Infamous Paint Huffer Nabbed Again!

You all know Patrick Tribett from his famous TSG mugshot:

What you may not know, is the man’s paint huffing has been extremely prolific, even after his embarrassing predilection received national attention.

WTOV 9 out of Steubinville, OH is reporting that Mr. Tribitt has a history of paint huffing, (and getting caught) going back to 1998. His latest arrest last Monday for public intoxication was at least the fifth time he’s been caught huffing paint.

Summer seems to be a bad time for him. He was arrested twice in two weeks in June of ’06. Officers say, “Tribett looked right at them but continued huffing”.

He was also arrested in July of ’05, (TSG mugshot), and on similar charges in 1998.

paint huffer

I think I’ll file this one in Sad But True.

UPDATE: (Feb. 25, 2008):

Oh my! Somehow I missed this last October. I’m posting it today because it’s really tickled my funny bone.

Presenting the “Gold Paint Huffer” Halloween costume:

LOL! He got the glazed look in his eyes, lopsided mouth…he’s really selling it.

Pakistan: Jihadi vs. Jhadi

spy_vs_spy_turbans.jpgSince The Red Mosque was raided there have been more than 150 deaths from retaliatory attacks by Islamic militants throughout Pakistan. The busy, and prolific man behind the attacks? The star who has been appearing in the recent flurry of videotapes from Al Qaida, urging Pakistani Muslims to revolt or else “Musharraf will annihilate you.”Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the Al Qaeda No. 2.

From Newsweek: After years in which Zawahiri seemed constantly on the run, his alleged orchestration of last week’s attacks would be further evidence that Qaeda and Taliban forces are newly empowered and have consolidated control of a safe haven along the Pakistani border.

According to the National Intelligence Estimate out of Washington, Al Qaeda is resurgent in Pakistan—and more centrally organized than it has been at any time since 9/11.

The NIE—a periodic intel assessment that is considered the most authoritative issued by the U.S. government—concluded Al Qaeda has “regenerated key elements” of its ability to attack the United States. These include a sanctuary in Pakistan’s tribal regions of North Waziristan and Bajaur, and an intact hierarchy of top leadership and operational lieutenants.

But Al- Zawahiri’s jihad against Pakistan has provoked a “potentially serious ideological split within Al Qaeda over whether he is growing too powerful, and has become obsessed with toppling Musharraf”. An anti-Zawahiri faction within Al Qaida believes that the man’s ultra violent tendencies might be drawing too much attention to these new safe havens.

…they fear that Zawahiri is inviting the Pakistani leader’s wrath, prematurely opening up another battlefront before the jihadists have properly consolidated their position.

A senior U.S. official involved in counterterrorism policy, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was addressing sensitive matters, agrees that there are tensions between Al Qaeda’s Egyptian and Libyan factions, as well as between Saudi and Central Asian elements.

U.S. counterterrorism operatives have been reluctant to cross into Waziristan for fear of violating Pakistani sovereignty and upsetting Musharraf.

But Hank Crumpton, a longtime CIA senior official and former counterterrorism coordinator for the State Department, says U.S. reluctance must be overcome, because Musharraf can’t deal with the problem alone. The Pakistani leader sent more than 100,000 troops to the tribal areas last year, but “they lacked the requisite counterinsurgency skills,”

U.S. and Pakistani officials hope that Zawahiri overreaches in his zeal to kill Musharraf, and they get an intel break on his whereabouts. Crumpton says the United States needs to lead an effort with anti-Taliban local tribes, some of whom have been targeted by Al Qaeda. “If we are attacked here [in the United States], which we will be, it almost certainly will have originated from that territory. What will we do then?”

The Bush administration threatened to launch attacks into Pakistani territory if General Musharraf doesn’t rein the militants in.

Tony Snow said on Wednesday, ...”it is clearly of the utmost importance to go in there and deal with the problem in the tribal areas”.

Let’s hope that that Bush stays true to his word, and before “the jihadists consolidate their position”.

Oops, I almost forgot…Hat tip: Anonymous.

Biggg Hat tip to Wiserbud for his fantabulous photoshop skilz.


Pakistan says, “No, you may not attack us”. Muslihoon’s got the goods.

The Left’s Alliance With Islamofascism

FrontPageMagazine recently interviewed Buzz Patterson, the author of a new book, entitled, War Crimes: The Left’s Campaign to Destroy the Military and Lose the War on Terror.

After visiting Iraq in 2005, and interviewing hundreds of soldiers, he came to the conclusion that there was a fifth column of leftists in America with a de facto alliance with the islamofascists.

Examine the rhetoric. Congressman John Murtha calls our Marines “cold blooded murderers.” Senator Dick Durbin morally equates our troops serving at Guantanamo Bay with Hitler’s Nazis, Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge and Soviets in their gulags. Michael Moore releases his anti-American, anti-military screed Fahrenheit 9/11 and receives marketing assistance in Lebanon from Hezbollah (the terrorist organization that’s been killing Americans since 1983). Columbia University professor Nichole De Genova tells a gathering of 3000 students that “the only true heroes are those who find ways that help defeat the U.S. military.”

This sort of behavior and rhetoric is not only irresponsible, it’s subversive. It plays right into the Islamofascist game plan, it emboldens our enemy and it results in the war being prolonged and American deaths.

Why would the Dems kill Peter King’s John Doe Amendment, a common sense provision which would have provided protection from being sued for people who report suspicious behavior?

Andrew McCarthy at The Corner had this to say:

Maybe it’s me, but I just find this stunning. Asking whether, in this era (or, frankly, any era), you should be able to tell the police you saw something troubling without having to worry about it is like asking whether you should be able to breathe. It is common sense — if such a thing exists anymore in Reid/Pelosi America.

What possible good reason is there to silence people who want to tell the police they saw suspicious behavior? Under circumstances where we are under threat from covert terror networks which secretly embed themselves in our society to prepare and carry out WMD attacks? Planet earth to the Democrats: To execute such attacks, terrorists have to act suspiciously at some point. There are only a few thousand federal agents in the country. There are many more local police, but even they are relatively sparse in a country of 300 million. If we are going to stop the people trying to kill us, we need ordinary citizens on their toes.

Not in the Reid/Pelosi America.

Consider The New Republic’s “Scott Thomas” Shock Troop stories. Vile stories about the troops, that are being picked apart and discredited even as I type.

Powerline had this to say:

The incidents recounted by Thomas have certain attributes in common. Each of the three incidents recounted by Thomas reflects poorly on the American forces fighting in Iraq. Each of them is also highly improbable on its face. How likely is it, for example, that American soldiers would stand for the mockery of a woman disfigured by an IED? Not bloody likely.

Yet one can infer that the New Republic ran the article without much in the way of independent verification of the incidents recounted in it. Otherwise one of the loquacious editors and staffers who post at The Plank would surely have risen to the challenges raised to the article around the ‘net.

It’s almost as if they’re engaging in wartime propaganda….for the enemy.

And how about the Democrats in congress, including the ones who voted for the war, now demanding a “timeline” or “contingency plan” to bring the soldiers home. Soldiers who believe themselves that they can win this fight, if allowed.

Buzz Patterson sums it up this way:

The bottom line is the left in this country only wins when America loses.

And that makes me mad.