I called them –

Drew: Yeah, I think that’s odd. I don’t know, I got straight A’s my first year, it sounds weird, but I don’t talk about it, Paul, you’d think that if Obama did well he’d release those transcripts.

Is it possible that Donald Trump has decided that the best way to make the media cover these issues is by bringing them up as a candidate for President?

Two men who know Trump have expressed doubt that  he’s serious about running. Chris Christie, who calls Trump, “a very good friend”, stated in an interview with Diane Sawyer, that he doesn’t believe Trump “really wants to be President” – “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

And Howard Stern recently said: “Look! Ahhh…I know Donald Trump. He’s not running for President. He’s not going to run…It is, as you said… a joke. He’s doing it because it’s fun, and he’s out there doing his thing, and he’s having a good time with it, but he’s not running for president.”

Maybe Trump’s “thing” is – he can’t stand Obama,  thinks he’s a fraud who’s hellbent on transforming the nation from the “Shining City on a Hill”  into a third-world Socialist sh** hole., and is putting his foot down by doing everything in his power to get these issues out in the mainstream media  where they can damage Obama going into the 2012 election.

Maybe Trump, in his own way, is being a patriot.


Big Government: Obama’s Sordid Past Back In The News


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Why Bother With Facts? Why Finish The Thought? Let Feeeeellllinnnggss Be Your Guide.

Despite trying to keep ahold of ten tigers tails in both my personal and professional life, I still find some moments here and there to log on to Facebook, and keep up with friends and family.  Today, I did so to find some family and friends posting this clip and crying about fascism, dictators, class warfare, and how it was threatening to democracy.  My curiosity was peaked, so I decided to take one for the team and watch the Maddow clip.  While I feel dumber and insulted for the experience, I’m still glad I did, because, as is the case with many such complaints, there is more to the story than what is presented.

I’m sorry, but in order to follow along, you have to watch.  Closing your eyes helps.

Done?  Great. 

Let’s proceed.

The family member’s post referred to this as being akin to a “dictator” because the emergency manager appointed by the state could void union contracts and strip the local elected officials of their power.  If that was all I knew, I might share some alarm, but having grown up in Michigan, I could recall that the state took over the City of Flint, and stripped the local elected officials of authority at the time.  I got on google to confirm this, and found an article about it on the World Socialist Website as the first hit in the search.  The article, dated November 16, 2002 states:

Flint, Michigan, the fourth largest city in the state with a population of 125,000, is in receivership. The municipal government in the former center of the General Motors auto empire has been plunged into bankruptcy as a result of successive plant closures, capped by the recent shutdown of the Buick City complex.


In May of 2002, Republican Governor John Engler declared a financial state of emergency in Flint and began proceedings to implement a state takeover. Engler named Ed Kurtz, former president of a private business college, to oversee Flint’s finances.

On August 20, the Michigan Court of Appeals overturned a lower court ruling that had temporarily halted a takeover by the state. A September 14 court ruling reaffirmed this decision, effectively ending attempts by the city council to block the takeover.

Since then Kurtz has proposed draconian budget cuts in an effort to erase a $40 million deficit. The cuts come at a time when Flint’s social services and infrastructure are already in a state of near-collapse. Among the proposals under consideration are layoffs of firefighters, the closure of community centers and cuts in trash collection.

So it sounds to me like there was already a legal basis for the state to “takeover” municipalities, and make financial decisions in the stead of local elected officials.  I noted that this occurred when the city was in receivership which is a nice way of saying “bankruptcy”.

The other notable takeaway from the story is that a mayor in his third term was unable (or unwilling) to come to terms with mounting deficits.  If only the taxpayers who continued to elect this mayor were the ones affected by his incompetence, this wouldn’t be an issue.  However, the state of Michigan shares property tax revenue with cities throughout the state, so Flint’s budget deficits didn’t affect just Flint residents; it affected all state taxpayers.

Of course, this still doesn’t tell me what law the state relied on before, or how what is now being proposed is different, so I kept digging.  The next helpful clue I found was this story by Michael P. McConnell of the Daily Tribune.  The Tribune article described more about what the state is currently up to.  One useful passage:

The GOP-dominated state House this week passed major revisions to the emergency financial manager law, Public Act 72, which would allow the state to take over a community’s operations before it goes into receivership. The revisions, which have yet to be passed by the state Senate, also grant emergency financial managers more authority to nullify union contracts and dissolve city councils.

So I glean that:

a)  There is an emergency financial manager law already in effect;

b)   And the proposal gives the emergency managers more power to nullify union contracts and dissolve city councils. [Emphasis Mine]

Back to the Search Engine.  The law in question, Public Act 72 of 1990 already provided the governor with the ability to declare a financial emergency in a local unit of government, upon recommendation of a review team which investigates and issues recommendations.  The state treasury provides a great summary of how this process works here.   And keep in mind, the overall bill was made law back in 1990.  There have been some amendments in intervening years, but the end results that I see my family and friends complaining of have already been in place, and used in cities such as Flint, Benton Harbor, and others.

So I decided to look at the text of the law currently in place.  One subsection that jumped out at me:

141.1221 Additional actions by emergency financial manager. 

Sec. 21.

(1) An emergency financial manager may take 1 or more of the following additional actions with respect to a unit of local government in which a financial emergency has been determined to exist: 

(p) Exercise the authority and responsibilities of the chief administrative officer and governing body concerning the adoption, amendment, and enforcement of ordinances or resolutions affecting the financial condition of the unit of local government as provided in the following acts:

(i) The home rule city act, 1909 PA 279, MCL 117.1 to 117.38.

(ii) The fourth class city act, 1895 PA 215, MCL 81.1 to 113.20.

(iii) The charter township act, 1947 PA 359, MCL 42.1 to 42.34.

(iv) 1851 PA 156, MCL 46.1 to 46.32.

(v) 1966 PA 293, MCL 45.501 to 45.521.

(vi) The general law village act, 1895 PA 3, MCL 61.1 to 74.25.

(vii) The home rule village act, 1909 PA 278, MCL 78.1 to 78.28.

(q) Reduce, suspend, or eliminate the salary, or other compensation of the chief administrative officer and members of the governing body of the unit of local government during the financial emergency. This subdivision does not authorize an emergency financial manager to impair vested retirement benefits. If an emergency financial manager has reduced, suspended, or eliminated the salary or other compensation of the chief administrative officer and members of the governing body of a unit of local government before the effective date of the amendatory act that added this subdivision, the reduction, suspension, or elimination is valid to the same extent had it occurred after the effective date of the amendatory act that added this subdivision.

Which would pretty much cover stripping local elected officials of their authority already.  Check.  To start at the beginning of the Act as it currently exists, start here.

So what does the new bill change?

One explanation is in Craine’s Detroit:

Here’s how the existing law works: A review of a city or school district’s finances is triggered when one of several events happens, like payless paydays or a failure to meet pension obligations. The state treasurer puts a review panel in place to evaluate the local government’s fiscal health, and if there’s a financial emergency, an emergency manager is appointed.

Amendments to state law under discussion include expanding the list of events that can trigger the state review that leads to installation of an emergency manager, changing the powers of local elected officials during the emergency financial manager’s tenure, giving an emergency manager the power to modify or terminate labor contracts, allowing an emergency manager to consolidate or eliminate departments and allowing a current or recent elected official to serve as emergency manager.• Under the existing law, an emergency manager can renegotiate union contracts but not break them. The amendment would place some restrictions on the emergency manager’s ability to break contracts, namely, to prove it’s necessary, based on the financial emergency and the good of the public. Contract modifications would be temporary.

I found the article useful because it presented the potential challenges, and discussed the pros and cons of the proposed legislation without the end of the world hyperbole that Butch put on the story.  The bills which have passed the House are HB4214-HB4218.  I decided to see if I could find where the emergency manager now had the authority to disincorporate cities.  I found it on-line 7, page 32 of HB 4214.

(cc) For municipal governments, disincorporate or dissolve the municipal government and assign its assets, debts, and liabilities as provided by law.

Of course, there are objective limitations on the use of this power that are enumerated in the bill.  It isn’t the arbitrary whim that Butch alleges.  But then, I’m sure that this was just an oversight on her part.

And for those who still want to ascribe sinister motives to the law, I direct you to the findings of the legislature when the law was initially passed in 1990:

141.1202 Legislative determinations. 

Sec. 2.

The legislature hereby determines that the public health and welfare of the citizens of this state would be adversely affected by the insolvency of units of local government, including certain school districts, and that the survival of units of local government is vitally necessary to the interests of the people of this state to provide necessary governmental services. The legislature further determines that it is vitally necessary to protect the credit of the state and its political subdivisions and that it is a valid public purpose for the state to take action and to assist a unit of local government in a fiscal emergency situation to remedy this emergency situation by requiring prudent fiscal management. The legislature, therefore, determines that the authority and powers conferred by this act constitute a necessary program and serve a valid public purpose.

There really is a reason for it.  If municipalities and school districts are so mismanaged that they cannot afford to provide the basic services that they are supposed to provide, then the state can and should step in to put that entity back in a place where it CAN provide those services.   Many of the powers decried as harbingers of fascism and dictatorship already existed.  The change that I predict is the most likely to be used is the power to void collectively bargained contracts, and frankly this doesn’t trouble me.  For years, public sector unions have used collective bargaining to the taxpayers detriment.   These public servants aren’t competing with other people for the job, and yet they have an enormous club at their disposal in the form of collective bargaining, and they could come to the table secure in the knowledge of two very salient facts.

One, the unions know that the people they are bargaining with aren’t using their own money; they are using everyone’s money.  (And the government officials negotiating with the unions know this too.)

Two, the unions have often made VERY generous contributions to the election campaigns of the people they will be facing across the negotiating table.  This would be a little like you or I buying the boss his job before we sat down to talk about the terms and conditions of our employment.

Unfortunately, the problem with these kinds of arrangements is that even other people’s money is a finite resource, as state and local governments across the land are starting to figure out.


John Gibson: Don’t Listen To The Hype – Comcast Fired Olbermann

John Gibson predicted this would happen when Comcast took over,  a year ago. Now he’s saying, don’t listen to what TV gossip sites  are saying –  this is Comcast’s doing. You’ll want to listen to this whole thing. Gibson is never more fun than when he’s on the subject of Keith Olbermann.

I suspect last Friday was a sweet, sweet day for John Gibson.

Hat tip: The Blaze


Video: Steve Malzberg Interviews Jeff Kuhner – If The Truth Got Out About Obama There Would Be A Civil War

Check out  what The Washington Time’s Jeffrey Kuhner had to say on the Steve Malzberg Show re Obama’s fake Christianity, and the birth certificate controversy…
This interview is from Dec. 30:

Malzberg articulated my thoughts on the BC issue. Frankly I’m smelling a rat – some collusion between Obama and fellow Marxist, Abercrombie. My own feeling is that there’s something definitely embarrassing on the birth certificate, like his given name is Barry – not Barack – as he has said on so many many occasions. But we will probably never know.

As for the Muslim attacks on Christians over Christmas, Gabe notes over at Ace O Spades HQ, that the President has broken his silence: Obama Now Lying About Fictitious Muslim Victims of the New Years Attack on Christian Church

What is wrong with this man? Is his worldview so dependent on believing that Muslims are a victim class that he simply cannot help but create Muslim victims in an attack on Christians?

Gee, why do people continue to doubt this man’s Christianity?


See also: Jack Cashill at The American Thinker: Will Obama Silence Blundering Abercrombie?

Cashill thinks Abercrombie is off the reservation – opening his big piehole on the BC issue – clearly not appreciated by the powers that be:

Obama and his operatives would invest enormous political capital in what sympathetic biographer David Remnick calls his “signature appeal: the use of the details of his own life as a reflection of a kind of multicultural ideal.”  From the beginning, they worked hard to protect the investment and did what they had to do to keep the storytellers in line.

Abercrombie may not have gotten the memo.  Although the president was likely born in the United States, he may not have been born in Hawaii, he may not have been born in August 1961, he may not have been the son of Barack Sr., or he may have simply been listed as “white” on his birth certificate.

The truth is that the storied little family never lived together.  Any fact that blew the storyline could have derailed Obama’s candidacy before it got going.  Expect the Abercrombie fuss to just sort of fade away.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, and DougRoss , Theo Spark, and GOP USA, thanks!


By Hook or Crook…

their agenda will become your agenda, because the given inches always yield to the taken miles, as this story from Yahoo news so helpfully foreshadows:

After years of contentious debate, the Senate on Saturday voted to repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that blocked gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military.

While critics, including Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain, said the repeal would cause a deadly distraction on the battlefield at a time of war, the lawmakers backing repeal equated the vote to other historic moments including the end of racial segregation among troops in the 1950s and the decision to allow women to attend military service academies in the 1970s.

Which isn’t an accident.  If they can paint it in the same light as real civil rights legislation, then it makes it much easier to maintain and forcefully assert the fiction in the federal lawsuits against state law that are to come.  And make no mistake, they will come.

“It is time to close this chapter in our history,” President Obama said in a statement hailing the vote’s passage. “It is time to recognize that sacrifice, valor and integrity are no more defined by sexual orientation than they are by race or gender, religion or creed.”

But sacrifice, valor, and even integrity can find a home in the deeds of the worst of the worst when the circumstances are right.  That was the whole point of films like The Dirty Dozen, and The Devil’s Brigade, wasn’t it?  Taking convicted criminals, some of whom were under sentence of death, and siccing them on the enemy, demonstrating that such characteristics were not reserved for the law-abiding and the basically “good”?   Still, branches of the military do not generally make a habit out of integrating criminals and other people with “evil” habits and tendencies, that have manifested themselves in the choices that they have made, into military units as a matter of policy.   And yet, because of a near-constant erosion in the basis of our law, this is exactly what the Senate has decided to do.  What makes it an act of far-reaching consequence is that it will not stop there.  The will of a small vocal minority, and a larger minority that has installed itself as the “Decider” and arbiter of what is and is not good for society will not let it. 

Yet the repeal is far more than just a single policy shift. The overturning of “don’t ask, don’t tell” is likely to create a ripple effect in addressing other gay-rights issues, as many states continue to debate issues including same-sex marriage and the right of gay partners to share benefits the same way legally married couples do. With gay service members serving openly, it will become difficult for policy makers to justify, say, withholding visitation rights or survivor benefits to the same-sex spouse of a wounded or fallen soldier. [Emphasis Added.]

The casual observer might simply take this as an inspired bit of wishcasting, but anyone who has been paying attention sees it as another in a series of careful plays intended to bring about a specific result.  The fact is that we have no rational basis for treating this policy shift as a victory for civil rights, and those who today enjoy the great strides made in the area of civil rights should be insulted that the implication that “discrimination” on the basis of what can only be conclusively proven to be a choice is the same as discrimination on the basis of an immutable condition, such as race or gender, or of specifically protected behaviors like religion or creed.   The Left does not see it in this light, because their elation at sticking their fingers in the eyes of those they brand as “extremists” or “fundamentalists” has specifically blinded them to the reality of what they have done.   That realization will be for a later day, if indeed they are still capable of drawing any lines between things that are acceptable for a society and things that are not when that day comes.  The over/under on that being the case is about even at this time, and it has occurred to me more than once that once it is no longer socially acceptable to call evil what it is, then drastic changes to the definition of good cannot be too far behind.   We have already started down this road, and while we are not in danger of putting our imprimatur on things like obvious theft and murder as society, there is already a groundswell under way that supports it in less obvious forms, and have already made compromises between it and our formerly better understanding of such things.  The more obvious manifestations will be the last to come, not because they are obvious, but because the only thing that purveyors of the new, who reject the old philosophy and understanding, hold sacred is the self, and that once their own possessions are forfeit through proceedings that commonplace avoid process, or consist only of a perfunctory circuit through the motions, and they cry foul, will the most perceptive among them realize that they long ago removed the rationale allowing them to hold these last vestiges of an old order by any rational legal means.

The truth is that this policy will not benefit the military or society at large.  We are not made stronger when one of the things we must prepare for are policies and procedures to deal with new claims of discrimination, with merit, and perhaps more importantly, those without, and the way to add finality to such determination without completely removing it from those closest to enforcement in the attempt to give it the appearance of legitimacy.  All of what this entails will unquestionably bring more cost, more complication, and more distraction to a profession already arguably more weighed down in the issues of diversity, fairness, and equality than it is in the idea of merit, which benefits the service, and actually training to achieve and maintain physical and technical superiority over our nation’s enemies.

By casting it as a victory for Civil Rights, the Deciders and those they would empower delegitimize Christianity, when it was Christian churches which have been major players in the Civil Rights movement, a move that somehow does not appear to them to be a logical disconnect in any fashion, or call their previous victories into question.   This makes them either hypocrites or opportunists.  Given their support of self-proclaimed “christian leaders”, who tell them exactly what they want to hear on this subject, (a position that can only be reached by picking and choosing what portions of scripture support their conclusions) I’m coming down hard on the side of opportunist.   However you choose to define it, it brings us to the same place:  When we start redefining evil, first by accepting it, then by legitimizing it, a creeping redefinition of what we place value on as being good must also follow.  And it has.  This is the elephant in the room that these modern-day crusaders for the Religion of Self™ refuse to recognize.   If we decide that choice is the basis of a civil right to behavior largely unthinkable 20 years from now, there is no basis for denying a civil right on the basis of choice for things that are still largely unthinkable now.  These crusaders scoff at such notions, all the while failing to recognize that there are already those who are laying the same kind of groundwork that they themselves have put down to get us here.  If you look hard, you can see the future, and what it holds isn’t pretty.   Everything will be permissible, except for believing that some things should not be.  And the worst part is that the trap is already springing.  Those who claim that these things aren’t related are blind to the steel teeth closing about them already.   They have already made such things possible, and arguing that they will never be acceptable to society ignores the fact that they already are.

Video: Adam Carolla and Andrew Breitbart Discuss Politics

Searching YouTube last night, I found this interesting discussion on politics between Adam Carolla, a libertarian writer, comedian, and talk show host from LA, and Andrew Breitbart with whom I know you’re already familiar.

Language warning, because that Carolla has a mouth on him:


Part one:

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The Mind-Bending, Gut-Wrenching Hypocrisy Of The Obama White House

After reviewing another round of Sunday talk shows  appearances by Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod, it has become abundantly clear to me that the White House is not backing away from their outrageous attacks on the Chamber of Commerce. Which is incredible because the stench of hypocrisy is so overwhelming that even some Democrats are questioning the White House’s “spaghetti strategy” of attacking organizations for allegedly using foreign money for their political donations.

Robert Gibbs, appearing on Meet The Press, continued to charge that the Chamber’s fund-raising practices pose a “threat to out democracy”, but apparently, only when Republicans are recipients of their donations…

Gibbs regurgitated the same talking points we’ve been hearing all month:

“You’ve got a group that does take money from foreign countries, from companies in other countries. They are running $75 million worth of ads,” Gibbs said. “You and I don’t know exactly who is contributing to that, because there is a program that keeps all of their donors and involvement in these ads a complete secret. You’re not going to know today. You’re not going to know tomorrow. You’re not going to know after the elections.”

Gibbs claimed that “all the conservative groups,” including those co-founded by former Bush adviser Karl Rove, are spending a total of $399 million on the election and said “it does have the potential to derail our democracy.”

Obama threw down the gauntlet on the issue when he said at a rally this month that the Chamber was taking in “foreign money” while spending “huge sums” on the U.S. elections, a scenario he called a “threat to our democracy.”

Unless it’s Democrats receiving the money – then it’s okay…

Gibbs edged off the administration’s offensive during an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Questioned on whether Democratic candidates like West Virginia Senate nominee Joe Manchin should “rebuff” the support they’re getting from the Chamber, Gibbs said he’s not concerned about them.

“Look, the Chamber has certainly a constitutionally protected right to air ads. Nobody is arguing that they can’t be involved in the election,” Gibbs said.

But he’s ramping up the pressure to make the Chamber “open up its books”:

Speaking on NBC’s Meet the Press, Obama’s top spokesman Robert Gibbs said the world’s largest business federation should “open up its books” and “show the American people” that the money is not coming from foreign sources, as the administration previously suggested.

“The chamber certainly has a constitutionally protected right to air ads, but the president has said that groups that support Democrats and Republicans ought to simply tell the American people where they get their money,” said Gibbs.

This is amazing rhetoric considering reports that Obama spent a record $744 million on his campaign but has disclosed donors for only $485 million, and thousands of his donations, amounting to millions of dollars, came from foreign sources.

The Executive Vice President for government affairs at the Chamber of Commerce has already stated that they have no intention of publicizing their donors, because they don’t see the need of subjecting them to the intimidation practices of Obama allies like the SEIU, the AFL-CIO, HCANN.

But never mind that – if the President was really concerned  about  money coming in from foreign sources, why hasn’t he demanded that liberal groups “open their books” as well? After all, Dems take in twice as much “foreign” money as Republicans.

And why did he hire Robert Gibbs, who in 2004, was the spokesman for a “secretive” liberal advocacy group called Americans for  Jobs, Health Care & Progressive Values, which spent months organizing scathing ads about Howard Dean without disclosing who was paying for them.

Gibbs went so far last week as to direct reporters to walk over to the Chamber of Commerce building and demand that they disclose their donors.

Axelrod continued the drumbeat on CNN:

“They say, trust us, trust us … everything is cool. Everything is kosher. Don’t worry about it, but we’re not going to disclose,” he said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “Let me tell you something — people don’t disclose, there’s a reason.”

Spoken as one who knows…

Of course  there is a reason the Chamber won’t disclose  – they’re afraid of you guys.

What’s Obama’s excuse?


They really are embarrassing themselves with this line of attack.

Newsbusters: Mark Shields: White House Made Up Chamber of Commerce Foreign Money Story

This right here really takes the cake!

Marc Thiessen: Are foreign and illegal workers funding Democrats’ attack ads?

Some may argue that raising such questions is unfair. But it was the president of the United States who opened the door to this line of inquiry. Obama recently said of the Chamber, “Groups that receive foreign money are spending huge sums to influence American elections.” Well Obama’s allies in organized labor receive far more foreign money than the Chamber and are spending huge sums to influence American elections. They have boasted of having illegal foreign workers on their rolls and have admitted that they cannot be certain money from foreign nationals has not been used in their campaigns efforts against Republican candidates.

Now it’s time for the Democrats to start answering the same charges that they leveled against the Chamber and American Crossroads with such abandon. Is organized labor using foreign money to elect Democrats this November? To paraphrase the president, they could be — we just don’t know. But if Republicans win two weeks from now, and take control of the investigative committees of Congress, we may soon find out.


Video: Fox Profiles GZ Mosque Developer, Sharif El Gamal

Earlier today on Fox, Megan Kelly  featured a story  about Sharif El Gamal, the waiter turned real estate mogul. Finally, media outlets are doing their jobs, and asking where the money is coming from:

iOWNTHEWORLD is hot on the money trail of  Hisham Elzanaty,the co-signer on the Burlington Coat Factory mortgage.

Sharif  don’t like it:

Sorry, that song pops into my head every time I hear that name.


Canadian Muslim Claims Shady GZ Mosque Developer Sharif El Gamal Threatened Her

Not So Fast…Ground Zero Mosque Developers Only Own Half Of The Site


Glenn Beck’s Intriguing New Book Trailer

Beck gleefully read Huffpo comments about the trailer on his radio show, just now.

Here’s one he especially liked:

Arghh, how I loathe Beck… It’s like someone found a manic, doom-prophesying hobo in a sandwich board, shaved him, shot him full of Zoloft and gave him a show.

“That’s exactly what it’s like!”,  he gushed.

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You Can’t Stay On The Path When You Only Have One Wheel

I was at one of my local haunts when a fellow conservative tossed this video into the comment thread.

I experienced a myriad of emotions as I watched this video.  But it got me to thinking, as so many things do these days.  It would be easy to say that this racist fellow-traveller has no place in any institution of higher learning anywhere in this country, but I am not so naive.  People like him were peddling similar crap when I did my turn at the altar of higher knowledge in the late 1990s.  I even believed some of it for an hour or two.

The real problem is not people like him who come in and spew their racist, communist tripe with impunity.  The problem is with the politically correct climate on so many campuses that frown on and discourage faculty with opinions in opposition to that of this “revolutionary”. 

I am not old enough to remember when the “free thinkers” of academia embraced the PC culture.  I only know that it was the dominant viewpoint of faculty and staff of my school, and of those my friends attended.  My first time through, I didn’t know enough to be offended.  My second time through, I started to openly question the motivations of some of my professors.  My third trip through, I understood what the game was, and frequently decided to go against the grain, simply because I could.  What I was not prepared for, however, was the ultra-leftist tool from the California University System who spoke at our commencement, and decided to fill his speech with his own less-than unique opinions on politics, rather than speaking about us and the way we were going to make our way in the world.  I was distressed as I looked around, and saw the heads of so many other law students bobbing in agreement, and had it not been the only commencement since high school I actually had attended, I might have gotten up and walked out early.

What this video should tell you, other than the fact that this vibrant and knowledgable revolutionary has no clue what he is talking about [No borders and a 'latino' revolutionary front indeed...yeah, tell you Central American brothers to ignore the Mexican border...go ahead.  We'll wait.], is that in allowing politics to set the agenda in colleges and universities around the country, we have been sowing the seeds of our own destruction for quite some time.  “Higher Learning” is not so much the quest for knowledge or a journey to find truth as much as it is a form of indoctrination.  And yet we have entrusted the future of our country to the graduates of these fine institutions without any regard to what it is they actually teach.  The cart of knowledge has strayed from the path.  The horse won’t stop, and the driver is doesn’t care that it only has one wheel.  He is proud of that wheel.  He knows that the path it will lead the cart down has gone off a cliff every single time it has been taken, and yet he persists in the belief that his skill as a driver will lead it to their destination, only having gotten there more quickly this time. 

It would be easy to continue in the belief that illegal immigration is simply a matter of people seeking a better life, and undoubtedly, this is true for some of them.  However, any serious reflection on the reconquista movement should at least raise the possibility that the real goal is an always has been invasion, occupation, and annexation.  I can think of no better strategy for conquest without sparking a single battle.  Of course, the real issue I have upon thinking this through is that if I could figure this out, then why is it that all the fine experts in our government that the progressives keep telling us we should trust unconditionally couldn’t seem to figure this out, and if they did, why are they doing nothing?  More fundamental change of a nation they all profess to love, or is it all part of their endorsement of the driver’s plan?

UPDATE: Donald Douglas at American Power has more on this “Teacher“.

Friday Mishmash

Lots going on, today folks.So much, I think I’m gonna have to do a combination platter.

First thing to grab my attention? This piece by Trevor Loudon at New Zeal, found via Larwyn’s links:

Obama File 102 America’s Little Lenin? Joel Rogers and the Obama Movement.

A key leader in the socialist movement that created Obama. Joel Rogeis is credited by Van ones with giving the movement  three “great gifts”:

Firstly, there is “a new economic model …high road development …the best thinking that he represents is now reflected in the White House.”

Secondly , “…the New Party, which is now the Working Families Party…the idea of a ‘new politics’ that you could actually have in this country bringing together labor, civil rights, feminists…and actually make a difference…is the basic framework for what just took over the White House.”

Thirdly, …”his idea of a new energy paradigm. His founding the Apollo Alliance. I believe the stimulus is going to put something like $80 billion in this direction…”

Jones credits Rogers with dreaming up the White House economic model – basically a 21st century “green” version of corporate socialism. Rogers also allegedly masterminded the electoral alliance that put Obama in the driver’s seat. He then founded the organization that helped write the “stimulus bill”, which is now funneling billions into a movement primarily designed to keep the Obama and the Democrats in power.

That’s a lot of influence for one man. Does Van Jones exaggerate? Let’s investigate.

The New Party which Rogers and Dan Cantor founded in the early 90s, was an attempt to to unite the poor, Blacks, Latinos , labor and “community groups” to work with and inside the Democratic Party to elect large numbers of leftist candidates to public office.

The party was essentially amalgam of four organizations -radical Washington DC “think tank” the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

Conservative bloggers reported back in 2008 that Barack Obama joined the New Party in Chicago, during his 1995 Illinois State Senate run, but the MSM never had any interest in reporting that. Sadly we’re now stuck with this vast network of Marxist/Socialist radicals driving US policy.

A poll I took part in for RWN:

Polling Conservative Bloggers On The Arizona Immigration Law, Illegals, & Legal Immigration

Only one question received 100% agreement. I want to know who the conservative blogger is who doesn’t approve of the new immigration law.

New to me:

This video, Obama At The Bat seen at iOWNTHEWORLD back in March has almost 1,800,000 views on Youtube, so chances are you’ve already seen it. But it’s awesome, and it’s actually baseball season, now, so how ’bout watching it again:

Conservatives need to keep beating this drum:

The architect lowers boom on Obama: The President and the Politics of Civility

For a man who is enormously self-aware, Mr. Obama could also use a little bit more self-awareness. He should consider how powerful—and inappropriate—a model he sets by his own frequent coarse and uncivil language.

For example, last week Mr. Obama suggested that Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell was “cynical and deceptive” in arguing that the administration’s financial regulation bill would allow more bailouts “when he knows that it would do just the opposite.” Does implying the Senate GOP leader is a hypocrite and a liar make reaching compromise easier?

Mr. Obama even draws on the Bible for political attacks. In a teleconference with religious groups supporting health-care reform, he accused opponents of the legislation of “bearing false witness.” Or take last September when, in a health-care speech to Congress, the president—in a single paragraph—accused his critics of spreading “bogus claims” and “lies” and of being “cynical” and “irresponsible.”

Even if you believe, as the president does, that the concerns of his critics are wrong, why use such sulfuric rhetoric? This is not the kind of thing the president’s predecessor, his predecessor’s father or President Ronald Reagan did or would allow their staff to routinely do.

If Mr. Obama wants his Ann Arbor words to be taken seriously, then he needs to rein in his party, his staff and himself. Presidential leadership matters as much as presidential words, perhaps more. Mr. Obama should back up his inspiring call to civility with action.

While A majority of American citizens support the AZ immigration law…

Newsbusters: MRC Study: By 12 to 1, ABC, CBS, and NBC Rip Arizona’s Immigration Law

Opponents of the law didn’t even have to speak English to be quoted sympathetically. In a May 3 CBS Evening News story, Katie Couric fretted “many” illegals “no longer feel welcome.” Reporter Kelly Cobiella focused on the story of non-English-speaking Manuela Quintana, who decided to move to Colorado. Cobiella cued up the mother of ten to deny she was a criminal: “‘No,’ she says, ‘a criminal is someone who kills. I just want to work.’” Over video of the kids piling into an SUV, Cobiella concluded: “The family packed up before dawn today and headed north to Colorado. Manuela says she’s lost hope in this state. She thinks she’ll find it again in another.”

By contrast, law enforcers were the bad guys. On Sunday morning, April 25, ABC Good Morning America host Bill Weir chided Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a well-known enforcer of immigration law, “With this new law, will you ramp it up?…Will you grab people on street corners?”


Obama has made a new approach to terrorism one of the key features of his presidency. He no longer calls the nation’s anti-terror effort the War on Terror. He has reached out to the Muslim world. He has banned what the Bush administration called “enhanced interrogation techniques.” He has vowed to close Guantanamo and supports granting full American constitutional rights to foreign terrorists.

Yet the attacks and attempted attacks continue. And everyone knows it was luck, and not anti-terror work, that prevented American deaths on Christmas Day and in Times Square. Republicans want to know what went wrong and are becoming increasingly angry at a White House that is keeping details of the case to itself.

Oh yeah, THIS:
Hot Air: Oh my: Palin endorses … Carly Fiorina; Update: Palin responds to critics
I answered, “eh” in the poll. Not happy about it, but I think Sarah’s a crafty one, I think she knows what she’s doing.
You know who could use a ‘Cuda endorsement? That guy in my upper right hand corner, that’s who.
Our “special relationship” with Great Britain just got a lot less special with the election of PM, David Cameron:
Great. I wonder how long this has been going on?:
The new unemployment chart is here, the new unemployment chart is here!!!:
Bad news:
This doesn’t actually surprise me, but still:…

The Blog Professor:NAACP Opposes Bill To Outlaw Racially Motivated Abortions!


Watch it:
Companion piece to last video:
What I’ll be watching this weekend:

PJ Media: Iron Man 2: A Love Letter To Ronald Reagan

America just might have found itself its truest superhero. Who needs Superman when there’s Iron Man 2? Tony Stark isn’t just a patriot and a lifesaver. He’s bold, he’s clever, he’s rich, he’s a capitalist individualist defender of property rights. And he likes to give speeches surrounded by dancing girls.

Iron Man was fun but Iron Man 2 is even better, with a script (by Justin Theroux) so laced with wit that it if you took away the fireballs and just had actors reading it on a bare stage like a Noel Coward piece, it would still be an entertaining evening.

That’s it, we’re watching it, tonight.


Video: Shocking Potty Language From MSNBC Host Prone To Making Awkward Metaphors

Or….Tingles Decries Tinkles….

Or….Chrissy Gets All Wee Wee’d Up!

Okay, I’m done.

Check it out, Chris Matthews says Republicans are peeing all over Obama…

Found at YouTube while looking for something else.

Now I don’t even remember what I was looking for.


The segment is from April, 2, which Newsbusters covered, here.


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