A Soldiers Point Of View On Blackwater

I found this through Gateway Pundit.

An Infantry NCO about to go back to Iraq for his 3rd tour, (I reenlisted, so save your boo-hoos for someone who cares) wrote a long comment on a post on the blog, The Monkey Tennis Centre. (don’t ask…I have no idea).

Here’s a part of it:

Newsflash: diplomatic convoys in Iraq are huge targets for the enemy, and Iraqi civilians are notoriously bad eyewitnesses of anything. During my last tour, local shopkeepers were being openly gunned down on the street by the Mahdi Army, aka JAM (guys dressed just like ordinary Iraqi “civilians”) while we were literally a block away drinking chai with the local police captains trying to establish good rapport.

Within minutes we would haul to the scene on foot and ask who shot the man and people would point at us and say “you did.” (Meaning U.S. soldiers.) We were the only ones in the area, so we knew this to be untrue, but the rumors (actually well-timed enemy propaganda) had already spread so fast that even this man’s relatives were already convinced that we had shot him down. He had only been killed for this very reason: to blame on us and thus discredit all the hard work we had already put in around that section of Baghdad.

He may not have been there, but he offers some perspective that is sorely missing from the MSM.

More at The Monkey Tennis Centre.


2 thoughts on “A Soldiers Point Of View On Blackwater

  1. Our enemy, and the MSM, (I know they are frequently one and the same but I’m just trying to be completely unbiased — just like them) not telling the truth? Say it ain’t so!


  2. My brother complains about the media spin and how the soldiers want a few “accidents” to hit a few of the Green ZOne reporters who never go outside.


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