More Anti-War Fasting From The Religious Left

Via Frontpage Magazine: Left wing Protestants and Catholics are joining Muslims on Columbus Day, Oct. 8, which also happens to coincide with Islam’s “Night of Power” during Ramadan, in the “interfaith fast to end the war in Iraq”.

I wonder….would they also fast to end a war the U.S. isn’t involved in?

The fasters include officials from the Islamic Society of North America, the National Council of Churches, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Catholic Maryknollers, Sojourners, the United Methodist Board of Church and Society, and the Quaker Fellowship of Reconciliation.What better way to draw religionists together than to transforming the sinister day of conquest formerly known as Columbus Day into a Ramadan fast devoted to opposing American imperialism?!

The interfaith fasters are calling on “all armed forces and militias to ‘fast’ from killing at least for one day, reminding them that Ramadan calls for a fast from violence as well.” They also want to exploit the fast so as to “educate people in our religious communities about electing a president and representatives who are committed to ending this war.”

It’s nice that al Qaeda and other insurgents in Iraq are also invited to join the interfaith fast. Maybe there will be a spontaneous Ramadan soccer game among all the contending parties in Iraq, as during the famously unofficial Christmas Truce between British and German troops in World War I.

Well, as The Church lady used to say, “Isn’t that special?!”

14 thoughts on “More Anti-War Fasting From The Religious Left

  1. Feh. Why aren’t they fasting to end Islamist terrorism?

    Or the tyranny of autocracy by Muslim governments?

    Did not our Lord and Savior say something about motes and beams? A good message for these folks.

    Whereas I admire, to a degree, the commitment and pacifism of peace-promoting Christians (and I understand the theological basis of their obsession), their double standards and denial of reality greatly irks me. They make a mockery of faith, they do.


  2. Wow, Muslihoon, that’s really an *interesting* site…I’m guessing you’re a sci-fi fan?

    They must be Republican sci-fi fans because Fred! was winning. The site owner was 2nd. place.


  3. I am a scoi-fi fan. It’s a very different site: right-wing sci-fi-ish.

    When I started my blog, I adopted a pretentious, royal-We form of writing. This blog reminds me of that. I really like it. I like it because we don’t talk down to our opponents enough. If truth be told, many of our opponents do not deserve to be considered equals. The sort of pompous intolerant-of-nonsense tone this site has is something I really like.

    I voted for Remulak MoxArgon.

    I really wish I had more time for blog-reading and blog-commenting and blogging.


  4. I wonder if WP knows about this site?

    Do you think they would mind if I put them on my blog roll? I generally don’t bother to ask people, I just do it. Not sure that’s proper blog etiquette, though.


  5. I usually like it when people tell me they have linked to me so I can add them too. I don’t think one needs to ask permission: linking to a blog is a favor, after all.

    Hey, WP! Check out the blog I linked to above, and let us know what you think.


  6. If these people were serious, they would continue to fast until all war and hate and death and tyranny are completely eliminated.

    Come on, guys, commit! Go all the way! Don’t eat or drink anything until we have stopped all war around the world forever! I’m thinking that it should only take a couple of years. You can hold out that long without food or water, can’t you? I mean if you were really serious about this, you would at least give it a try.


  7. or to sum up what wiserbud said, if they’d all starve themselves our troubles would be over.

    Funny that you mention soccer in Iraq, since Iraq just won the Asian Cup. It’s amazing how well a team will play when they’re being rewarded for successes instead of tortured for failure.


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