I’m Outta Here

Like I mentioned on that other blog of Wickedpinto’s, I’m leaving for the weekend. We are headed for Memphis for an Irish Dance competition first thing in the morning. Not me, sillies, my girls. I just watch.

Wish them luck!


9 thoughts on “I’m Outta Here

  1. See ya.

    We need a break from the power of Nice Deb anyway

    600+ hits in one day. And a TON of searches for “Nice Deb”.

    Check the stats.

    You have a following/hundreds of stalkers — and you didn’t even know it.

    Not even counting WP.

    And, the “hostage” blog was nothing until I put up the “Foil Man” post.


    Just a tad.


  2. You back now? you excessively young looking acting, and thinking while simultaneously very kind and virtuous woman.

    (doesn’t work does it? I’m still screwed! thats what I get for letting women post)



  3. WP, can you login to my site’s dashboard? I need help with my blogroll, (speaking of tards). I just can’t get it to appear on my left margin. Can you tell me how you guys did it? I have the links all ready to go.


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