John Kerry Flips The Bird At Vietnam Vets

There was a Gathering Of Eagles Event last Sunday morning, and 50-60 Eagles were gathered outside The NBC Washington Studio, where Code Pink was supposed to be. They never showed up, but it just so happened that Senators John McCain and John Kerry were taping a session of Meet The Press at the same location.

 Each came in separate cars and upon completion of the session, Senator McCain left first. Pro-troop advocates explained that Senator McCain’s “graciousness was beyond words.” His car stopped at the end of the driveway. He looked up and when he saw the Vets, he got out of the car and shook the hands of the Vets, the blue star Moms and the patriots.

It was an emotional moment as Vets and Senator McCain looked eye-to-eye, shaking hands and sincerely thanking each other.

Next came Lurch’s car. Some of the vets turned their backs as the car passed by, but most booed.

One guy was wielding a bullhorn…

Vet, George Samek who had wanted to let Kerry know that he is a traitor for more than 30 years, happened to be holding a bullhorn. He let Kerry know that “he is no brother of mine.”

As Kerry’s vehicle turned left at an accelerated pace, and faced about 15 people on the opposite side of the street, where most of the vets were standing– Kerry flipped them the bird from inside the safety of his speeding car!

George Samek says in his post at the Gathering of Eagles site:

  It was my great honor to say these words, in his face, after rolling them around in my head since the Vietnam War, I pissed off a Senator who’s rise to public office was paid for by his never ending lies and slander of Vietnam Vets, the look in the sad looking excuse for a Vietnam Vet face  helped heal my heart & to all you Vietnam Vets I said these words in your name and in the name of the 58,483 names on the Vietnam Wall.

Alas that there were no cameras fast enough to capture the moment.


Life Imitates Art

Like a scene straight out of the famous HG Wells novel, The Time Machine, a man and his girlfriend were robbed at gunpoint in Central Park, just seconds after he proposed:

Jacunski got on one knee and popped the question to his girlfriend of six months, Mami Nagase, in a romantic spot at a gazebo in Central Park on Saturday night. She had just agreed to marry him when, they said, a gunman jumped from the bushes and yelled, “Give me your money and get on the ground!”

Here’s where it diverts from the story: Jacunski was able to slip the engagement ring off his girlfriend’s finger and hide it in his pocket, without the assailant noticing.

In the book/movie, the fight over the ring led to the doomed girlfriend getting shot. (Or was it stabbed)?

So the robber got away with some cash, and the couple had to spend the rest of the evening looking at mugshots instead of having a romantic dinner at a French restaurant.

It could have been much worse….she could have been shot dead, and he could have spent the next five years feverishly working on a time machine so he could go back in time and undo what happened, only to wind up 800,000 years in the future fighting Morelocks.

That was a close call for them.

H/T: Crime Scene KC

Cool Fact About Jack Bauer…

He was busted early this morning for drunk driving.

From the Perez Hilton Website:

The actor was in a celebratory mood, attending the Fox fall premiere party Monday night at LA club Area. A few hours later, he allegedly blew more than twice the legal limit when cops pulled him over on suspicion of DUI at 1:35 A.M.

Kiefer Sutherland was released from the Hollywood Police station at 5:42 this morning on $25,000 bail.

Eddiebear suggested that he was drinking heavily because of the prospect of having to work with Janine Garafolo.

Sounds about right.


Mugshot here.