This Just In!

My oldest daughter was just moved up to the Preliminary Championship level in Irish Dance. She’s now, officially, a “champ”.

That is all.


21 thoughts on “This Just In!

  1. How great for you and your daughter. I love watching those dancers. If someone pays her a few bucks, she will be a “professional dancer”.


  2. Congratulations, NiceDeb’s daughter!
    I know how much hard work went into that award.
    ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♥


  3. Congratulations to the NiceDeb family and your daughter!

    Maybe you could do me a favor and try to comment at my site again. I just tweaked something that let me comment again. Thanks and congratulations again.


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  5. Congrats to the daughter, and I’m sorry to taint this in a wickedpintoy sorta way.

    I think that the GREATEST! hit bonanza for all of the Tard’s is if we had video of the three female tards, in halter tops doing all that jumping up and down.

    We would hit a million within weeks.


  6. It frightens my, their legs move as though anattached to their body. I actually think it is just a form of irish kung fu designed to lull the rest of the anglosphere into complacency before you get kicked in the head by some dirty mc.


  7. I read somewhere that it had origins in the days when Cromwell occupied Ireland. Something about not letting people see your arms move.

    I’m not sure, though.


  8. Nice Deb! I see you over at Ace’s all the time and had no idea you were in the Irish Dance world!

    My middle boy is a Prizewinner, sitting out his 6-month suspension. Maybe in September, we’ll see you on the feis tour.

    Congrats to your girl!


  9. Heh!

    We go to the Memphis Feis, and The Little Rock Feis in the Southern Region.

    September is going to be a busy month for us, with KC, St. Louis, and OK feisanna.


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