The Munchkin Gets A BooBoo

Saturday night, we went to our town’s Oktoberfest, and had to park about a half a mile away from the festival. It was a long walk for the munchkin with her short little legs, and when she hit a little dip in the pavement, she went flying. Her left knee took the brunt of the damage.

Now normally, I pride myself on being prepared for any contingency, but sadly, I was all out of bandaids. And that little boo boo was bleeding all over the place.

Luckily for us, a couple of our town’s finest ambulance workers were manning the First Aid station.

They patched her up real good.

My Too Busy To Blog Post

We had a really busy weekend here in the Nice Deb household.

Saturday we went to two fall festivals in one day; Sunday was church, and then an afternoon of shopping for school picture outfits. Then dinner, and a movie. Yeah, Nice Deb was too tired to do anything but collapse into bed and watch Wyatt Earp, which stunk. And I fell alsleep before it was over.

Today I had to bring my nine year old to the doctor’s because she’s had a wicked cough for about three weeks. Then I had to go shopping. And now I’m getting ready to go to my four year old’s fall festival.

I’m working on a post, but don’t get very far before I’m interrupted.