Help Spring Saintly Priest From Evil Commie Clutches

The Reverend Tadeus Nguyen Van Ly is in jail for peacefully protesting the Communist regime in Vietnam. Gateway Pundit has the story.

Please, sign the petition condemning the Vietnamese government’s abuses of human rights.

I tell my kids (not often enough) how lucky we are to have been born in a free country.

“News Of The Weird” Right In My Own Neighborhood!

GeeseWe’ve all had to deal with “noisy neighbors” at some time or another, but how about noisy neighbors who blare a recording of pugnacious, fighting geese, on four speakers, every 10 minutes or so, all over the lake?

That would almost have to be a new one for most of you.

The sounds are meant to scare the geese off the guy’s back yard, where they leave huge messes of goose poop. But it’s not working, because, even as the sounds emanate from the speakers, I can see geese in his yard.

It’s apparently really ticking off the neighbors, though, who live in close proximity to it. They’re getting ready to send the offending party a registered letter of complaint, which all of the lake dwellers are being asked to sign.

To tell you the truth, I’ve never really noticed the sounds, myself, until my husband drew my attention to them. First of all, we live across the lake from it, so it’s not as loud for us, but I tend to block out unwelcome noises, anyway. Whether it’s jet-skis, an early morning weed whacker, dogs barking…whatever…(sounds that drive my husband nuts) I just tune out. Must be a by-product of having lots of kids.

My solution was to send the neighbors a recording of my kids fighting…Hey, that’s mine! Give it back! Let go! I’m telling mom! Stop it! MMMMMMOMMMMM!...and have them blare that on four speakers in their direction. (When they’re home).

See how they like it.


Just talked to one of my neighbors.

Apparently, it’s not fighting geese on the recording. It’s distressed geese, being attacked by a fox. That’s even better.

Feel Good Story Of The Day

Fox is reporting that a judge has ruled in favor of the dry cleaner in the case of the the missing pants.

Judge Roy L. Pearson had sued the small Korean business for 54 mil. because they didn’t live up to the expectations  he’d  had from seeing the “Satisfaction Guaranteed” sign  in their window.

He’s been ordered to pay for all of the defendant’s court costs.

You can knock me over with a feather. I wasn’t expecting this much sanity from a D.C. Superior Court  Judge.

I guess she wasn’t impressed by Pearson’s tears on the witness stand.