Peres Says, “We Have To Get Rid Of The Territories”

“We have to get rid of the territories,” Israel’s new president, Shimon Peres, told AP last Sunday, referring to the West Bank.

He made the statement just hours before he was sworn into his office on July 15.

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In his inauguration speech, Israel’s 9th president pushes his vision of peace, which makes no room for Jews in Judea and Samaria.

Just hours before being sworn in as Israel’s ninth president on Sunday, Shimon Peres said the time had come for his nation to surrender its biblical heartland in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) to the Palestinian Arabs.

From The Trumpet:

Revealing a taste of what is to come of his seven years in office, Peres then said, “I won’t make any secrets of my mind. I shall respect the minority. I shall not insult them. I changed my position [to president]. I didn’t change my beliefs and concepts.”

After the Israeli public voted against him in the prime ministerial elections of 1977, 1981, 1988 and 1996, Peres now claims the office of voice of the people. Fortunately for him, the people did not get to vote.

While the president of Israel holds a largely ceremonial role with limited political clout, it seems Peres is using this new platform to voice his “peace at any cost” agenda. As recently as yesterday, he called for peace talks with Syria.
Now that hardliners look to take control of the Knesset in the near future, the appointment of Peres will be a constant thorn in their side.

Back in 1996, Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu said that with Peres’s approach to negotiations with Arabs, “they [Arabs] demand everything, they get everything, and they demand more.” Peres’s latest speech of concession, offering to give away the West Bank, reveals that his views have not changed since that time.

Concessions have long proven not to bring peace in the Arab-Israeli conflict. The appointment of Shimon Peres to the presidential office is just another sign that Israel is growing weary and is well into making its final stand.

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