DSCC Has Their New Slogan!

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee held a contest to find a good slogan to put on bumper-stickers to help them “bump up their majority”.

Watch James Carville announce the winner:


Cute, no? A play on the LOL funny ‘Decider in Chief’ meme.

I don’t know, but I’d guess that the winning entry was written by an MSM Exec.

The Deciders. Deciding what information is important so that you don’t become “misled” away from the Metanarrative. – Ace of Spades

H/T: David Freddoso, The Corner

Pakistani Militants Behead Two Women Near Afghan Border

Not cool:

The bodies of the women in their 40s were dumped on the outskirts of the conservative town of Bannu, near the Afghan border, a day after they were abducted by gunmen, district police officer Dar Ali Khattak.

They were suspected of being prostitutes in a tribal area bordering Afghanistan where Pro-Taliban Militants are waging a violent campaign to impose strict Sharia Law.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing the enraged outcries of Western feminists any minute now.

Or maybe not.


Really Not Cool.