Sloppy Joes For Dinner

Who doesn’t love sloppy joes?


12 thoughts on “Sloppy Joes For Dinner

  1. I don’t

    It was one of the few things my mom could cook from scratch. Her idea of a sloppy joe was meat and a bunch of ketchup all mooshed together.

    Barbecued chicken consisted of ketchup smeared chicken baked for a few hours.

    Betty Crocker was an evil bitch.


  2. ground beef, whatever chili sauce is on sale, 1 diced (processed, I’m sick of knife work on onions) onion, one diced (I actually dice these) roasted green peper, shitload of cumin, touch of paprika for color, and finaly as a side, 2 roasted cirano pepers processed with olive oil and cilantro.

    Not everyone likes to put that melange on their sloppy joes, but I like it so I make it as a condiment.


  3. Also, one of the greatest inventions ever. The toster oven. I “roast” most of my chili’s in my toaster oven, takes a little longer, but makes less of a mess, and much easier to keep an eye on. But then again I only cook for me.


  4. actually I learned it when I started making a green olive spread for my salami and roast beave sammiches, which I learned when I would order muffaletoe’s at an old job.

    Basicaly everything you like in a processor with some oil or cream, works out as a great condiment.


  5. Is that bad?


    But, Ace’s is gonna fall apart if it’s late night caretaker/drunken bastard spends all of his time here.

    Kill this blog now — for all our sakes.


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