What Michael Moore Didn’t Show You

A doctor in Cuba took some pictures via cell phone of three hospitals that Michael Moore apparently didn’t visit, and he emailed them to the blog, Free Thoughts.

Check out the conditions for yourself. I wouldn’t send a rabid raccoon to one of these places.

Here’s what the good doctor had to say about it:

The official policy of APARTHEID imposed by the Cuban regime almost fifty years ago has harmful consequences for the health of the population. The few existing hospitals and polyclinics which have adequate conditions and resources are exclusively for the use of foreigners and members of the governing elite. For ordinary Cubans it is extremely difficult to receive medical attention.

Thousands of doctors and other health professionals, as well as essential medical resources, are diverted from public health and directed to political missions in countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador. To this end, thousands of tons of medicines, medical equipment and indispensible resources are donated. Missions carried out at the expense of increasing the deprivations suffered by Cubans.

The strategy of such a policy is centered on exporting Communist ideology to recipient countries, disguised as humanitarian actions. With the thousands of doctors and tons of resources expropriated from the Cuban population, consciences are manipulated, votes are assured in electoral campaigns and totalitarian systems are legitimated.

Some full fledged commies like Michael Moore, will even go the extra mile for the ’cause’, and make movies extolling the imaginary virtues of Cuba’s crappy health care system, while excoriating our own.

Nice going, comrad Moore.

H/T: Gateway Pundit 

Snapped Shot Pwns Jihadi Websites

Check out what Snapped Shot has been up to.

When some terrorist sympathizing website steals it’s bandwidth, Snapped Shot responds by replacing the stolen picture with some other awesome picture, like the cartoon of Allah with a bomb on his head, or a picture of Salmon Rushdie with the caption, “I love you too”.

Too funny!

The Weekly Standard has picked up on this story.

I saw it first at Ed Gruberman’s.

Did Hillary Help Start Media Matters Or Did She Not?

Okay which is it, Media Matters?

While speaking before the YearlyKos convention in Chicago, Hillary boasted of:institutions that I helped to start and support like Media Matters and Center for American Progress.”

Media Matters rep, Paul Waldman on Tucker Carson when asked if she helped start Media Matters: “Uh, uh, no. I think she’s been somebody who encouraged it and was supportive like a lot of progressives”.

Somebody’s either lying, or greatly exaggerating, Media Matters.

It’s all very concerning…

Care to look into this one?

Talk Radio Under Attack

First they came for Don Imus, and I did not speak out because I am not a liberal like Don Imus….

No actually, the Soros funded, Media Matters, headed up by self described liar, David Brock has been at this since 2004. Imus was just their first big success story as far as I know. And he did indeed call a bunch of innocent girl basketball players “nappy headed ho’s” at 6:14 in the morning when hardly anyone was listening. Then was forced to apologize. Then lost his job.

Why was Imus actually targeted? He was a ‘shock jock’, after all. He said shocking and insulting things on his show every single day, for years. You figure it out.

The Rush and O’Reilly smear campaigns have been just as aggressive, but less successful because of the dishonesty and absurdity of the charges. And conservatives are fighting back because the truth is on their side. Nobody fought too hard for Imus. He said what he said. What can you say? The shock jock stuff finally caught up to him.

Now, As Brian Mahoney of Radio Equalizer says, the floodgates have opened. Here’s the complete list of talk radio shows under attack, (as we speak, thus far):

KOH-am-780, Reno:

Afternoon host Bill Manders was targeted for his supposedly “racist” viewpoints. We all know that “racist” viewpoints in the immigration debate means that you are against illegal immigration. Up to 2000 illegal aliens and pro-illegal activists protested at the KOH radio station.

Remind you of anything?

WLW-AM, Cincinnati:

Islamist group, CAIR demands that the station reprimand talk show host, Bill Cunningham for what they consider anti’Islamic remarks he made on the air. The quote in question:

“The great war of this generation’s time is the war against Islamic fascists,” Cunningham said. “… They do not live for life, they live for death. Only through death can they believe they can be with those 72 virgins in heaven and have sex with children for eternity, which is the goal of that religion.”

Note that Cunningham says, “Islamic fascists”, which isn’t meant to include all Muslims.
WLW has also been the target of Hispanic groups, recently.

Michael Savage:

For comments he made back in July about students who fasted in support of immigration reform.

Savage said in part:

“Let them fast until they starve to death; then that solves the problem.”

The supervisors condemned the remarks as “symbolic of hatred and racism”.

May I take the opportunity to symbolically, laugh out loud, here?

Oh, and then there’s this brilliant Wesley Clark idea.

And we’re only getting started, folks. Wait ’til the silly season gets fully underway.


Well, the Democrats insist on jumping the shark on the Rush Limbaugh Smear.

Michelle Malkin reports that:

Democrat Rep. Mark Udall is spearheading the resolution condemning Rush Limbaugh. It apparently has 19 co-sponsors now.