Speaking of Fox News…

Catherine Herridge reported tonight on the Red House, Virginia site of Muslims Of America, another commune suspected of having Jamaat Ul Fuqra connections.

The Gates of Vienna has the video.


Good Lord

I googled “Niblets” just for the hell of it. Okay I wanted to see where Nice Deb would turn up on the list. (Bottom of the second page).

Did you know this? 

I did not know that.

The kids named the dumb bunny, honestly!

Controversial Film On Islam to Air Tomorrow On Fox

The film Islam Vs. Islamists is the film that PBS has balked at airing, inspiring the creation of the website, Free The Film.

ABG Films is announcing that they have reached an agreement with the Corporation For Public Broadcasting that will bring an end to the suppression of the documentary.

In the meantime Fox will air the special Sat. June 23rd. No time was listed.

Found via KJL at The Corner.


The Show was pre-empted for coverage of the murder of Jesse Davis. It’s been rescheduled for 3:00 am(?!) EDT Sunday. That may be pre-empted as well.

More Garden Blogging

I had a horrible nightmare the night before last. But first, some background:

I had been nagging my husband to cut off the extra yards of fence we got for the garden (and was still attached to the garden fence), so we could use it for a rabbit enclosure, so poor Niblets could run around in the yard, without running away.

Well, in my dream, he took the whole fence down, and left my garden vulnerable to the rabbits. Well, when I went to check on it….there was nothing left, they had devoured every single plant in the garden, even the weeds. All that was left were a few stumps.

The dream was so vivid that when I went to check on it, yesterday morning, I was actually relieved to see that it was still there.

But it’s doing great. I haven’t had to buy lettuce or onions for weeks, and yesterday, we had our first tomato.

And, really, there’s nothing like home grown tomatoes. I’m so happy I can grow them now.

Pakistani Authorities Arrest 3 Jihadis Near Iranian Border

What’s this got to do with anything? Well….

The suspects were allegedly carrying sophisticated satellite phones and traveling through a lawless region known as a hotbed of Islamic radicalism. That and other circumstances have touched off an international investigation into the backgrounds and prior travel of the suspects. The chief concern is that the suspects may have been planning to cross into Iran on their way to Western Europe—or even the United States—to act as potential “muscle” in possible terror attacks, a European intelligence official tells NEWSWEEK.

They were detained in the same region that the “Graduation Ceremony” of the 300 aspiring suicide bombers was .

A senior U.S. official told NEWSWEEK that the video has been closely analyzed by the U.S. intelligence community. “It looks to be more a propaganda tool than real because of its obvious staging,” said the official about the graduation ceremony. Still, the FBI issued a bulletin to state and local officials this week.

We shall see.