2 1/2 Years For Libby

Pardon him, Mr. President. Pardon like the wind!

His poll numbers would actually go up, if he actually showed some cojones, on this one.

Don’t have my hopes up, though.


Sandy Berger, meanwhile, still walks free, albeit with a sore wrist.

4 thoughts on “2 1/2 Years For Libby

  1. Former President Clinton used these in his deposition in the Paula Jones case:
    I don’t remember – 71
    I don’t know – 62
    I’m not sure – 17
    among a total of 267 total variations of that theme.
    Libby should’ve had Arkansas Altzheimers too.

    I will never forgive the total pass that Sandy Berger got. His plea deal was even predicated on untruths.


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