Stick a Fork In It

The last update at Hotair (as of late night 6/7 ) said:

Update: John Hawkins: “A source in the Senate says this bill is as dead as Stalin and it won’t be becoming back no matter what McConnell is saying on the floor.”

I’ll take his word for it.

Jeez, thank God, but I always figured that the bill was too wildly unpopular to make it through.

Sounds like there’ll be repercussions for those Republicans who supported it, as well there should be.

I’ve been enjoying the haikus over at AOSHQ.

Have you seen the Cool Facts about Jeff Sessions thread? They’re killing me over there.

More Jamaat Ul Fuqra Cells

There are more Jamaat Ul Fuqra cells throughout the United States. The SATP site is chock full of good information:

Although Gilani, the reclusive chief of Fuqra resides in Lahore, Pakistan, most JF cells are located in North America. Fuqra members have purchased isolated rural properties in North America to live as a community, practice their faith, and insulate themselves from Western culture. The group has set up and funded rural communes that the US authorities allege are linked to murder, bombings and other felonies throughout the US and Canada. Currently, there are half a dozen Fuqra residential compounds in rural hamlets across the US sheltering hundreds of cadres, some of who have reportedly trained in the use of weapons and explosives in Pakistan.

Muslims of the Americas, a tax-exempt group established in the US in 1980 by Gilani, operates communes of primarily black, American-born Muslims in many states in the US, including in Binghamton in New York, Badger in California, York in South California and Red House in Virginia. JF is reportedly linked through court documents to the Muslims of Americas. There is also a road in the name of Sheikh Gilani in the vicinity of Virginia. The cult houses between 100 and 200 people, many of them women and children in about 20 huge trailers. There is also a Virginia newspaper, the Islamic Post, founded by Sheikh Gilani.

It’s headquarters is in Hancock, New York.