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wet gardenI got a wild hair up my arse today and splurged on some cube steaks for dinner tonight. I had sides of potatoes and salad. Everyone commented that the salad was especially good. “What did you do different in the salad, today, mom?”

“Well, how about home grown lettuce, radishes, and green onions fresh from the garden?”

Actually, the green onions aren’t ready to pick yet, but I knocked a couple over while I was hoeing today, so I threw them in with the lettuce and radishes.

My garden almost wasn’t this year. I had a veggie garden for the first time in several years, last year. I had gotten discouraged in the past from critters eating everything, and from year after year of unsuccessful tomatoes, (I have walnut trees). But completely by accident, last summer, I discovered an area of the yard that is far enough away from the walnut trees not to be affected. So I was able to grow tomatoes for the very first time in 10 years, successfully. Late in the summer, however, the critters had discovered its bounty, and had started helping themselves to everything they could get their paws on, including my tomatoes. The culprits? Rabbits, raccoons, and woodchucks. The damn woodchucks will take big bites right out of your pumpkins.

I’ve always resisted getting a fence, because it seemed like too much of a hassle and expense, but this year, when I saw my lettuce, and my peas (that I planted in March) getting eaten every day, never making it more than a couple of inches off of the ground before getting nibbled down to stubs, I decided to make my husband put up a fence.

Wow, what a difference it made. You could see the results almost immediately, my lettuce actually started growing, and the tomatoes that I had started from seed indoors, and were going nowhere, started shooting up. My husband went out at night with a flashlight to check on the garden for several nights in a row after he put up the fence. The rabbits were out there circling the garden trying to figure out a way to get in. The little bastids!

My peas were goners so I planted green beans in their place.

Should have put up the fence a long time ago.

And now, thankfully, we are starting to enjoy fresh veggies from the garden.


31 thoughts on “Garden Blogging

  1. Nice Deb’s a blogger, Nice Deb’s not just a blogger? she’s very nearly a full on 100% completely and totaly genuine blogger.

    Chicks gonna have blogadds for “aleve” and “colored hair rinses” soon.

    I don’t know if I should be envious or proud? I lean towards envious, cuz I think she will outsell any other internet spokesperson for depends that ever existed!!!!



  2. Maybe Deb just needed a little push. And now, she’s off and running. Sad part is, with friends like us hanging around here, she can’t tell the rest of her “decent” friends about her blog, as they may discover the types pf people she’s been hanging out with on the ‘net.

    Just say the word, Deb, and I’m outa here. I would not, in any way, want your on-line slumming and debauchery with the likes of us to intrude upon what I assume is your totally above-board and straight-laced off-line life.


  3. Wickedpinto….you must have a death wish…that’s all I can figure.

    You’re trying to bait me into posting another pic, aren’t cha?
    AREN’T CHA?! Man o man, I almost fell for it, too.


  4. Can you imagine how horribly hillarious a get together would be? Everyone offended and laughing. I’m gonna keep it up NiceDeb, btw, have you decided to keep your blog?

    I think Pattyann would feel more comfortable here as a regular participant. Both of you can do the things you can’t do here, but I think it won’d be a bad idea.

    Just saying… If you are uncomfortable typing, I hear that capsaicin is a decent arthritis medicine.



  5. Yeah, I’ve decided to keep it for now. Pattyann, is welcome to blog here. But we’d want to change the name to something else.

    “capsaicin”…….you ASS!


  6. Oh, no, The hostages is an outlet, it isn’t actually a blog, its all of the adolescent jokes and all of the stupid commentary, it’s all of the “wickedpinto” in you that you sometimes experience, and should let out.

    OF COURSE I WANT YOU DEB (I should reword that) keep on, but you should know that THIS place should have a particular flavor of blogging. Everything thats left over goes to “The Hostages.”

    See, Wiser only has inappropriate content for the most part thats why he’s so prolific, Patty? I think she is the big tittied chick who wants to tell dick jokes, and thats why she fits it.

    You are the person who is so nice and matronly that your only outlet is “the hostages.”

    In time if you turn this into a real blog, you might regret having a “tards” category.

    That kinda thing.

    I deliberately wanted to make “the hostages” a farce, but it looks like it’s becoming a low level blog. . . .THANKS TO YOU and especially pattyann.


  7. Hell, I would invite the good mrs. geezer, as I’ve said.

    Anyone I coun’t pleasent should post. I would include anyone I count friend as an author, but I must be careful cuz husbands and wimmins might get angry.

    BTW, is NiceDeb’sHusband helping you with the blogroll and other things?


  8. The hostages is less about a blog than it is a bunch of jackass’s picking on eachother, and telling large scale jokes.

    I actually thank Mesa for “foil man” cuz it brought all of you co-equal jackasses to me. It’s easier for me to find the idiots with cruel jokes than if I had to sift through aces comments.


  9. I finally figured out the blogroll, myself. And I figured out how to post the first picture, myself. He helped me with the garden picture because I just took the picture after dinner, tonight, and I’ve never downloaded pix from camera to computer. ALL of this stuff is new to me. I’m learning as I go.


  10. Nicedeb,

    I was Net savy in about 93, I moved to other things, and didn’t return until 2003.

    I’m almost completely lost cuz MY understanding is completely different. It’s like how in ’72 sophia was hot, but now, our kids don’t recognize your hotness.

    You totaly outdo sophia (though sophia is still effing hot) and don’t forget about the big boobied chick from “the fog” whats her name?

    oooooooh adrienne barbeaux.

    HOT HOT HOT depends user.

    DAMN! Sorry about that, though I think she did admit to hormone therapy to fight the hot flashes.



  11. Love your garden! All you need now is a kitty cat and LauraW will be visiting.

    NiceDeb, thank you for the offer to blog here, but this is definitely *YOU* and I love it here. If I posted here it would change the feel of it. Just let me continue to comment. I was so surprised/delighted when you shot out of the blog gate the way you did. You’re doing great.


  12. Also, even abrosia can use a little flavor, and it is important that the sweet sweet commentary that mesa wiser and I offer, be given that little touch of sugar, that makes even ambrosia that much more divine.

    (did I overdoe it?)


  13. Gardens are just going in way up here in the Great White North.

    And, what’s the problem with walnut trees? I haven’t heard that before.


  14. other stuff,

    No Nice deb, this is YOUR place, you have to invite me, and I have to accept, so no, I can’t do a damn thing until you invite me, and really, do you want to give me the admin access necessary to do the work you think I can do (which I can, but not well?)


  15. Best you make your husband learn the ropes, make him your “producer” while you are the creator. Hell that would make for a lot of good jokes, use it, btw, don’t ask Pattyann, she’s just a firecracker who needs places to exploade at is my basic guess.


  16. “And, what’s the problem with walnut trees? I haven’t heard that before.”

    Check out my amended post. I should have included that to begin with, so thanks for asking.


  17. “Best you make your husband learn the ropes.”

    My husband is exceedingly net savvy, remember his websites are our livelihood, but he’s not blog savvy, at all. So most stuff I have been figuring out on my own.


  18. “Pattyann, she’s just a firecracker who needs places to exploade at is my basic guess.”

    WP, I don’t think anyone has ever sized me up so succintly before!


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