Scary Mugshot Of Radioactive Boy Scout

Yes, this is David Hahn, of Radioactive Boyscout fame, the boyscout who inspired this Harper’s Magazine article, about his attempt to build a nuclear reactor in his mother’s shed.

Well, twelve years later, it turns out he’s still into his hobby.

A Clinton Township man who gained notoriety a decade ago as the so-called “Radioactive Boy Scout” was accused Thursday of stealing numerous smoke detectors in an effort to develop a homemade nuclear reactor.

David Charles Hahn, 31, was being held on a $5,000 bond in the Macomb County Jail after he was arraigned in 41B District Court on charges of larceny from a building, a 4-year felony.

The local police, and the FBI had been keeping an eye on him ever since he had returned home from his stint in the Navy.

When police arrested Hahn on Wednesday evening, they evacuated the apartment building and called in a Michigan State Police bomb squad to conduct a search of the apartment because of Hahn’s background and the chemical items he was known to store in his residence.

They found 16 smoke detectors that allegedly had been stolen from buildings in the complex. The suspect apparently was trying to harvest tiny amounts of the radioactive isotope americium-241, a silvery-white metal found in the detectors. The chemical can cause cancerous tumors and damage internal organs.

There was no mention of what it can do to um…facial skin.

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John Smeaton Meets British P.M.

Gordon Brown met with Scottish hero, John Smeaton, today at 10 downing street.

You may remember John as the Glasgow Airport baggage handler who helped police tackle  the terrorist after he drove his jeep into the airport terminal building. The man who said in an interview, “It’s fight or flight.”

For Smeaton , the choice was clear.

After showing him around No 10, Mr Brown said: “This is a very brave man and a very courageous man and I think the whole country owes John a debt of gratitude.

“He is a hero and we are proud of him.”

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Strange Submarine Found In The East River

Three men were pulled out and are being questioned by authorities, ABC News is reporting.

The intent of the three men being held by police remains unclear, but the initial indication is that it did not appear to be terror-related. They have not been identified by police and no charges have been filed.

They were probably just amateur submarine makers, trying out their craft in the East river.

Nothing odd about that.

I just want to hear the names of the men. That’s all.

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Oh brother. It turns out that it was just amateur submarine makers, trying out their craft!

Purple Avenger dug this up about the submarine project.

Ouch, Baby!

Another al Qaeda big wig bites the dust:


A militant known as Safi, touted as Al-Qaeda in Iraq‘s emir of Mosul, was killed in a shootout with Iraqi soldiers on Wednesday after he and two cohorts were spotted driving in the country’s third largest city, the US military said.

US soldiers arrested two of the extremist network’s chieftains as a suicide car bomber struck police in one of the group’s strongholds on Thursday.

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