Huge Protest Planned In Brussels On 9/11

This protest against the Islamization of Europe, which organizers from Denmark, England, and Germany planned several months ago, gained notoriety last month when the Mayor of Brussels banned the event.

Many blogs, including Dhimmi Watch, and The Gates of Vienna covered this story.

The Socialist Mayor, Freddy Theilemans cited the potential risk to public order as his justification for the ban:

Thielemans wrote in an op-ed on August 20 that by choosing 9/11 for the demonstration the organizers obviously intended to draw a link between terrorism and the religion of Islam, a move he called “incitement to discrimination and hatred.”

obviously intended to draw a link between terrorism and the religion of Islam…

needs to be changed to, “intended to draw the obvious link between terrorism and the religion of Islam”. But Socialists never have appreciated statements of obvious truths, and so the protest ran into some legal trouble.

Some worthwhile background on Theilemans:

Thielemans is a member of the Parti Socialiste (PS), a Belgian party which caters for the Muslim population. The PS is the largest party in Brussels, holding 17 of the 47 seats in the city council. 10 of the 17 PS-councillors are Muslims. The PS governs Brussels in a coalition with the Christian-Democrats, who have 11 councillors, of whom 2 are Muslims and 3 are immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa. Only 13 of the 28 councillors in the governing coalition of the city are native Belgians. Thielemans is the most conspicuous of these. He is an atheist who is fond of Muslims, not because he respects religious people, but because he hates Christians. On 2 April 2005 the Brussels mayor was attending an official cocktail party with the mayor of Angoulême (France), when the news of the death of Pope John Paul II reached him. On hearing the news he ordered “Champagne for everyone!” His French colleague walked out in disgust.

Even with the deck stacked them, the organizers decided to carry on with their plans.

A loose alliance calling itself SIOE (“Stop Islamization Of Europe”) said it would go ahead regardless of the ban, while appealing against the ruling. The activists deny the racism allegation, saying their aim is to prevent Islam from becoming the dominant political force in Europe and stop the “creeping” introduction of Islamic law (shari’a).

On August 30 an administrative appeals court upheld the mayor’s ban, but SIOE took its case to another tribunal, and a Brussels civil court decision is expected shortly.

Some more Socialists got in on the act, further demonstrating the alliance between the left and Islamofascism:

Socialist lawmakers in the European Parliament wrote Wednesday to Thielemans – also a socialist -supporting his decision to ban the rally.

“Like you, we are convinced that the people behind this demonstration want above all to stigmatize a community for dark racist and xenophobic reasons as is proven by the readiness to lump Islam together with fundamentalist terrorism,” said Martin Schulz, a German who heads the Euro-parliament’s socialist group, a collection of 33 left-leaning parties from all 25 E.U. member states. (emphasis mine).

Dark, racist, and xenophobic reasons like, having to countenance, honor killings, Female mutilation, School kids in England being forced to write, “There is no God but Allah”, not being able to hand out the traditional hot crossed buns at Easter in a British hospital, UK health workers being told not to eat at their desks during Ramadan, Muslims being offended by “Jewish cookies” in Denmark, Muslims believing Coca Cola is a Zionist plot, and renaming the Three Little Pigs, to name a few reasons, which lead to the main one, to protest the very real, “creeping introduction” of Sharia law in their countries.

If Muslims can protest the publication of some cartoon drawings in a newspaper in their host countries, then by God, these citizens of Europe should have the right to protest, as well.

Organizers say racist and violent people are not welcome to join the demonstration.


Thielemens has approved a demonstration in Brussels on September 9 by a group that suspects the Bush administration of orchestrating the 9/11 attacks and wants an international inquiry.

Truthers welcome, “right wingers” need not apply.

Some Websites involved in the organization of the protest:

Center For Vigilant Freedom

Stop Islamiseringen Af Danmark

Stop The Islamization Of Europe

Islam In Europe

Politically Incorrect

They’re expecting thousands to attend.

Keep your fingers crossed, or say a little prayer that all goes well for them.