Hillary! Having Trouble Raising Funds Legitimately?

It looks like she is in the Kansas City area, anyway.

Hillary Clinton has canceled and rescheduled her Kansas City fundraiser four different times, in the past six months:

May 5.

July 26.

Aug. 20.

Sept. 16.

And now, Oct. 5.

The Kansas City blog, Prime Buzz wonders if it’s something we said.

A commenter at Prime Buzz, (a Democrat) surmises:

My guess on why Senator Clinton is having trouble scheduling her fundraiser is that they cannot sell enough high dollar tickets to make her revenue quota.

There is NO excitement among local activists and financial backers for the junior senator from New York. Too many people fear that Hillary will do what is best for the Clinton “brand” and leave the country and the Democratic Party to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

He goes on to say that if she ends up looking inevitable, the money will start poring in.

That rings true, to me.