Fred! To Announce Today At 4:30 EDT

Well it’s about damn time.

Ace and others are saying he’s announcing his plans to announce next week?

WTF is an announcement of an announcement?

If he’s announcing that he’s announcing……………………………………………………….

He’s announcing.

Oh, Now what?:

UPDATE: Campaign officials now say there will not be a 4:30 conference call for the media. Rather, the campaign will put out information for the press in a statement. Stay tuned for details later this afternoon.

He may or may not appear on Leno, next Wednesday, while the Republicans are having their debate.

Fred…you’re trying my patience.


23 thoughts on “Fred! To Announce Today At 4:30 EDT

  1. But what if he doesn’t announce, after announcing that he would announce?

    I would think that nullifies the whole deal.


  2. It would be funny if he announced for 2012.

    Everyone thinks he’s deliberating too much and taking too long to announce for 2008.

    Maybe he’s going to be 4 years AHEAD!!!!

    *Hands on hips* That Fred!


  3. Fred must think he has some serious mojo…which he may very well have.

    And I hope he does because this is the longest wait to get to first base since my high school prom.

    I was thrown out at first on a bunt by the way.


  4. All of our local news stories start with some mullet-headed jackass saying, “hold my beer and watch THIS!!”

    Stupid Camaro Z-28s.


  5. Well, there is not a single timezone where 4:30 looks like 11:06 rosetta

    It was a false flag.

    It’s a tactics thing. Though fred! might tactic his ass righout out of strategy, if he don’t pick up his shit and start acting.


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