Ann Coulter doesn’t like Fred!??!!! Say it isn’t so!

She doesn’t like that he split his decision on the Clinton Impeachment. (He voted yes, for obstruction, and no on the perjury charge).

I’ve let it be known over at AOSHQ on more than one occasion that I appreciate Ann for her boldness, (even though she sometimes goes over the line).

She’s just talking turkey, here. It ain’t no big thang.

KC Area Teen Missing

The 18 year old was last seen at an Overland Park Target, Saturday night. The Surveillance video shows a man pushing her into her car as she was about to leave.

Story and pictures, here.


The body of Kelsey Smith has been found.

Horrible news.

A parent’s worst nightmare.


An arrest has been made in the case; Edwin Hall, 26.

We have the death penalty in Missouri.


Have any of you ever played crokinole?

I grew up playing this game, only back then, we called it something like, Peechnut. All of my Canadian relatives were into it.

My seven year old munchkin is getting to be a damn good crokinole player.

If you haven’t ever played, you should order a board online and try it. It’s a lot of fun!

Here are the rules to the ‘Presidents‘ card game. It’s not really as complicated as they make it look. Just try to avoid being “low scum”, or in some variations, “asshole” because your chances of losing goes up exponentially.