Possible Niblets Sighting In St. Louis

A St. Louis Today columnist named, Bob Rybarczyk has been seeing rabbits in his yard. Rabbits that are wreaking havoc on his flower gardens.

I looked out the window. Sure enough, two big fat bunnies were plunked down next to the flowers and were munching away (bunnies is munchy) on our petunias. It was like watching a couple of truckers at the counter in a greasy-spoon diner.

Sound familiar? Big fat bunnies?  Could it be that Niblets found a partner in crime?

The chump thought he had outwitted the bunnies when he moved the potted plants to a safer location. But the next weekend, when the weather was finally nice enough to do some planting, he and his wife planted the flowers in their garden. And oh…how proud of them they were!

And you know, they made our garden look really nice. Again, I’m not really a hardcore gardener, but I did appreciate how nice everything looked.

It would be a shortlived pride, for Niblets returned with yet another friend.

…to my surprise, three gigantic bunnies bolted from underneath the big bush next to my garden. I’d had no idea they were there. Unlike the squirrel, which continued to haul butt, the bunnies just ran to the edge of my yard and stopped.

They sat and stared at me.I stared right back.“We munched all your tasty plants, chump, their eyes said. And we’ll be back”.

You see? There’s no longer even a pretense of cuteness, with the Niblets gang. The masks have slipped.  

But Rybarczyk isn’t gonna take this lying down. 

If I ever catch you, my eyes said back, I’m going to rip out your spinal cords and use them to hang your mutilated corpses from the nearest tree.

My heart is torn between fearing for my once beloved pet *cough*, and uh….rooting for Rybarczyk.  I’m probably going to have to say 5,000 Hail Mary’s to make up for it, but I think I’m rooting for Rybarczyk.

Thanks to Eddiebear.

12 thoughts on “Possible Niblets Sighting In St. Louis

  1. I can’t help it. Every time I hear “Hail Mary” I think of football. Sorry. I guess I’m going to hell.


  2. I planted some herbs in my garden back in the spring. I go inside to get something before I plant more stuff, and I see a damn rabbit pulling one of the herbs out of the ground! Too bad there aren’t more stray cats around my neighborhood.


  3. Actually, I meant feral cats. We had one a few years ago in the neighborhood for about a year. We had no problems with rabbits or other critters.


  4. The badger is at Perfunction.

    I tried to leave a comment there earlier today, but had trouble because of that Number/letter I.D. thingy he has. It kept popping up like I was getting it wrong. It was a funny comment, too.

    Cuffy should get rid of that thingy.


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