Obligitory Rosie Post

So, she’s leaving The View, and I heard somewhere that she may even stop doing her website.

And I just started blogging yesterday. What did I do now, God?

And was it my imagination, or did I hear on the news this morning that Rosie’s writer from The View was fired because she was caught drawing mustaches on pictures of Elisabeth?

Too much.


Aha! I don’t know if she was fired, but apparently she was “escorted from the building.” Rosie also may have “trashed” her dressing room, but ABC denies that.

What do you want to bet that her dressing room is kinda trashy, anyway?


5 thoughts on “Obligitory Rosie Post

  1. Yeah, I know. I guess I should have specified who I was talking about.

    I tried to provide a link to Hotair where I found the story, but couldn’t get it to work for some reason.

    You got that right about Rosie.


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