Fox News Worse Than al Qaeda

Wow. Just……wow.

If I were to tell you that a certain cable news personality recently made that statement in a Playboy interview…would you be able to guess who it is?

I’ll give you 3 hints….he’s not known for his prowess in bed, he is disturbingly obsessed with Bill O’Reilly, and trails his more popular cable news rivals in the ratings by a significant margin.

Unhinged is right.

13 thoughts on “Fox News Worse Than al Qaeda

  1. First of all, I believe Olby says some of this stuff just to generate buzz and try to bait FNC/O’Reilly into mentioning his name. Also, Olby hates it when people hit him back (witness the fit he threw when Red Eye compared his comments to those of bin Laden).

    Also, what this is is part of a meme the left is establishingregarding FNC/conservative media and the blogosphere. To wit, they want to establish that said dextrosphere has helped the Bush Administration and has been a cheerleader for their policies that they believe are dangerous. As a result, doing anything possible to marginalize and/or restrict the dextrosphere is justifiable. That is why the fever swamps want to revive the Fairness Doctrine.


  2. I have a left leaning friend who will be staying at my house in a couple weeks. I enjoy this because I can debate him non-stop because I trap him in my home.

    He believes that Fox News has a disgusting bias and he can’t see the MSM has any agenda at all. I tell him it’s because he’s viewing the news through his left leaning lenses.

    The scary thing is that this guy is not a wacked out liberal. He is representative of what the mainstream Democratic population actually thinks.


  3. ^But according to KOS and Olbermann, they represent the “center” of the party now. They flushed out all but a few “Blue Dogs” and replaced them with Kossacks.


  4. This “jihad” against Fox is ridiculous.
    O’reilly isn’t really a conservative, Hannity is, but Colmes gets equal time.
    Shep Smith-liberal
    Brit Hume-conservative, but on in the middle of the day, sorry, no one watching.
    Overall, I’d say Fox leans just barely left, as opposed to the full on socialist propaganda of everyone else.


  5. b-mac, to the unhinged left, any amount of conservatism that is allowed to peek through is an intolerable amount. Just like on campuses across America, conservative ideas are not welcome or appreciated, and are to be stifled.

    It’s not a coincidence that a fascist totalitarian like Ahmadinejad sounds suspiciously like most liberals.


  6. My first “serious” post at AMA was about KO, and MSNBC.

    INSANITY, so crazy in their irrationality, that even I can’t ferret out exactly what kernel of knowledge they are trying to share.

    They aren’t muddying the issue’s, there is no issue, there is just mud.


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