Yowza! Led Zep To Reunite For November concert

After the group split in 1980, there have only been a handful of reunion gigs, the last one 12 years ago at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Bonham’s son Jason is expected to wield the drum sticks for the band known to many fans simply as Zep.

Rounding out Led Zeppelin, rated the best ever hard-rock band by U.S. channel VH1, would be its classic founding trio of singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones.

The music website, NME is reporting that the show will take place in November 26 at the 12 Arena in London.

The show is being held to raise money for the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund, which pays for university scholarships in the UK, US and Turkey.

Also performing will be Pete Townshend, Foreigner, Paolo Nutini, plus Bill Wyman And The Rhythm Kings.

*Sigh*, once upon a time, Nice Deb had quite the little crush on Jimmy Page.

18 thoughts on “Yowza! Led Zep To Reunite For November concert

  1. Nuh-uh. I put it in the headlines section at AoS yesterday before 9.

    Jimmy can still play like a wild man, and so can JPJ. I haven’t heard Robert Plant sing in a long time though, don’t know if he’s still got the pipes or not. He has one of those vocal ranges I call “not human”.


  2. Not really… I couldn’t think of anything to do with it. Sometimes we throw em in the headlines using the formula ARTICLE punchline just to see if later the post that leads to the punchline appears in our teeny brains. All I could come up with was the sponsor jokes.

    You don’t know the pressure I’m under over there. With ace it’s always “what have you done for me lately, and if it’s nothing, there’s the door asshole”!


  3. I saw Led Zeppelin back in 78 or so…Page was so hammered he could barely stand up. The band was late on stage and people were booing. But when the lights shined through Plant’s hair he looked like a god, so not a complete loss.


  4. This the inevitable fate of all trolls: first they march in, all full of liberal talking points. Then, when they find out that their talking points are useless, they just start calling people names.

    I think this one’s about run its course. About due for its banning.


  5. I’ve already banned him once for calling me anti-Semitic for mentioning Saul Alinsky.

    Yes, that actually happened.

    He’s beclowning himself so badly these days, I look forward to his appearances.


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