The Republicans Are Stupid, Part 3

I know I keep hammering this point, but it really blows my mind how stupid these Republicans are. Not all of them, of course, but enough.

John Hawkins from Right Wing News talked to his Senate source again:

Before we finished up, I asked my source what he thought the prospects of passage were. He stated that it is a toss up, but that the pro-amnesty side has the momentum. I asked how that could possibly be given the outpouring of anger against this bill, and he told me that a lot of moderates are afraid of being called racists by people like Michael Chertoff, Luis Gutierrez, and Fred Barnes. He also noted that the Senate has a very insulated, clubhouse-like atmosphere, and that a lot of these pro-amnesty senators seem to be more worried about getting the President or Trent Lott mad at them than enraging the voters in their states. In addition, he told me that he thinks a lot of these senators have “drunk the DC Kool-Aid”, and believe that they’re better off passing a bad bill, even one that won’t ultimately become law if, as expected, the House kills it, so that they can at least tell the voters in 2008 that they did something about immigration.

For crying out loud, how do they think enraging the voters in their own state is going to work out for them the next time they’re up for re-election?

How can they not see how they’re hurting the party?

I asked my source what his boss thinks the fallout from this bill would be. He advised me that his boss, and some of his boss’ conservative colleagues in the Senate, believe that this bill could gin up so much outrage on the right that it could lead to the GOP having an even worse year in 2008 than it did in 2006.

That’s some damn, strong Kool-Aid they’re drinking, up there.

The Lesson We Should Learn From The Palestinian Chaos

The Democrats are incapable of learning from history, so it doesn’t matter, anyway. But–

Seth Leibsohn wrote a good post at The Corner, Where Terrorists Thrive:

The Democratic party meme is now two-fold on foreign policy: a) withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible and b) re-engage the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. But there is no Israeli-Palestinian peace process right now. Not when, as Charles Krauthammer put it last night, “Hamas has won in Gaza, it will take it over. And it is the worst of elements.”

So might we take a lesson not from the 1970s forced withdrawal from Southeast Asia, which left us with killing fields and slaughter, but, say, 2005? The world wanted Israel out of Gaza, just as so much of the Democratic party wants us out of Iraq. Israel left Gaza. And the void was filled by the laying of tracks for the peace train? No, not hardly—rather, Iranian supported Hamas took over. There is now a new Hamas government on the border of Israel and Egypt, and a new Iranian state in the Middle East. Nice work. Might this be a lesson about withdrawing from such places when it is clear to the naked eye that terrorists are salivating at such possibilities?


But-but-but- Harry Reid says the Surge is a failure. Because the man is psychic.