Bra Bandit Steals Bras Right Off Racks…

from the Victoria’s Secret Store at the Flagstaff Mall.

According to police, about $15,000 worth of underwear from Victoria’s Secret was taken Saturday without tipping off employees.

Those responsible were able to haul about 350 bras out the main entrance during business hours.

How do you walk out the door with 350 bras, without anybody noticing, or without the anti-theft tags triggering the alarm? Pretty tricksy.

I think they need to set a booby-trap, to catch the culprit.

Found via: Crime Scene KC 

43 thoughts on “Bra Bandit Steals Bras Right Off Racks…

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  2. I used to wear those expensive VS bras. I realized awhile back they were so uncomfortable, I couldn’t wait to get out of them. Now I order from at less than 1/2 the price. I think I look better without all that push up stuff. The gents might think differently but they don’t have to wear the things.

    Bra Bandit — you can keep ’em.


  3. Well, I have a feeling some Victoria’s Secret bras are going to be showing up on EBAY at a good discount in the very near future, in case you change your mind.


  4. They can peddle away on Ebay, NiceDeb!

    Shopped almost exclusively at Victoria Secret 25 years ago. Sweet hubby bought me lots of pretties. A very different product then, like quality French lingerie. Not anymore… not by a long shot.


  5. Seriously PJM…that avatar is creeping me out.

    It almost makes me want to put my pants on because it makes me uncomfortable.

    Cheese Deb is so sexy, if she was an aged brie, I would eat her with a cracker.


  6. hahaha, it is my eye. Is it creepy though Cathy? I’m asking your opinion, not rosetta’s. I don’t want to weird people out


  7. My mom, is a simple woman, and my father is an even more simple man (though he’s actually quite bright, he just never thought of anything but himself, sorry dad, it’s true)

    Anyways, my brother got married to a woman who isn’t simple (though, sorry sis, my bro is “smarter,” but not by much, and it’s not a family thing)

    Anyways, (again) I have a rather strong sense of my own abilities, but I know what they are. I remember stuff, I know what I was taught, and sometimes I can put them together, but in general, I’m not one of those savantic ultra-focused geniui (I don’t like saying genius’s, I prefer, treating them as fungus, so the multiple is “fungi”)

    and there are a lot of people I can count as equals, but I have only met a small handful (actually 4) people that I would say were “smarter.” And without a doubt the man who I most associate with brilliance is my uncle (not related) John.

    Seems like a long lead in for bra’s right?

    Here is one thing that those I count as brilliant, those I count as equals, and those I count as less have in common.

    We quiver with guilt whenever we are in the womens section of any store, and if we even walk into Victoria’s Secret knowing we are gonna be paying for it, we are complete wussbags.

    One time I had to go out with my brother to pick up the birthday gifts for his wife. My brother knew about what it would cost, but as he walked in, had to be held by the hand (figuratively, almost literaly) by the salesgirl, in order to pick out the things his wife wanted (not smutty lingerie or anything, VS is a much bigger business than that) You could see my brother diminish a little bit in masculinity as he walked through the store, and Me the single guy, would only have been an offensive prick if I made jokes, so I shrank even further.

    Paying for the clothing (it was actual clothing) my brother, you could see, that he didn’t care what it cost, he just wanted to go into the warm embrace of sports television, and his wife telling him how great a husband he was, meanwhile I was a wimpering dog, nipping at the heals of anyone willing to kick me in the face.

    ND, don’t bother asking your husband, he will lie.


  8. Nothing sexier than a chick eager to rid herself of her bra.

    Now if we can only be informed of the particular panties that do the same thing, there will be a ROUTE! at the nearest lingerie shop.


  9. “Seems like a long lead in for bra’s right?”
    No, I’d call that tittalating.

    Agreed, VS quality’s not like it used to be, Cathy (WUTBMM), what the heck happened to Frederick’s Of Hollywood? And a confession, just for you. I used to have a plaid bra. And two paisleys.


  10. Is it creepy though Cathy? I’m asking your opinion, not rosetta’s. I don’t want to weird people out.

    Sorry for the delay in response. I’m just getting back here.

    I’m not weirded out at all. If the other one is sorta like it, Lady you have pretty eyes and you can show ’em off if you want. I think it is a clever way to share yourself with us.


  11. I have a bra like that Cathy and for some reason I never remember to throw it away. It’s got this little piece of plastic that digs in my back all day. It’s never enough to make me exchange bras during the day, but just enough to annoy me. I finally threw it away the other day.


  12. Awhile back I went through my drawer and threw out every bra that made me cranky. I’ve started culling other clothing now. I refuse to wear scratchy stuff — those tags at the neck or in the side-seams… What are they thinking!


  13. I’m the same way. I just can’t figure out what takes me so long to realize I hate those articles of clothing. duh!
    I think I just don’t like to throw things away that I spent money on.


  14. Instead of throwing them away, you could just cut the tag off. And if you need the tag for washing instructions, just put a piece of scotch tape on it and write what you cut it off from (with a fine sharpie on the spanish side) and put it in the junk drawer in the kitchen for future reference.


  15. You should appreciate us being annoyed by that and not you Dave.

    forged rite, that is a good idea. My case it was this little piece of I don’t know what it was. it was like they sewed it together with fishing line. I swear I don’t know what the hee haw heck it was


  16. Forged — sometimes when I try to cut the tag off, the edges of the little nib left are more irritating than the entire tag, or I end up having to break open the seams to pull it out. I might even end up ripping the garment by mistake. It is very annoying. I think that is why some companies are now printing everything on the inside of the garment and promoting a “no tags” feature.

    I figure if we gals get rid of most stuff that gets us cranky — we are doing humanity (that includes men) a favor.

    I don’t pay attention to washing instructions anyway. Most my stuff is washable, and I can usually figure out whether it needs to be in cold water just by looking at it.

    Dave — if you’re lookin’ for something to irritate women, I could make you a list… and the word “feel” will be included.


  17. — sometimes when I try to cut the tag off, the edges of the little nib left are more irritating than the entire tag, or I end up having to break open the seams to pull it out. I might even end up ripping the garment by mistake. It is very annoying.

    Oh, don’t I know it.

    I’ve walked around with little slits in my clothing because of that happening. Those damn tags are coming out one way or another.


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