I love them! No, they’re not a fancy variety, but they’re so simple to grow, and so so obliging year after year! They’re really one of my favorite flowers.


9 thoughts on “Daisies!

  1. Also, how much younger is that little sweety than the rest of her siblings?

    You seem to focus on her.

    I don’t blame you though, AWESOME smile, and a smile that seems to be ready for anything. I will see if I can e-mail you the vid of the littlest physisist dancing to “hand shoulder knees and toes” for her dad. It’s cute.


  2. She’s just a unique, fun loving ball of energy that’s all.

    The kids range in age from 4 to 17. She just turned 7 so she’s my second youngest.

    I’ve talked about my oldest, the over achieving, academically gifted, trap shooting, guitar playing, conservative, eagle scout, haven’t I? And the next three middle girls are Irish dancers, as I’ve mentioned. And then there’s of course the little Missy, and my 4 year old who’s already grown taller than his older sister.

    I told the story at AOS on a Thanksgiving thread, about how he’d had his own little “shitstorm” at my sister’s house, ala Compos Mentis, only worse because he shit all over her upstairs, (after eating a huge thanksgiving dinner and maybe 3 pieces of chocolate pie) because he couldn’t find the bathroom. He first went to the bathroom that’s in between two upstairs bedrooms that only has two sinks, but no toilet. That’s where he exploded. Then he searched in vain for a bathroom with a toilet leaving a pungent trail of shit behind. This all happened right before her big “tree lighting ceremony”, and the whole house smelt like shit.
    He was only 3 when that happened, but they will never let him forget it.


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