Canadian Letter Bomber Caught

You may remember this case, as I posted about it a couple of weeks ago.

The perp turns out to be (surprise!):

Adel Mohamed ARNAOUT, 37, a Muslim immigrant from Lebanon living at 176 Ashdale Avenue, Toronto, Ontario was arrested by undercover Toronto Police officers late last Thursday night in a dramatic takedown at a Don Mills ESSO service station in the in Thorncliffe Park Drive — Overlea area of East York — about 6 kilometers north of the suspect’s residence. ARNAOUT is charged with three counts of attempted murder, three counts of intending to cause an explosion, one count of criminal harassment and one count of possession of explosive material.

I was thinking it might be one of those scary religious right wingers. But nooooo.

His takedown was reportedly the culmination of police investigation that began in June and encompassed “three letter bombs” sent to three seemingly unrelated victims in Toronto and Guelph, Ontario.

His residence is known as the “Bombay Bunker” due to its “unique, strangely fortified, bunker-like appearance”, and where there’s a varying number of occupants and a large number of “obviously Islamic” visitors.

Police told CFP that Arnaout was the primary person of interest, but “the investigation is fanning out to encompass others at its periphery”.

One Of The SC Pipebombers May Have Terrorist Past

In case you missed it at Michelle Malkin:

Agents think civil engineering student Ahmed Mohamed exchanged information over the Internet about how to miniaturize bombs, said a federal law enforcement official speaking anonymously because the investigation remains secret.

Also, at Steven Emerson’s new blog, The Investigative Project On Terrorism:

Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, 24, an engineering graduate student and teaching assistant at the Tampa-based university, faces terrorism charges for teaching and demonstrating how to use the explosives.

According to officials familiar with the case, Mohamed has been arrested previously in Egypt on terrorism-related charges. He is said to have produced an Internet video showing how to build a remote-controlled car bomb.

Did somebody say remote controlled? Dan Riehl:

A couple of interesting items from my reading around. The two may soon be transferred to a Navy brig and a remote controlled motorboat was seized in one of the raids.

I wonder how many more Mohamed and Megahed’s  are out there?

Phelps Inbreds Protest KC Irish Fest Mass

I was heading for the big outdoor Gaelic Mass, at the Kansas City Irish Fest, Sunday morning with my girls, and we saw a small group of protesters picketing outside the gates of the festival. I heard shouting.

“It’s those freaks from Topeka” an Irish Fest volunteer who was walking by us, said.

I stopped in my tracks. My camera was in my purse, but we were running late for Mass.

What to do….

Well, I did the sane thing, the right thing…I kept heading for Mass. I figured I could catch them on my way out.

But, I couldn’t help wondering what their problem was….did they misunderstand the word, Gaelic? Get it? *snicker*

Of course, the Catholic Church has had to endure some scandals in recent years…

This press release, posted at Kansas City Catholic makes it clear.

Dang, but they’re batshit crazy mofos.

After Mass, when we were heading back to our hotel room, they were no where to be seen. They had been asked by Crown Center management to leave the premises.

I had wanted to pose in some pictures with them, giving them the #1 salute, (ala Atlas Shrugs).

A golden opportunity lost.


Thanks to the Phelps protest, the KC Irish Fest made the news in Ireland.

More about it here.

Al Qaeda In Iraq Behead 12 Year Old In The Street

In the wake  of the troop surge, there’s been an increase in the willingness of Iraqis to cooperate with U.S. forces.

Al Qaeda strongly believes in negative re-enforcement:

Adgie said he received a report Monday that Al Qaeda in Iraq beheaded a 12-year-old boy in the middle of the street because his father was cooperating with the Americans.

“That’s the level of evil we’re dealing with here,” he said.

It’s believed that many of the insurgents have switched sides, from collaberating with al Qaeda, to cooperating with the Americans, due to brutal tactics like this.

They may be influencing people through fear, but they’re certainly not winning “hearts and minds”.