Nice Deb ‘Gone For The Weekend’ Thread

I took the liberty of finding some good timewasters for you:

Create your own band

Fight Frank

Find your cute nickname (I’m Pookiefoof).

Finish the sentence:

Somewhere, someone is….

Have fun.

See ya Monday.


27 thoughts on “Nice Deb ‘Gone For The Weekend’ Thread

  1. Geez, everybody got so excited about the Rosetta sighting that y’all scared him off again.

    You all should know how sensitive Rosetta is to having any attention brought to himself/herself. Hell, he/she makes Spurwing look like an extroverted attention whore.

    Now who knows when we’ll see the elusive one again.


  2. Deb, not deleting your website. When you comment at Sinistar’s site (DoublePlusUnDead-DPUD), in your comment box, you’ll see a space for your name, your email address and your web address. If you leave the web address box empty, your comment will post.


  3. My oldest competed in Preliminary Championships for the first time, and placed in the top half, 4th out of 14! That means she goes to the Oireachtas.

    It’s almost unheard of to place in your first prelim competition.


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