Adam Gadahn Sounds Like a Valley Girl

This pudgey little weasel deserves a swift kick in the ass.

An American member of Al-Qaeda warned in an Internet video that US President George W. Bush should withdraw all his troops from Muslim land or face attacks worse than September 11.

Adam Gadahn, a convert to Islam who has been indicted for treason by a US jury, issued a list of demands and warned they were not up for negotiation.

“Your failure to heed our demands means that you and your people… will experience things that will make you forget all about the horrors of September 11, Afghanistan and Iraq, and Virginia Tech,” he said in the video posted on Tuesday.

“You’re losing on all fronts and losing big time,” said Gadahn, who is the English-language spokesman for Osama bin Laden’s terror network. (emphasis mine).

Harry Reid would concur. BIG TIME.

I found it interesting that he mentioned the Virginia Tech shootings in the same breath as, Sept. 11, Afghanistan, and Iraq.


2 thoughts on “Adam Gadahn Sounds Like a Valley Girl

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