One More Thing About Rageboy…

Would you believe that Rageboy’s been tracked down, and interviewed, and you’ll never believe this… but he’s modest, and shy, too?! Could he be just another charming innocent, like John Smeaton, thrown into the spotlight against his will?

The AFP got the exclusive interview:

He has become the face of Muslim fury: an angry young man whose bushy beard and fiery-eyed scowl take centre stage at nearly every pro-Islamic demonstration in Indian Kashmir.

Shakeel Bhat, 31, has been displaying his teeth and shaking his fist over anything from Salman Rushdie’s knighthood to Danish cartoons, becoming a photographers’ favourite and earning himself the nickname “Rage Boy” in online columns and blogs.

Jeez, for only 31 years old, he sure has a lot of lines on his face. All that hollering must be prematurely aging him.

“If my photographs get published across the world, it is because my emotions are real and my looks are not deceptive. The photos show the anger inside,” said the full-time demonstrator, who when off the street looks distincly modest and a little shy…

Osama Bin Laden looks modest and shy, too, when you come to think of it.

Apart from drawing ridicule from bloggers, Bhat has even inspired one American neoconservative website to push “Rage Boy” merchandise including T-shirts, beer mugs, mouse pads.

“I don’t believe this! I have no knowledge about all this. Why do they do it?” demanded Bhat, who says he has no idea how to use a computer and the Internet.

Somebody should send him a teeshirt.

Bhat has been detained more than 300 times since he first took to the streets of Srinagar in late 1997. He even travels to other parts of the picturesque Kashmir valley to vent his Islamist anger.

Oooooh, not so charming, and innocent there, Shakeel.

Whatever I do, I do for Allah and the Prophet Mohammed,” said Bhat, who admits to having been an armed militant between 1991 and 1994 with a pro-Pakistan rebel group.

Well, that’s not good…

Although not a Shiite Muslim, he says his inspiration is Iran’s late revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

Okay, that’s just not cool.

“The Koran is my driving force. I will come out on streets as long as Muslims are victims of oppression, even if it leads to my death.”

Victims of such oppressive acts as Danish cartoons, a Pope’s words, Salman Rushdie’s knighthood, etc?

Cry me a river, Shakeel, cry me a @*%#$*& river.

You deserve every ounce of ridicule you get.

Found via Gateway Pundit who has more on the story, (and better pictures).

One More Thing About John Smeaton…

and then I’ll shut up.

The Glasgow Baggage handler/super hero was finally tracked down and interviewed, and it turns out he is really just a very normal, modest, private guy, (which of course only adds to his charm).

From The Sun Online:

But the 31-year-old said: “I was only one of a number of people who went to the assistance of the police dealing with the incident.

“I do not regard myself as a hero as I was only doing what other people may have done in similar circumstances.

He thanks the many, many people who have sent messages of support and their good wishes, but those close to him are concerned that all the attention is depressing him a little.

“John is flattered by all the things people are saying, but he feels everything has got out of hand. He was only doing what other people that day did, which was help the police”.

“Well, now he has the lows.” Dad Iain, 66, added: “We don’t want to appear ungrateful to all the people who have written and said such nice things about John. But he would just like to get back to his normal life now.

Yesterday, a spokesman for Airway Handling, which is a division of Service Air, confirmed: “John is off work as he has suffered trauma over the incident.

It sounds to me like this very modest fellow is more traumatized by all of the attention he’s been getting about his actions during the terrorist attack, than the terrorist attack itself.

…And maybe some of the jokesy, goofball humor that goes along with that attention.


Psychologist Cynthia McVey revealed John’s reaction to the trauma is natural.

She added: “John has had time to reflect and think what could have happened. There will be delayed trauma, stress and anxiety.”

I think she means the trauma of the terrorist event itself, not the aftermath.

She’s probably right, but the “John Smeaton Mania” is not helping matters.

So I’ll shut up now.

Hat tip: Hot Air