Al Qaeda In Iraq Lost

Michael J. Totten recently interviewed 3rd Infantry Division Lieutenant Colonel Mike Silverman in Ramadi, Iraq, a well liked, and respected officer from Georgia. He answered questions about the progress being made, the most encouraging thing he’s seen, as well as the worst things he’s seen. And more….read the article.

The money quote for me?

“What’s the most important thing Americans need to know about Iraq that they don’t currently know?” I said.

“That we’re fighting Al Qaeda,” he said without hesitation. “[Abu Musab al] Zarqawi invented Al Qaeda in Iraq. The top leadership outside Iraq squawked and thought it was a bad idea. Then he blew up the Samarra mosque, triggered a civil war, and got the whole world’s attention. Then the Al Qaeda leadership outside dumped huge amounts of money and people and arms into Anbar Province. They poured everything they had into this place. The battle against Americans in Anbar became their most important fight in the world. And they lost.” (emphasis mine).

This, after Ayman al-Zawahri announced in the latest AQ video that they beat us in Iraq, and Afghanistan, (sending the signal that they would no longer be committing resources to those two theaters).

It’s looking more and more like al Qaeda is finished in Iraq, and maybe Afghanistan, too.


More evidence of success in Afghanistan here and here.