3 Ex Terrorists Speak Out.

Front page Magazine has a great article today about three former terrorists, Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem and Zak Anani, who spoke before a crowd of 1,300 people at UC Irvine, about their lives as terrorists, explaining the terrorist mindset, and imploring people to take terrorism seriously.

I decided it would be fun to empty my mind of all logical, coherent, thought, and react like a moonbat would. So I put on my tinfoil, moonbat hat, and started channeling.

An unusual thing happened at the beginning of the Three Ex-terrorists speaking event at UC Irvine last Wednesday: they asked the audience to stand and recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

Ugh, should I throw up now, or later?

Kamal Saleem spoke first and repeated his contention that America is still asleep after 9/11. A terrorist since the age of 7 who went on several missions for the PLO, smuggling explosives in the Golan Heights hidden under the bellies of sheep he herded into Israel as part of his “mission,” Saleem told the audience he had been active on US campuses later in life when as an adult he came to America with the purpose of spreading jihad among Muslim students across America and to recruit new members to the fold. An auto accident that almost killed him turned him around due to the kindness of people in this country who helped him—the same people he was told to wage jihad against.

Wait just a gosh darn minute there, Kamal. I believe you’re using the word, “jihad” wrong. All educated, forward thinking people know jihad means ‘spiritual struggle’. Don’t you know that only paranoid wingnuts like ‘”there are Islamofascists hiding under my bed” Pajamas Media types’ think Islamic terrorists are waging war against the West? (Did I get that right, Knappster?) I don’t care what you did in your younger days….you’re obviously wrong.

Saleem explained how he began to appreciate America and Americans and that the goals of al Qaeda and other terrorist groups were not the noble causes his family and society instilled in him to believe when he was growing up. He explained how he was instructed by kin and religious leaders with one voice of killing infidels, Jews and Christians, and how he was kissed on the forehead by Yasser Arafat at a terrorist training camp. “This was my childhood,” he explained, “We understood we lived to die. We learned from childhood America and Israel must be destroyed.”

Well, what do you expect from such an abused and put upon people? What we need is more dialogue, more concessions, and appeasement.

He goes on to describe the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia, and and to caution the audience that there are over 45 assault camps currently in America training to carry out “God’s Will”.

More paranoid delusions….most Muslims are Moderate.

Next up came Zak Anani who explained he was descended from a long line of Muslim imams and other Islamic religious leaders so he was well versed in the Koran. He, too, was instilled with the idea of jihad from age three and by age 13 was part of an Islamic terrorists gang in Lebanon where he tacked up 223 kills by the time he left the movement at age 17. He explained how his family and the Koran taught him that “You are the best nation ever, and that the People of the Book, the Jews and Christians are perverted” and how “God has cursed them.”

Well, Christians think all non believers are going to hell, don’t they? Same thing.

Anani finally left Islam because he said he was brought up to love death in the name of jihad more than life. He continued, “We want life [in America] for us and our children, not death” and explained how he changed so his daughter and her other siblings would have a chance in life. Because of this, he said, he felt he had to rise up and speak out by witnessing to others.

Somebody should explain to the guy that Christianity is just as violent as Islam. Timothy McVeigh, anyone?

Walid Shoebat then spoke about Western misperceptions of the roots of terrorism. He explained how in speaking abroad, from Chile to Mexico to the UK, he was told terrorism is the result of poverty and bemoaned the equivalency of the West with acts of aggression based on concepts of jihad that ignore historical and social realities in the Middle East. He explained how what the world is experiencing today is the old Islamic Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire, trying once again to rise to world dominance. He cautioned that the West is not recognizing the threat to its own civilization as news agencies like Reuters declare Hamas “a viable organization,” and explained how Al Qaeda was founded by Abdullah Azzam, a Palestinian from Jenin.

Again, “Jihad” means spiritual struggle. I hate it when people get that wrong!

Al Qaeda is the same as Hamas,” he warned. He then gave the audience, mostly college students, a history lesson of Arab Muslim alliances with the Nazis during World War II. He criticized college professors who do not teach their students the true history of the Middle East which promotes false notions about why America is under attack.

So this poor, uneducated, brown person purports to know more about it than my highly educated and intelligent professors? I beg to differ!

Shoebat knows his stuff. His historical information about the PLO was dead on. And he differentiated for the students that part of the PLO terrorism mechanism is made up of Christian Arabs of the PFLP. He praised Israel for building 35 universities for the Palestinians and how a family member told him that life in the West Bank under Israeli occupation was the golden age he wished he could return to and how life under the Palestinian Authority was hell. When asked by Walid if his family member preferred there not be a Palestinian state, he replied absolutely not. When asked why not, the family member replied, “We don’t want the Jews lording over us.”

Well, I don’t want the Jooooos lording over me either…damn neo-cons!

Shoebat then explained how the root of the Israeli Palestinian conflict is not about land, but in fact about Jew hatred. “I hate terrorism, he said, I will speak against it all of my life” and questioned why the West found it acceptable that while Israel allows 1.2 Muslim Arabs to live as equal citizens in Israel, the West accepts the Palestinian idea that a Palestinian state must be Jew free. Citing Arab media polls, he explained how western leaders keep speaking about “moderate Islam” when in fact such polls show the majority of the Islamic world in favor of violent attacks on the West in the name of jihad and cautioned against a precipitous US withdrawal from Iraq. He then warned about the Muslim Students Union on 150 campuses in America, financed and led by Saudi Arabia that he considers a subversive jihadist movement that wants to indoctrinate the next generations of young Americans and urged the audience to resist its influence in America. He admonished the audience to “Never give in” and stand for appeasement in place of pro-actively fighting jihad in America.

No, it’s about the land. The peace loving palestinians, and Muslims elsewhere are fighting for their land, and against Western oppression…. they’re freedom fighters. When will you sheeple learn?

The audience was clearly moved and impressed by all the speakers, since it gave them a standing ovation for several minutes as the evening concluded.

Of course! The fascists in charge didn’t allow any differing opinions! What we needed was a campus ‘fairness doctrine’ to counter this “hate speech”. Why didn’t the organizers invite Hamas to debate their weak points? Hmmmmmm?


Aha! The moonbats have responded. There are a lot of bloggers talking about this, today. You want to know the true moonbat spin?

Scare quotes. Yep, scare quotes around the word “ex-terrorist”

Why didn’t I think of this?!

You see, as I demonstrated above, it’s a bit ridiculous to try to counter their speeches point by point, (although the Women of Color blog tries) so they have to fall back on their most tried and true tactic…..discredit them. They weren’t real terrorists! They’re just lying converts to Christianity making shit up! The whole thing’s not true.

Bravo! Well played, moonbats!

Here are the three “frauds” telling their stories on a New Jersey morning show.

Republicans Are Stupid

Ace linked to this post in Right Wing News called The Inside Story Of How The Senate Immigration Bill Died.

The author, John Hawkins has sources in the Senate, one of whom gave him the rundown. He asks the $64,000 question:

I also asked my source why he thought so many Republicans had been supporting such an incredibly unpopular bill. He gave three reasons:

First off, there was what he referred to as the “Rovian School of thought,” which says that passing this bill would capture the Hispanic vote for the GOP for decades to come.

Next up, there’s the “Chamber of Commerce” vote. He says these Republicans were heavily influenced by business groups that want cheap labor no matter what the cost is for the rest of the country.

Then there was the last group, the smallest group in his opinion, who were willing to sign onto a terrible bill just so they could say they were part of a big reform that had bipartisan support.

We all pretty much knew this, but, man oh man oh man….are they living in a bubble or what?