A Cat Hater And His Pit Bulls

This 21 year old Georgia goon is being charged with aggravated cruelty to animals for feeding captured neighborhood cats and kittens to his pit bulls.

He was already in jail on drug, firearm, and probation violation charges when these new charges came down, Gwinnett County sheriff’s spokeswoman Stacey Bourbonnais said.

Authorities found the bodies of two kittens near Hilmo’s residence. Bourbonnais said they also found a gruesome image on Hilmo’s cell phone: a picture of one of his pit bulls and one of the mauled, dead kittens, and beneath picture a caption that says “Good Dog.”

“It’s pretty disturbing,” Bourbonnais said.

It is suspected that he may have been feeding kittens and cats to his dogs to prepare them for dog fighting, but no dogfighting charges have been leveled against Hilmo, yet.

Multiple sources for this one. Thanks to Crime Scene Kansas City for the mug shot.