New Bin Laden Video To Be Released Within 72 Hours

In case you missed Drudge’s flashing siren:

Terror mastermind Osama bin Laden plans a new video addressing the American people regarding the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, terror monitoring groups said Thursday.

SITE Intelligence Group said an Internet announcement of the plan included a photo of the al-Qaida leader from the upcoming video—his beard, which in previous messages had been streaked with gray, was entirely dark.

Ace reports that Jihadist websites are posting statements similar to chatter heard before 9/11.

We are to be expecting a “special gift” on the 6th anniversary of 9/11.

Lest we forget, the Muslim Day parade in NYC, since its inception in 1983, has been held on the last weekend of the month of September. This year, it’s being held on September 9th.

Just sayin’

Counterterrorism Blog has a good roundup of all the latest poop.

The Jawa Report thinks the “special gift’ may be the Bin Laden Video.

Allahpundit says that wherever he’s hiding, he’s well stocked with Grecian Formula.

Stop The ACLU reminds us of all the terror threats from this past summer.

Gateway Pundit is already comparing the new OBL still to one from a 2004 video. Thinks they match up.

Michelle Malkin: The video due within hours?

The Anchoress wonders if there’s something in the wind…

We know we live in interesting times. Never forget they are – as ever – Supernatural times, too.

Now might be a good time to unplug the iPods and Blackberries, turn off the E! Channel and take a good look around. All manner of things can take you by surprise when you are distracted, when you are engulfed in noise and image and are unwilling – or unable – to find the silence in which so much may be heard.

Maybe there is nothing at all in the wind. But if that is true, it will be unusual.


The Blotter is reporting this morning, (9/7) that intelligence sources are saying that the video proves that OBL is still alive, but that the beard looks fake.

They say that the tape is aimed at potential suicide bombers in the West.

Sources in the intelligence community, who are already busy analyzing the image of bin Laden for clues of his whereabouts, say the tape is likely to be a direct message to Americans.

Most Excellent!:

Allah reports that in the video, Bin Laden criticizes Democrats for not getting us out of Iraq.

Remember, it’s an absolute article of faith on the left that Bin Laden wants us in Iraq, has always wanted us in Iraq, and will continue to want us in Iraq to give him a casus belli with which to recruit.

I think Bin Laden is being a bit unfair. The Dems deserve an A for effort.

Harry Reid gets an A+.

Something Awful has an interesting take on the OBL Video.  It’s retarded, but it made me laugh.

Harrowing!!!:Mother Fights Pitbull To Save Baby

This is one of the most horrifying dog attack stories, evah.

The mother, Angela Silva was in her garage, with her four month old baby in her arms, getting ready to clean out her car, when the pit bull from next door charged inside, lunging for the baby. Thinking quickly, she hid her son in the garbage bin, and tried to fight off the dog, but the determined beast wanted that baby, and knocked the garbage can over to get at the crying child.

At this point Silva did what any good mother would do, and got between the dog, and her baby. ‘Swisher’, the pit bull attacked Silva, clamping his jaws onto her arms, shredding through her flesh right to the bone.

“He just kept biting . . . and biting . . . and biting,” Silva, a 32-year-old special-education teacher, said Wednesday, tears filling her eyes.

Her screams attracted the attention of two contractors who were working on a house across the street. They ran over with their power tools whirring, and scared off the dog.

And so ended the scariest eight minutes of Silva’s life.

Finally responding to the cacophony, Charles Shelby, who lives next door in a rented house, came outside and called Swisher in. Swisher snapped to and promptly obeyed. Then a neighbor saw one of Shelby’s friends drive up in a red car, scoop up Swisher and zoom off. As of Wednesday evening, Swisher’s whereabouts remained unknown. Police are continuing to investigate and say that if the dog is found, he could be euthanized.

The low life neighbors are facing misdemeanor charges for not cooperating with police, and hiding evidence.

Meanwhile, Angela Silva is recuperating from her injuries and the terrifying ordeal.

She has about 50 staples and countless stitches all over both of her forearms, where she was bit down to the bone. She’s lost feeling in her fingers.

Ms. Silva understandably had a hard time sleeping that night.

“This was just so traumatic,” she said. “Every time I closed my eyes, I just thought about that dog.”

“If it weren’t for them, (the contractors) my baby and I would probably be dead,” Silva said.

But the dozen friends and relatives who gathered Wednesday at Silva’s home, bringing flowers and comfort, were patting her on the back, saying it was Silva, and her maternal instincts, that saved the day.

H/T: Crime Scene KC

Good News From Afghanistan

Several hundred Taliban militants have been iced by coalition soldiers in recent weeks.

More than 40 Taliban insurgents were killed on Wednesday when a joint Afghan and coalition force was on combat patrol in the southern Kandahar province, and came under attack from enemy small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades.

Soldiers repelled the attack before calling in coalition aircraft which “destroyed the positively identified enemy firing positions with precision guided munitions,” it said.

Afghan and foreign forces suffered no losses.

Afghan and coalition forces claim to have killed several hundred Taliban insurgents in central and southern Afghanistan in recent weeks. The Taliban have admitted some losses, but say many of the dead are civilians — a charge denied by the coalition.

Actually the Taliban is correct…there have been civilian losses… that they themselves caused:

Militants have also launched scores of attacks, mostly roadside or suicide bombs, that have killed several dozen local and foreign soldiers as well as many civilians.

Who do these scumbags think their kidding?