When The World Is Going To Hell In A Handbasket….

What do you do?

Garden Blogging!


21 thoughts on “When The World Is Going To Hell In A Handbasket….

  1. Huh, on the computer I work on, the pix looked fine, but on the one I use in my husbands office, they were jumbled up on top of each other. I don’t understand how that happens.

    But I took one of the pix out, and that helped.


  2. Oh, Shit Patty, I thought I had the basil discussion with ND, not you.

    Sorry about that, I know you told me you would pick individual leaves and freeze them.


  3. No, WP, that was NiceDeb you were talking to (I think). It’s just that in many ways ND and I are very similar.
    I pick each leaf individually (the ones I just picked were about 3″ long), wash them 3 times, run them through the salad spinner and put them in my food processor and add enough very good olive oil to make a paste. Then I fill the small sandwich bags and put those bags in freezer bags. When I want to use it, I let it defrost, and add chopped pine nuts. One small bag will do a whole meal. Nummy.


  4. Yeah, anything less than an inch and a half tend to be bitter. The larger leaves have a little more sweetness to them.

    And I was thinking about a 3 day tirade I had at aces, so it could have been either of you.


  5. I pick each leaf individually
    Watching cooking shows where jamie whatsisface (naked chef) and shit just rip leaves off of 8 or 20 densely packed basil plants pisses me off.

    The stem’s taste like rotten spinach and the smaller leaves taste like anise, minus the good flavor.

    It’s better to pick and chose from a nicely maintained plant.


  6. Hey Nice Deb, I just figured out how to change my wordpress display name from cuffymeigs to Cuffy Meigs. Go to your Account and edit your Profile if you want your standard Nice Deb instead of nicedeb. Justsayin, er, just sayin.


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