Commenter Posted: “London Shall Be Bombed” On Forum

CBS News found the posting on the “al Hesbah” chat room.
Al-Hazeen’s message begins: “In the name of God, the most compassionate, the most merciful. Is Britain Longing for al Qaeda’s bombings?”

We say to Britain: The Emir of al Qaeda, Sheikh Osama, has once threatened you, and he carried out his threats. Today I say: Rejoice, by Allah, London shall be bombed.

CBS goes on to report:

Speaking at a news conference Friday after the bomb scare in central London, the Metropolitan Police force’s Counter-Terrorism Commander Peter Clarke said that officials had “no indication that we were going to be attacked this way”.

Our Intelligence agencies are paying attention to these forums, aren’t they?

Because that, is what I would call a warning.


13 thoughts on “Commenter Posted: “London Shall Be Bombed” On Forum

  1. And yet the Olbermann/Rosie/Moore segment of the population will dismiss this plot as a hoax to distract from ….

    (fill in the blank).

    And I also noticed MSNBC has barely mentioned the story.


  2. Bingo.

    And the fact it was an attack targeting a night club on “Ladies Night” is even more heinous.


  3. I forgot to add:

    I am astounded that some of the most ardent Western defenders of the jihadis are the ones most likely to be persecuted by the Salafists if they ever did achieve the ummah, such as women, homosexuals and secularists


  4. Crusade Media recently reported the following:

    “a new jihadi video, made in the same region, that purports to show a “graduation ceremony” of 300 aspiring suicide bombers headed for the West. According to an account of the tape on the ABC News web site, the ceremony was staged on June 9 at a training camp alleged to be operated by the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The video, recorded by a Pakistani journalist, shows groups of about 150 masked men—supposedly suicide bombers assigned to conduct attacks in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.”

    Also Germany is on high alert for suicide bombers:


  5. I know, I blogged about that, too.

    The thing that prevented me from noting a possible connection is the fact that these were not “suicide bombers”. They planted the bombs, and were rather amaturish about it.

    Plus they’re saying that these look like the work of a homegrown jihadi “gang”.


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