Andy McCarthy vs. The Wall Street Journal

Andrew McCarthy has a reasonable approach:

How can as smart a guy as Paul Gigot say something as stupid as that we wing-nuts at NR want to “harass” businesses as part of our “enforcement first agenda”? The WSJ cares a lot more about business than I do. I’d like to see the law followed by everyone, but I don’t have an agenda related to business other than, I suppose, that I’d like to see some honesty from the pro-business lobby — I’d like to hear them acknowledge that they want illegal workers because it is a way around paying the prohibitive wages they’d have to pay Americans to do the same jobs (even as business rolls over and plays dead while another economically irrational raising of the minimum wage is enacted).

But here’s what really fries me. I don’t want to kick the illegals out of the country. I’m not a restrictionist; I believe, if thoughtfully regulated, immigration is good for the United States. I prefer legal immigration, but you’d have to be an idiot not to concede that a substantial portion of the illegal population is comprised of good, hard-working people — the kind we’d love to have here legitimately.

I also happen to think DHS Sec’y Mike Chertoff is one of the brightest, ablest guys I’ve ever met; he’s as committed as anyone to fighting terrorists and other bad guys. I have the same feeling about Senator Kyl. These are died in the wool national security guys. If they say they think we need legalization because we need to know who is in the country and that that can only realistically be done with some kind of legalization process, that, to me, is a serious argument for legalization. (Although, I must say, it’s long been important to know who is in the country, so I’d love to know why the illegal population has been allowed to explode, rather than being scrutinized and reduced, since 9/11.)

Read the whole thing.

I don’t know about you, but I’m growing weary of the SKY IS FALLING, George Bush is destroying the Republican party, they’re all traitors, everything is going to go to hell in a handbasket approach to the Immigration Reform Bill.

I don’t like it either, but people need to simmer down.

Make your displeasure known without the hyperbole, please.


4 thoughts on “Andy McCarthy vs. The Wall Street Journal

  1. Well, I lived in LA County and Orange County during the illegal influx of the late-80’s and 90’s. That was the time period during which LA County saw Hispanics become the largest ethnic group and a major political force, and Orange County went from solid Republican to a very divided voting demographic (which is now electing Democrats to Congress).

    I think the sky is falling. Certainly the notion that we can accept tens of millions of foreign folk as citizens, and not change our culture, our political balance, our economy, our educational system, and our standard of living is naive. That’s what happened in SoCal, and it’s what is going to happen over a much broader section of the US once the revised immigration law takes effect. And then when the next amnesty bill is approved (only a matter of time, given our new voters), it will be even worse.

    Get your handbasket – it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.


  2. “it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.”

    Oh, I’ve known THAT for awhile.

    My point is, I think the Repubs are making this mistake because I think they’re stupid… not EVIL, not TRAITORS.

    That kind of talk bothers me.


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