The Terrorist Threat To Our Schools Action Plan

Last week I posted on the disturbing topic of terrorists targeting schools in a Beslan styled attack. It is something they are determined to do. It is something they have planned to do. It is something they have promised to do.

This week The National Terrorist Alert Response Center has posted part two of their coverage of the threat; a preparedness guide. I’m linking to it because I think it’s important to be prepared in case the unthinkable happens.

I have five kids in public school, one in pre-school. I am not by nature a paranoid person, but the possibility of terrorists attacking a school is very real to me. It could happen very easily, as most schools are very soft targets, what more, Islamic extremists have reportedly signed up to be school bus drivers, or are simply buying school buses.

If you have forgotten the horror of Beslan, let this be a reminder to you. A longer, but very moving YouTube video here.

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