A New American Movie Company With Terrorist Connections…

has just been born. It’s called The Film Deptartment, and Cindy Adams from The New York Post has the scoop….which Patty Ann at The Hostages found in the Gossip section….right above the story about Harry Morton,  Lindsay Lohan,  Jessica Alba, and Mary Kate Olsen.

Its CEO is Mark Gill, for mer Miramax and Warner Independent exec who masterminded “March of the Penguins.” Two of its board members are Sheik Waleed Al Ibrahim and Zeid Masri.

The Saudi Arabian sheik runs stations that are mouthpieces for the Saudis. Like for instance, Al Arabiya news network, which is not known to be pro-U.S.

Zeid Masri runs the McLean, Va., operation SilverHaze, which has in the past secretly invested Palestine Liberation Organization money through front companies. His SilverHaze caused the Bowlmor scandal this newspaper broke in 2004.

While Bowlmor initially believed theirs was good clean money from good clean people, it is now time for due diligence. One of the underwriters of this infant movie production operation is GE, the solid gold, 18-karat American company that brought us the 9/11 saga “United 93.” Are they aware of the past associations and involvements of some who sit on The Film Department’s board?

Read the entire article for the full poop.

And avoid all future movies from The Film Department.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Says “Right Now, I Could Kill George Bush”.

The Irish peace activist, Betty Williams was the keynote speaker at The International Woman’s Peace Conference in Dallas, Texas.

To a crowd of 1,000 she declared that the Bush administration “has been treacherous and wrong and acted unconstitutionally”, and that Bush should be impeached. She got a standing O from about half of the crowd, for that one.

“Right now, I could kill George Bush,” she said at the Adam’s Mark Hotel and Conference Center in Dallas.

Immediately, sensing the irony of that statement, she backtracked a little:

“No, I don’t mean that. How could you nonviolently kill somebody? I would love to be able to do that.”

Apparently, she still wants kill him, but in a non violent way?

Gateway Pundit has the video.


Well, it looks like our Irish Nobel Laureate is backpeddling a wee bit.

Conference organizers immediately sought to distance themselves from her speech Wednesday night, but it brought a swift rejoinder from the White House, dominated some radio talk shows and drew a flurry of hateful e-mails to attendees.

Questioned about her speech Thursday morning, Ms. Williams initially denied making the comment but reversed course after organizers confirmed the quote.

“My feelings now and again get way ahead of me,” Ms. Williams said. “I couldn’t kill anybody, but I must confess that I’m extremely angry with the Bush administration and what they have done. To say that was wrong.”

I’d say initially lying about it was wrong, too.

Hat tip: Geoff