‘Tase Me Bro!’

Here’s a strange story coming out of Colorado Springs.

Alexander Craig, a 22 year old drunk dialer, who thought it would be fun to call the police, and taunt them, last March, has pleaded guilty to felony eluding.

Police received about 10 cell phone calls during a three-hour period in March, when Craig made statements like, “I’m hammered … come get me.”

Police frantically tried to locate the man as he continued his drunk dialing, but to no avail.

“What is your name?” a dispatcher asks.”I don’t know,” replied the caller. “I’m too hammered right now, man.”

The man called back at one point and said, “I’m drunk and giving you guys clues and you still haven’t found me.”

At another point, the 911 tape shows more taunting from the caller.”I’m drunk and driving at the same time heading down south Academy. I called earlier and I still ain’t got nothing from you fools,” he said.

After about two hours of taunting, police say Craig came to them, pulling up to their squad cars, and quickly driving off, running red lights, driving down the wrong side of the road, (Nice Deb’s been known to do that sober) and jumping medians.

When police finally caught up with Craig, he was so uncooperative the police had to do what the police have to do in these situations. They whipped out the old taser.


For somebody to call us — that’s a first in 20 years I’m aware of,” said police spokesman.

Craig claims he was in the midst of a nervous breakdown.

You know what?

I think I believe him.

A Giant Cockroach In The Political Kitchen

Michelle Malkin says that if MoveOn.org can’t stand the heat, it should get out of the political kitchen.

She’s referring to the response of the George Soros funded organization to the small retailers who sell T-shirts and mugs on the internet critical of the ‘Generous Betray Us’ smear ads .

Michelle Malkin:

I heard from one of the independent T-shirt sellers targeted by MoveOn.org last week. The seller is a lifelong Democrat and member of the military. Incensed by the attack on Gen. Petraeus, the retailer opened up a shop at online store CafePress. The homemade designs at the PoliStew Cafe (www.cafepress.com/polistew) were stark and simple: “Move Away from Move On!” “MoveOn.org NoFriend to Dems.” “General Petraeus has done more for this country than MoveOn.org.”

For daring to raise a voice and raise some money for the troops (all proceeds from the sale of his items go to the National Military Family Association charity), this T-shirt seller earned the wrath of MoveOn.org’s lawyers. MoveOn.org chief operating officer Carrie Olson brought down the sledgehammer. She sent a cease-and-desist letter to CafePress demanding that PoliStew Cafe’s items and other anti-MoveOn.org merchandise be removed from the store.

Let’s examine this giant cockroach that’s been running rampant and defiling our ‘political kitchen’. I’m talking about George Soros, himself.

Since 2003, tearing down what he considers the “fascist” tyranny of the United States has been the central focus of his life.

Through networks of nongovernmental organizations, Soros intends to ruin the presidency of George W. Bush “by any legal means necessary” and knock America off its global pedestal. “His view of America is so negative,” says Sen. Joe Lieberman, who, like Gen. David Petraeus, has been a target of Soros’ electoral “philanthropy.” “The places he’s put his money are . . . so destructive that it unsettles me.” Soros’ aim seems to be to make the U.S. just another client state easily controlled by the United Nations and other one-world groups where he has lots of friends.

MoveOn.org would have to be his crown jewel in this effort.

Starting off as a small left wing fringe group, it’s been bulked up by Soros’ cash to the tune of $5 million since 2004.

Now it uses professional public relations type tactics to undercut the Iraq War effort.

MoveOn’s discounted full-page NYT’s ad branded General Petraeus as ‘General Betray Us’.

The ad ran on the same day that Petraeus delivered his progress report on the surge in Iraq.

They’ve also put out ads depicting President Bush as a Nazi.

“We have to go through a certain de-Nazification process,” he told this year’s Davos conference in Switzerland.

Aligning himself with the extreme left, his group was instrumental in getting Howard Dean elected as the Chairman of the Democratic Party, pulling the whole party leftward.

Soros also has financed spin outfits such as Media Matters that specialize in providing distorted conservative political statements as grist for leftist politicians and media.Media Matters (and MoveOn.org) succeeded last year in denying incumbent Lieberman the Democratic nomination for Senate in Connecticut and effectively drove the moderate out of his own party. Net result: Fewer Democrats, including today’s crop running for office, are willing to challenge any Soros-financed pressure group.

The whiff of election fraud can be found in his  “philanthropy”.

He has also bankrolled groups involved in the manipulation of elections, an activity that has increased since his money came into the picture. Two groups — Americans Coming Together and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now — were sanctioned recently by the Federal Election Commission for fraud.

Soros pledged $10 million to ACT, which has since been fined $775,000 for illegally funneling $70 million set aside for voter registrations to Democratic candidates.

He also gave at least $150,000 to ACORN, the left-wing group best known for pushing minimum-wage hikes, marching for illegal-immigrant amnesty and harassing Wal-Mart. ACORN has been accused of voter fraud in 13 states since 2004 and was convicted of falsifying signatures in a voter registration drive last July, drawing a fine of $25,000 in Washington state.

Soros says he has ended funding to voter-drive organizations, but he still heads a secretive rich-man’s club called “Democracy Alliance” that has doled out $20 million to activist groups like ACORN.

Ever wonder why the left often comes off looking sympathetic to terrorists?

Alot of Soros’ money is devoted to groups like the ACLU to empower criminals, “including lawsuits on behalf of terrorists’ ‘civil rights’.”

Soros’ Open Society Institute gave $20,000 for the legal defense of radical attorney Lynne Stewart. She was convicted in 2002 of abetting jailed terrorists after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Soros is also involved in the financing of a 9/11 memorial at ground zero, the World Trade Center Memorial Cultural Complex — which critics say blames the U.S. for 9/11.

The fundamental difference between how a conservative looks at the war on terror and how a far leftist looks at it:

“Bush says (the terrorists) hate us for what we are, not what we do, and I think that’s false,” Soros told an audience at UC Berkeley last year.

He doesn’t believe that the war on terror can be won, and seems bound and determined to prevent America from achieving victory in Iraq. That does not suit his purposes, which is to weaken the US, and move toward a one world government.

While he has criticized the United Nations occasionally, he favors U.N. dominance in world affairs, sees the European Union as a model for “open society” and has called for a global central bank.

Anyone who doesn’t agree with this vision, or who doesn’t fit cozily into his multilateral model, gets a visit from Soros-backed groups.

MoveOn.org, for example, led the charge to keep John Bolton out of a permanent seat in the U.N., and Bankwatch piled on to topple Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank.

In fact, pick any cause that seeks to weaken the U.S. and it’s hard not to find Soros’ name on its list of financial backers. Most of these causes are financed by relatively small amounts, but that’s all that’s needed to make trouble.

And without the cash, countless bad ideas would have no presence in American political debate at all.

What keeps these groups on cue, and Democrats in line, is the prospect that any funding from Soros can be stepped up to massive levels. It’s probably no coincidence that Soros was a big backer of campaign finance reforms that have allowed nominally nonpartisan groups like MoveOn.org to strike with the kinds of tactics they are using.

It’s obvious that what our country needs is a huge can of RAID to get rid of this menace.

Where’s the Orkin man when you need him?