A Soldiers Point Of View On Blackwater

I found this through Gateway Pundit.

An Infantry NCO about to go back to Iraq for his 3rd tour, (I reenlisted, so save your boo-hoos for someone who cares) wrote a long comment on a post on the blog, The Monkey Tennis Centre. (don’t ask…I have no idea).

Here’s a part of it:

Newsflash: diplomatic convoys in Iraq are huge targets for the enemy, and Iraqi civilians are notoriously bad eyewitnesses of anything. During my last tour, local shopkeepers were being openly gunned down on the street by the Mahdi Army, aka JAM (guys dressed just like ordinary Iraqi “civilians”) while we were literally a block away drinking chai with the local police captains trying to establish good rapport.

Within minutes we would haul to the scene on foot and ask who shot the man and people would point at us and say “you did.” (Meaning U.S. soldiers.) We were the only ones in the area, so we knew this to be untrue, but the rumors (actually well-timed enemy propaganda) had already spread so fast that even this man’s relatives were already convinced that we had shot him down. He had only been killed for this very reason: to blame on us and thus discredit all the hard work we had already put in around that section of Baghdad.

He may not have been there, but he offers some perspective that is sorely missing from the MSM.

More at The Monkey Tennis Centre.

Media Matters In Hyper-Overdrive…

And it’s only going to get worse as the election season approaches.

In just the past week, Media Matters has been able to dredge up three phony controversies about two very popular conservative political talk show hosts; two for Rush Limbaugh, and one for O’Reilly.

Part one:

Before Move Ons General Betrayus, There Was Limbaugh’s Senator Betrayus

On September 21, Media Matters graced the world with their “Before Move Ons General Betrayus, There Was Limbaugh’s Senator Betrayus”, post. What they, and apparently every left leaning blog in existence see as a huge, huge example of hypocrisy, and double standard is the fact that Rush is quoted as saying that Move On’s General Betrayus ad is ‘contemptible’ and ‘Indecent’, yet called Senator Hagel, Senator Betrayus, back in January.

This is what the left considers a big ‘Gotcha’ moment.

Nevermind that Rush was repeating what a caller said. Understand the context in which it was repeated. Senator Hagel had just been the only Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee to vote with the Democratic party to condemn the President’s troop surge.

It was a bit of political hyperbole, aimed at the man they considered a traitor to the Republican Party, not to the nation as a whole. Shit, I’m sure that that wasn’t even the first time Hagel has been accused of betraying the Republican Party. He does it all the time. Other Rinos get accused of it, too:

In 2004, U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter (RINO-PA) was justifiably fighting for his political life. After years of betraying the principles of the Republican Party, which had kept him in power for decades, Specter was being challenged in Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate primary by a conservative congressman named Pat Toomey.

The left does it, too:

The U.S. Senate Betrays Us (on the overwhelming passage of the Cornyn Amendment condemning the Move On ad). Heh, baby.

Political hyperbole, (*guilty!*) is certainly not the most dignified way to hold public discourse, but it is a far, far cry from questioning the integrity of a highly decorated and revered General on the eve of his address to congress on a very important matter: Has the troop surge been successful?

The troop surge that Senator Hagel condemned back in January, was reportedly having positive effects. The Peace at any cost crowd couldn’t let that stand.

The move on ad (that was bought at a discount rate in a newspaper that claims to be unbiased), was meant to influence opinion against the man, including the opinion of the very people who were to listen to his testimony. And it was suggesting that the General was a dishonest political hack betraying the country, at a time of war.

Rush was right, it was contemptible, and indecent.

And there’s no double standard here.

Just a lot of unhinged lefties, hyperventilating because the Repubs got the better of them, and once again, they looked like the pond scum they are.


You gotta like this, Mark Levin is calling Media Matters a criminal enterprise because of it’s violation of the tax code. Watch the video at Hot Air.

Part 2:

O’Reilly surprised “there was no difference” between Harlem restaurant and other New York restaurants

Brian Maloney of Radio Equalizer covered this one, here.

Part 3:

Limbaugh: Service Members Who Support US Withdrawal are “Phony Soldiers”

Michelle Malkin’s got it covered, here.

Jon (my uniform) Soltz spews his spittle, here, misrepresenting the facts in a post entitled, So I’m A “Phony Soldier”, Rush?

Oh no Jon, there’s nothing phony about a guy who claims to be non-partisan, and conservative, writing for the Huffington Post, and being a speaker at Yearly Kos.

In a Washington Post puff piece, from earlier this year, Soltz claimed to be conservative. Here’s what he had to say last Feb:

Soltz said the group is pro-military and not a front for the Democrats. “I’m a conservative,” said Soltz, who volunteered on Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign.

More at The Radio Equalizer, and Newsbusters.


Rush Limbaugh apologizes to the troops on his show…

(for Media Matters)

RUSH: I want to apologize to all of the members of the United States Military, both in uniform and out, active duty and retired, for Media Matters for America. They will not apologize to you, and they will not apologize to me. I want to apologize to you on behalf of them. As all of you military personnel know, I, since of beginning of time and since the beginning of this program, certainly 19 years ago, have been one of the most ardent, loyal, in-awe supporters of any and all who wear the uniform — including those who disagree with the mission.

You can read the entire transcript at Rush’s site.