VoteVets Weasel Admits Motive For Going After Rush

Remember Vote Vets Rep, Brandon Friedman from the MSNBC Video clip, Ace posted the other day? The one where he debates Sgt. Seavey, and Norah O’Donnell moderates?

After that embarrassment, they actually allowed him to go on another interview, this time on the Rusty Humphries Show.

Rush has the transcript on his website:

Rusty Humphries says, “Why are you doing this, honestly? What is your reasoning behind this?”

FRIEDMAN: The problem I have with Rush Limbaugh is that he enables policy makers who have gotten our country into a lot of trouble. We’re in a lot of trouble. I mean, we’ve got some serious problems with Islamic extremism globally, and we can’t address those problems correctly —


FRIEDMAN: — because we’re bogged down in another country’s religious civil war.

HUMPHRIES: Okay, so it’s not what Rush said, it’s who Rush supports, and because he helped get them elected, he needs to be taken down, is that —

FRIEDMAN: No, it’s a pattern of what he does. I mean, this guy has a voice, and he affects people.


Got that? They’re trying to take him down because they disagree with what he says, and the fact that he influences (affects) people.

Hence, the dishonest smear.

We already knew that Friedman, but I have to say your candor was refreshing. Or did Rusty slip Sodium Pentathol in your coffee, Friday?

One more thing:

HUMPHRIES: Again, he talked about this Jesse MacBeth the day before, he talked about him on that show, the day of the show, the day after the show. He’s explained himself and still you’re going to continue, and you support what Harry Reid said, taking this out of context? Come on, Brandon, that’s not fair. That’s not right. I could take what you said out of context. I mean this guy explained, and explained, and explained, and you’re still spreading these lies, saying that he called a soldier a suicide bomber? And what about Tom Harkin? Do you think it was okay for Tom Harkin to accuse Rush Limbaugh to be on drugs?

FRIEDMAN: Yeah, maybe it’s not appropriate for the Senate floor, but it’s true.

Actually it isn’t true. As The Palm Beach Post reported,

No, Sen. Tom Harkin, radio talker Rush Limbaugh isn’t back on drugs!
So says the state of Florida. And Limbaugh himself, who told Page Two, as he enters his last month on probation for a narcotics arrest, that he doesn’t even miss getting high and now feels like a better person.

A corrections spokesman this week confirmed Limbaugh has been a good boy and that the drug tests his doctor has conducted have been negative.

I know! Maybe we should put Media Matters on the case! I mean what could be slimier than accusing someone of being on drugs, (or publicly agreeing with the smear), when they demonstrably are not?

Let me go back and reread the transcript….hmmm “was it okay for Tom Harkin to accuse Rush Limbaugh to be on drugs?”

Friedman,”bla bla bla bla bla…but it’s true.”

Wow, not a lot of wiggle room, there, Media Matters. Seems like a rock solid case, to me.

29 thoughts on “VoteVets Weasel Admits Motive For Going After Rush

  1. These assclowns, headed up by Harry Reid, were played by Media Matters, and when it has been demonstrated that they were made fools of, they insist on remaining fools.

    Give them a chance to cut the chain to the anchor that is taking them under and they refuse the help. What a pathetic bunch of fools and liars.


  2. It would be fun to see him sic a bunch of high paid lawyers on them.

    Last week he said “the democrats aren’t running against any of the Republican candidates for President. They’re running against me”.

    That sounds funny, but also accurate. If this is the best thing they can come up with to smear him, their kung-fu is pretty weak.


  3. It would just end up being mass quantities of Rush’s $$$ lining his lawyers’ pockets and mass quantities of Soros’ money lining his lawyers’ pockets, and it would probably be settled out of court, and the only ones who would benefit would be the lawyers.

    Don’t ask me how I know this.


  4. I was just skimming through Newsbusters and the phony soldier dems and associates and ambassadors are being exposed left and left.


  5. But what is funny is how mediamatters and the other lib sites just keep getting smacked down, and instead of saying, “yeah, I screwed up”, they ignore their track reord and just move to the next target, using fights like this in their fundraising activities, regardless of the results.


  6. This Friedman exposed the meme the left has been using to define their efforts in conjunction with mediamatters. When confronted with the whole 1st Amendment argument used by conservatives, the Soros clowns brush that aside, and have instead relied upon the line that Rush and other need to be shut down because they lead to wars.

    And I do find it ironic that the same ones crying about trying to speak up against Bush are the same ones who want to muzzle free speech from the other side.


  7. You people are silly. Have you ever even seen Media Matters? All they do is record what these guys say, transcribe it verbatim and in context.

    That’s it.

    They didn’t make any mistake in covering Rush – they showed how he had edited what he played the next day to obfuscate what he had said, to put the Macbeth quote CLOSER to his general comment about the (PLURAL!) “phony soldiers”.


  8. They/you are still trying to assert that Rush ‘meant’ something other than he said.

    He has since clarified what he meant, although it was obvious to anyone listening at the time,as I was.

    Macbeth is but one of many phony soldiers stories he’s been talking about.

    Your side is the one that looks ridiculous.


  9. I repeat: Have you ever even LOOKED at Media Matters? You’d see they quoted him exactly, in context, without the edit that he put into his “playback” of the session which made it seem like he had just been talkking about Macbeth.

    I was listening at the time, too. Rush was adding to the caller’s comment, the caller who was saying real soldiers don’t dissent, supplying him with a word for those soldiers who don’t agree with the aims of the war any longer: “Phony soldiers”, he said.

    Show me one link where Media Matters is “smacked down”. You can’t, because they weren’t.

    And you have no idea what “side” I’m on.


  10. This is what Friedman said to Humphries. It IS true Rush had a drug problem and it IS true he made nasty remarks. No lible here; just a cunningly cropped sound bite from Humphries.

    FRIEDMAN: “Well, I don’t think it was appropriate for the senate floor, but it’s true, I mean, he did have a drug problem and made some nasty remarks about people who had drug problems, so he’s a bit of a hypocrite.”


  11. Jack,

    I’ve been keeping track of Media Matters and Oliver McCheeseburger since they were formed.

    If you believe that, you are a bigger sheeple than you folks think we are.

    Media Matters is a spin factory. Context and truth are obscure and inconveniant over there.

    Media Matters exists for one reason only — to further the liberal agenda. Just the fact that they lie about their funding, which is easily looked up should be proof enough to most people with half an original thought.


  12. MacBeth and his ilk (Beauchamp – real soldier — lying scumbag) have been in the news enough lately that anyone except those looking for soemthing wouldn’t have given it a seconds thought.

    What’s horrid, is that people like Reid, knowing full well that they were making something up out of whole cloth would go on the floor and use an out of context quote to LIE. Why am I not surprised?

    But then, Dems don’t seem to mind being caught in lies. It’s the whole “the message is more important” meme that justifies everything.

    Btw, Sandy McBurgler seems to have a friend, again. So soon after the Hsu fiasco you’d think Hilarry would want to distance herself from known felons.


  13. Why would I want to give a dishonest propaganda organ of the Democratic party my traffic? No, I haven’t been to Media Matters. Like I said. I listened to the show in question, and the transcript is widely available. Rush only edited out the part of the call that wasn’t pertinent:

    The transcript:

    RUSH: It’s not possible intellectually to follow these people.

    CALLER: No, it’s not. And what’s really funny is they never talk to real soldiers. They pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue and spout to the media.

    RUSH: The phony soldiers.

    CALLER: Phony soldiers. If you talk to any real soldier and they’re proud to serve, they want to be over in Iraq, they understand their sacrifice and they’re willing to sacrifice for the country.

    I don’t care what Media Matters says, in the context in which this was taken (with him talking about phony soldiers that morning, and again right after the call) it was clear what Rush was talking about. Even if that’s not what the caller was talking about.

    Sheesh, I don’t want to speak for Eddiebear, but Media Matters is getting smacked down on all of the major conservative websites. Do you want the links?

    As for the Rusty Humphries thing. I didn’t listen to that one.
    Looks like Humphrie’s might be playing the same ‘gotcha’ game Media Matters is playing. Taking words out of context.

    In response to the question about Rush having a drug problem, he said, “but it’s true.”


    That was the point of my snark.

    Do we really give a rats ass what the people said afterward when it doesn’t suit our purpose?


  14. Silly Conservatives. They don’t even know when their movement has become bankrupt.

    Conservatism has failed. GWB was the culimination of years and years of lying to the American public about their agenda.

    And Rush has been their bullhorn.

    Bankrupt. Plain and simple.


  15. Conservatism has failed

    I’ll bet a million dollars that you have no idea what conservatism is — beyond what you’ve been force fed about ChimpyMcHalliburtonBushHitler in college or your little echo chambers.

    Conservatism is the only thing that has worked in between social experiments and bad government policy that we get stuck with every decade or so. Half of your so called heroes of liberalism in the past were more conservative in practice than the people you criticise today, let alone the one’s you worship now no matter how ridiculous their statements — playing both sides.

    European governments are a good study in this — they cycle back and forth a lot faster and have to take more extreme measures to correct the mistakes they make in embracing socialism every few years.

    But then, guaranteeing you a lifetime job as a valet or waiter is much more important than engendering initiative.


  16. How can anyone defend what Rush is doing?
    He says one thing on his show, then publishes doctored ‘transcripts’ of the show on his website.

    Not only that, he replays the edited transcripts to defend his lies.

    I find it ironic that a website like Media Matters, which prints the transcripts from conservative blowhards as they put their feet in their mouths, is the one being attacked by the GOP shills for spreading lies.

    Attention Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly, Savage, etc.: If you don’t want your words to bite you in the ass, quit saying them!! By now the only people who give these guys any credence are the 20% who still agree with Bush.


  17. weapons,

    I heard it live. It’s been played in context and in full on every cable news network.


    Media Matters twisted what he said.

    How can you defend a spin factory that has to listen to thousands of hours to get a few seconds that they can distort and then lefty politicians eat it up hook line and sinker when they know for a fact they are lying through omission.

    Media Matters RARELY prints entire transcripts. They are a known joke. No reliable — and I use that term losely with the MSM’s track record lately– news source will quote them on anything. The only difference between Media Matters and a PAC is the papers they filed.


  18. You have to be lying to yourself to believe Media Matters version.

    They knew it was tenous at best. They wanted the attention from the mess it would cause if it got any traction.

    Fake but disengenous. The standards of the left are slipping even lower.

    I don’t know how you guys can live with yourselves.


  19. 501 (c) 3 do need to report thier sources of income. Having started and run a few I can tell you we do. Look up thier 990 on-line.
    Organizations like the infamous Swiftboaters though never reveal sources nor are they required to.


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