Just Noticed….

I don’t have any posts for the 24th yet.


I’ve been too busy to blog, today.

I can do this much, before I have to run off again: Every so often I like to share my search engine terms, because they can be funny. Here are a few from today, and yesterday:

Okay, the usual:

cute animals

fat rabbits

how to catch pet rabbits (boy, are they barking up the wrong tree!)

old ladies

cankles *sigh*

The expected:

nice deb

rage boy islamic

Frances Semler


John Smeaton

The Unusual:

Niblets definition (why not go straight to urban dictionary?)

crokinole tactic

Adrienne Barbeaux (I have no idea why).

how to finish a phone call (????!!!!)

That about covers it.

Holy Mackerel! 

Somebody just found me by googling:

bottle rockets being fired out of people

It’s true, we covered that, here….or I should say, Tushar covered that, here.