New Website: Muslims Against Sharia

Islamic Reform Movement.

We often say, where are the Moderate Muslims? Why don’t they speak out? Well, here they are.

It’s only been up and running for about a month. Go check it out. They deserve our thanks and support.

Here’s their list of things that make you a non-Muslim (according to Islamists). Everything on the list would send Islamic Rageboy into a fiery, tooth-baring rage.

You must check out this video of a pissed off blond ripping the students at Columbia a new one for inviting Ahmadinejad to speak, and applauding him. She has a rather intimate knowledge of the recent history of Iran, dating back to the Shah.

And she is not pleased.

Hat Tip: Right Truth

H/T: Dave on how to spell ‘Shah’. Thanks Dave! You’re a doll.

VoteVets Weasel Admits Motive For Going After Rush

Remember Vote Vets Rep, Brandon Friedman from the MSNBC Video clip, Ace posted the other day? The one where he debates Sgt. Seavey, and Norah O’Donnell moderates?

After that embarrassment, they actually allowed him to go on another interview, this time on the Rusty Humphries Show.

Rush has the transcript on his website:

Rusty Humphries says, “Why are you doing this, honestly? What is your reasoning behind this?”

FRIEDMAN: The problem I have with Rush Limbaugh is that he enables policy makers who have gotten our country into a lot of trouble. We’re in a lot of trouble. I mean, we’ve got some serious problems with Islamic extremism globally, and we can’t address those problems correctly —


FRIEDMAN: — because we’re bogged down in another country’s religious civil war.

HUMPHRIES: Okay, so it’s not what Rush said, it’s who Rush supports, and because he helped get them elected, he needs to be taken down, is that —

FRIEDMAN: No, it’s a pattern of what he does. I mean, this guy has a voice, and he affects people.


Got that? They’re trying to take him down because they disagree with what he says, and the fact that he influences (affects) people.

Hence, the dishonest smear.

We already knew that Friedman, but I have to say your candor was refreshing. Or did Rusty slip Sodium Pentathol in your coffee, Friday?

One more thing:

HUMPHRIES: Again, he talked about this Jesse MacBeth the day before, he talked about him on that show, the day of the show, the day after the show. He’s explained himself and still you’re going to continue, and you support what Harry Reid said, taking this out of context? Come on, Brandon, that’s not fair. That’s not right. I could take what you said out of context. I mean this guy explained, and explained, and explained, and you’re still spreading these lies, saying that he called a soldier a suicide bomber? And what about Tom Harkin? Do you think it was okay for Tom Harkin to accuse Rush Limbaugh to be on drugs?

FRIEDMAN: Yeah, maybe it’s not appropriate for the Senate floor, but it’s true.

Actually it isn’t true. As The Palm Beach Post reported,

No, Sen. Tom Harkin, radio talker Rush Limbaugh isn’t back on drugs!
So says the state of Florida. And Limbaugh himself, who told Page Two, as he enters his last month on probation for a narcotics arrest, that he doesn’t even miss getting high and now feels like a better person.

A corrections spokesman this week confirmed Limbaugh has been a good boy and that the drug tests his doctor has conducted have been negative.

I know! Maybe we should put Media Matters on the case! I mean what could be slimier than accusing someone of being on drugs, (or publicly agreeing with the smear), when they demonstrably are not?

Let me go back and reread the transcript….hmmm “was it okay for Tom Harkin to accuse Rush Limbaugh to be on drugs?”

Friedman,”bla bla bla bla bla…but it’s true.”

Wow, not a lot of wiggle room, there, Media Matters. Seems like a rock solid case, to me.